May 25, 2011

RhoDeo 1121 Aetix

Hello, Aetix coming up, that is, there seems to be a glitch here i can't reach multiupload currently, i won't panic yet, considering there's 500+ titles linked thru there. Will be an hour later but they're up and running again. A litle sigh of relief here.
Todays spotlight is on New Order who truly carved out a name for themselves after their previous succesful incarnation Joy Division got decapitated when their depressed singer hung himself. The rest of the band moved on and grew into a league of their own after they blasted open the 12" market and in years to come enabled dozens of remixers to rework their 12" singles and thus anticipated the dance nineties (unknown pleasures indeed ). Here today, Brotherhood a somewhat broody album released during their 12" onslaught, just one single here though another was added to the cd vversion-here. Second the only compilation you need and despite later years saw lots of compilations with varying (sound) quality this one, Substance, is New Order's gift to the eighties.

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Rising from the ashes of the legendary British post-punk unit Joy Division, the enigmatic New Order triumphed over tragedy to emerge as one of the most influential and acclaimed bands of the 1980s; embracing the electronic textures and disco rhythms of the underground club culture many years in advance of its contemporaries, the group's pioneering fusion of new wave aesthetics and dance music successfully bridged the gap between the two worlds, creating a distinctively thoughtful and oblique brand of synth pop appealing equally to the mind, body, and soul.

Preceded by Blue Monday (march 83) Power, Corruption & Lies was released May 1983, a synthesizer-based outing and a dramatic change in sound from Joy Division and the preceding "Movement". Starting from what earlier singles had hinted, this was where the band had found their footing, mixing early techno music with their earlier guitar-based sound, heavily inspired by acts like Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder. this album truly stands not only as New Order's most defining moment but perhaps as the most standard-setting moment in alternative dance. Yet as definitive as they may be, New Order's songs have always aspired to a complexity that maintains the band's timelessness. Rarely formulaic, New Order's songs are seldom overwhelmed by a four-on-the-floor throb. But interesting rhythms are just one facet of this musical diamond. Their foreboding, grim, and often just plain heartbreaking lyrics present a contradiction to most dance-pop songs, where lyrics are almost always uplifting. It was hardly surprising that they followed these successes with a relentless electro/proto techno cut, The techno-tinged single "Confusion" (co-produced by Arthur Baker) firmly established the group as a dance music force, inspiring many musicians in subsequent years. It was a crossover success on the club scene. Still, the group did not pigeonhole themselves as a dance act. Instead they pursued two simultaneous and sometimes overlapping styles, one guitar- and rock-based and one dance music-oriented.

1985's Low-Life refined and sometimes mixed the two styles, brandishing The Perfect Kiss and "Sub-culture". In February 1986, the soundtrack album to Pretty in Pink featuring "Shellshock" was released.. Brotherhood (1986) divided the two approaches onto separate album sides. The album notably featured "Bizarre Love Triangle" and "Angel Dust" , a track which marries a synth break beat with Low-Life-era guitar effects.

In 1988, the group was heavily influenced by the Balearic house sounds of Ibiza and the acid house tunes making their way into the Hacienda. Partly recorded at Mediterranean Sound studios on Ibiza, Technique was released in February 1989. The album entered the charts at number one in the UK and contained a mix of the acid house influence (as on "Fine Time", the opening track) and a more traditional guitar-bass-drums sound on others. The album is a blend of occasionally upbeat, accessible music coupled with blunt, poignant lyrics.

Republic, released around the world in 1993, was the band's first album release since parting company with the now-defunct Factory Records. The release spawned the singles "Regret"—their highest-charting single in the US—"Ruined in a Day", "World", and "Spooky". Following the release of Republic, the band put New Order on hold while each member continued on with their own side-projects: Sumner once again teamed up with Marr in Electronic for Raise the Pressure, he also collaborated with the Chemical Brothers on "Out of Control". Hook formed the band Monaco with former Revenge member David Potts; and Morris and Gilbert formed the aptly named The Other Two.

Gilbert and Morris were engaged in 1993 and married shortly afterward. The couple have two daughters: Tilly and Grace. Their daughter Grace has transverse myelitis. Consequently Gilbert has not toured with New Order since 2001 so that she can care for her daughter.She reasoned that it would be easier for the band to replace her than her husband. In 2001 she was replaced by Phil Cunningham in New Order's line-up

New Order had been on hiatus between 1993 and 1998, during which time the members participated in various side-projects. The band reconvened in 1998, and in 2001 released Get Ready, their first album in eight years. In 2005, Phil Cunningham (guitars, synthesisers) offocially replaced Gilbert, who had left the group due to family commitments. The band released Waiting for the Sirens' Call 27 March 2005, their first with new member Phil Cunningham. As the title implies it was to be their last album, however according to Peter Hook, the band wrote and recorded enough material during the sessions for this album to release a follow-up, it hasn't materialised yet

In 2007, Peter Hook left the band and stated that he and Sumner had no further plans to work together. Sumner revealed in 2009 that he no longer wishes to make music as New Order.

