May 30, 2011

RhoDeo 1122 Illuminatus 1st Trip I

Hello, I've noticed considerable interest in the Illuminatus ! trilogy PDF, but then i know how it goes... 2mb ? Sure let's have that. Afterwards it tends to get forgotten between all the other stuff that enhances your collection. Time to read ? Often that part looses out. Therefore i present to you today and the coming months this Trilogy in about one hour sessions in audiobook form. I left it in MP3 so you can easily load it up to your phone or player and enjoy on the road, in bed or whenever. It's been read by Ken Campbell and Chris Fairbank who broadcasted it live in London on Resonance FM in June 2006. Here's a chance for the rest of the world to listen in.

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ILLUMINATUS ! I - The Eye In The Pyramid

It was the year when they finally immanentized the Eschaton." And so begins the original and genuine trilogy of conspiracies, Illuminatus!. For the first time in audiobook form, Deepleaf Audio presents the unabridged Trilogy in all its grandeur, spookiness, hilarity and brilliance.

Part I - The Eye in the Pyramid was performed by the incomparable Ken Campbell and Chris Fairbank, and broadcast live in London on ResonanceFM in June 2006. In 1976, Ken Campbell adapted Illuminatus! for the stage - a 10 hour epic which went on to open the Royal National Theatre in London under the patronage of Her Majesty Elizabeth II. Chris Fairbank played Simon Moon, among other characters. 30 years and 23 Fernando Poos since Ken and Chris first breathed life into Shea and Wilson's masterpiece and Illuminatus! seems even more startlingly relevant and chock full of laughter than ever before. Enjoy the Trips!

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The three parts of the trilogy are subdivided into five "books" named after the five seasons of the Discordian calendar. These books are also subdivided into ten "trips" named after the ten Sephirot. The last trip's conclusion is followed by fourteen appendices named after letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, which share their names with paths on the Tree of Life.

The Eye In The Pyramid 1st Trip (60 min, 14mb)

1st Trip - 01 Kether - Eschatonx 09:10
1st Trip - 02 Confrontation Bombing 19:11
1st Trip - 03 A Heavy Case 16:12
1st Trip - 04 Hexagram 23 15:22

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