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Brotherhood is the fourth studio album by the English rock band New Order, released in 1986. The album contains a mixture of post-punk and electronic styles, roughly divided between the two sides. New Order would not utilize the guitar as a main instrument again until 2001's Get Ready. Brotherhood includes the band's breakout single in the USA, "Bizarre Love Triangle". It is the only track from the album released as a single and as a video. As such, it was the staple of many 1980s soundtracks, including Married to the Mob.

The album sleeve was created by Peter Saville and is a photograph of a sheet of titanium-zinc alloy

New Order - Brotherhood (296mb)

01 Paradise 3:51
02 Weirdo 3:53
03 As It Is When It Was 3:46
04 Broken Promise 3:47
05 Way Of Life 4:06
06 Bizarre Love Triangle 4:22
07 All Day Long 5:12
08 Angel Dust 3:44
09 Every Little Counts 4:28
10 State Of The Nation 6:33

New Order - Brotherhood bonus ( Flac  382mb)

01 Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone Remix) 6:43
02 1963 5:37
03 True Faith (Shep Pettibone Remix) 9:03
04 Touched By The Hand Of God 7:06
05 Blue Monday '88 7:10
06 Evil Dust 3:44
07 True Faith (Eschreamer Dub) 7:51
08 Blue Monday '88 (Dub) 7:20

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Substance was an important album in collecting the group's 12-inch singles onto CD for the first time and featured new versions of "Temptation" and "Confusion"—referred to as "Temptation '87" and "Confusion '87". A second disc featured several of the B-sides from the singles on the first disc, as well as additional A-sides "Procession" and "Murder" and another new song, "1963". The single, "True Faith", with its surreal video, became a hit on MTV and the band's first American top 40 hit. The single's B-side, "1963"—originally planned on being the A-side until the group's label convinced them to release "True Faith" instead

Substance was the first widely released New Order compilation. Issued as a 12-track double LP, a 12-, 24- or 28-track double cassette, and a 24-track double CD, the compilation featured original 12" versions and B-sides, with a few exceptions: "Ceremony" is the 1981 re-recorded version with Gillian Gilbert; "Temptation" and "Confusion" are May 1987 re-recordings; and "The Perfect Kiss", "Subculture", "Shellshock", and "Hurt" are edited versions. In the end iSubstance was their only platinum (UK&USA) album release.

New Order - Substance 1 ( 472mb)

101 Ceremony 4:23
102 Everything's Gone Green 5:30
103 Temptation 6:59
104 Blue Monday 6:53
105 Confusion 4:43
106 Thieves Like Us 6:37
107 Perfect Kiss 8:02
108 Subculture 4:47
109 Shellshock 6:29
110 State Of The Nation 6:32
111 Bizarre Love Triangle 6:44
112 True Faith 5:21

New Order - Substance 2 ( 438mb)

201 In A Lonely Place 6:16
202 Procession 4:27
203 Cries And Whispers 3:25
204 Hurt 6:59
205 The Beach 7:19
206 Confused Instrumental 7:38
207 Lonesome Tonight 5:11
208 Murder 3:55
209 Thieves Like Us (Instrumental) 6:57
210 Kiss Of Death 7:02
211 Shame Of The Nation 7:54
212 1963 5:35

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New Order - Power Corruption and Lies (83 ^ 268mb)

@ 1 miillionth hitweek

New Order - Movement (81 ^ 223mb)

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I stumbled across your blog and holy toledo I love it! Your observations on music in your Aetix columns are usually in accordance with my feelings too. I did notice that in the Brotherhood article you said that there was only one single released-BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE. Actually that was the second single. STATE OF THE NATION was the first single and one of the band's lowest charting UK singles. The flip/Bside was SHAME OF THE NATION. It was the failure of this single that convinced the band to continue in the more electronic Dance direction. I love New Order but I actually feel that BROTHERHOOD is a very lackluster album and shows the band was out of ideas and exhausted. IMHO you ROCK! & I will continue to read your blog!! DON'T STOP ROCKIN'!!!


jackiewilsonsaid said...

If you are reupping New Order at any time, could you make them flac, and include Technique, Movement, Low Life & P, C & Lies please? Every now and again I notice something is missing - and although I have a digital 'Best of' and 'Rest of', somehow it's not the same as listening in album order...
Memo to self: fix record player/amp.
Thanks for all good and interesting posts, as ever.

Anonymous said...

Huge thanks for the New Order re-ups.They are very much appreciated. I notice that the artwork included with Movement includes a rear cover showing the tracklist for the 2nd CD of the Collector's Edition. Is that also available?


Anonymous said...

Hello Rho, any chance you could re-post the New Order stuff? Your blog is absolutely fantastic; your breadth of tastes impressive. I've discovered many great artists that I'd never heard of before!