May 7, 2011

RhoDeo 1118 Beats

Hello, well still strugling with Windows 7, why can't they offer a true personal version, i'm so fed up with that administrator this and that, i understand they try to make it idiotproof but i don't think treating everyone as an idiot is the way least in Europe and Asia. It's rediculous they keep on asking the same questions. Meanwhile i notice some old XP software having trouble despite the emulation. It still refuses my NVIDIA drivers..must be me.
Meanwhile the Brits have refused changing their voting system on the basis of an anti liberal democrat campaign that has gone on in the media ever since they entered a coalition government with the Tories. How sad, and they call it democracy, the next campaign will be fearmongering the Scots as they will get a vote on full independance in the next years. I hope they will remember all those that fought the English for independance and won't let themselves be suckered by the English press's propaganda. Who wants to be ruled by greedy bankers or mindless socialists anyway. Look at Tjecho-Slowakia after they split things went better for both sides and they hadn't a thousand year history of bloodshed like the English and the Scots. With the EU around, the timing has never been better.

To the business at hand, todays Beats are provided by a (wo)man who's appeared before at this blog although in a Sundaze capacity but he's got much more up his long sleeves namely deep house (of the understated kind) something to enjoy behind at your computer aswell with or without headphones..enjoy

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New York-based composer Terre Thaemlitz is one of only a handful of significant American artists working in the new ambient vein. He's released the bulk of his material through the Instinct Ambient label, but has also issued tracks (under his own name and as Chugga) on his own Comatonse label and through others. Although Thaemlitz's entre into electronic came in a somewhat traditional fashion -- as a house DJ -- his explorations in electronic abstraction have been anything but, focusing on themes of abjection, alienation, fracture, and contradiction in his music. Thaemlitz's recorded work, collected on albums such as Tranquilizer and Soil, is closer in tone to ambient-leaning industrialists He's also recorded with Bill Laswell, releasing Web in 1995, and done remix work for Interpieces Organization and the Golden Palaminos, among others.

Born in Minnesota and raised in Missouri, Thaemlitz moved to New York in the mid-'80s to pursue art scholarship at Cooper Union. Soon distracted by the growing New York house scene, he began DJing at drag balls and benefits, leading to an Underground Grammy for best DJ in 1991. Although primarly a dancefloor DJ, Thaemlitz's insistence upon integrating house music's more simplistic monotony with challenging, complicated breaks and references earned him an uneasy relationship with club promoters looking for DJs whose only commitment was the 4/4 beat. Retiring from club DJing in the early '90s (although he continues to spin experimental electronic music at art galleries, one-offs, and in other marginal contexts), Thaemlitz began making his own tracks, beginning with house but quickly moving into genre defying fusions of funk, soul, disco, and musique concrete, and eventually settling into experimental ambient. One of his earliest works, "Raw from a Straw," in addition to limited release through his own Comatonse label, appeared on an early ambient compilation on Instinct, and earned him an almost instant reputation. He's since fortified that with a pair of full-length releases remarkably free of many of the cliched conventions of club-drived ambient.

Electro-acoustician Thaemlitz took the long road around expectation for his Mille Plateaux debut, opting for a set of solo piano extrapolations of songs by Kraftwerk,, "Roboter Rubato" . Built on a high-clearing deck of post-industrial cultural analysis over the course of its seven-plus pages of liner notes, the music on the disc requires little in the way of explanation. Thaemlitz' sparse, inventive interpretations are pleasing enough on their own. Thaemlitz: " I don't play piano, but I've always been aware of the ability for persistent "unskilled" improvisation to invoke a sense of competency, if not virtuosity. 2 years later he released another tribute , this time to his childhood favourite, Gary Numan, "Replicas Rubato" (Mille Plateaux, 1999), both accompanied by thoughtful, philosophical liner notes.

The theoretical component of the program gets a little out of hand with Means From An End (Mille Plateaux, 1998), Institutional Collaborative (Mille Plateaux, 1998), Love For Sale (Mille Plateaux, 1999), Interstices (Mille Plateaux, 2000), all of them based on computer processing of found sounds. Fagjazz (Comatonse, 2000) is a two-disc monolith. The first disc is an anthology of early, hard to find tracks. The second disc is an hour of improvisation with a jazz ensemble. In 2001 he relocated to Japan. in 2003 Terre released Lovebomb (Mille Plateaux,, yet another exercise in collage of samples and tape manipulation that rarely (Between Empathy and Sympathy is Time, Sintesi Musicale del Linciaggio Futurista) elicits emotions and most often sounds like advertising for the specific devices that he is using.

These past years Terre divided his attention between film/video and music, under his alias DJ Sprinkles he's released a number of 12"as well as an deep house album, Midtown 120 Blues. Under his own name, Transister and the You? Again? cyclus and several releases as the Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion K-S.H.E (how's that for one androgyne's moniker ?),and under the names DJ Sprinkles, Chugga, G.R.R.L, Social Material, Teriko & Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion. He is currently based in Japan. Combining themes of identity politics with an ongoing critique of the socio-economics of commercial media production, his production styles include electroacoustic computer music, club-oriented deep house, digital jazz, ambient and computer composed neo-expressionist piano solos. He is a resident DJ at Club Module in Tokyo, and his writings on music and culture have been published internationally.

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Terre’s also been making deep house for a long time, released on his own Comatonse label, which has languished for a lack of distribution, not quality. Given the ascendancy of Dial, Philpot, Deeply Rooted House and the like over the past year or two, the worldwide release of this 2006 collection on Mule is timely to say the least. If you dig the recent European renovation of deep house, you’re going to enjoy this work immensely. His creativity and highly politicized stance in the music scene has led to many followers of his music. This album best represents Terre Thaemlitz's deeper-than-deep house style. Using his great gift for beautiful ambient music, he makes an album that is both dancefloor friendly and a great home-listening album.

Terre Thaemlitz - You ? Again ? (06 Flac 345mb)

01 Chugga – Theme For The Buck Rogers Light Rope Dance (Deep Space Probe Remix By Terre Thaemlitz) 9:21
02 Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion – A Crippled Left Wing Soars With The Right (Steal This Record Remix By DJ Sprinkles) 8:24
03G.R.R.L. – Banji (Demo Dub) 5:22
04 DJ Sprinkles – Sloppy 42nds (Sprinkles' Deeperama) 6:41
05 Social Material – Class (Mule Edit) 5:22
06 Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion – Thirty Shades Of Grey 4:46
07 G.R.R.L. – Face (Extended Demo Edit) 5:34
08 Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion – A Crippled Left Wing Soars With The Right (1-Step Forward, 2-Step Back) 8:24
09 Terre & Funk Shui – Superbonus (Superedit) 12:24
10 Chugga – Theme For The Buck Rogers Light Rope Dance (500 Year Orbit Remix By Terre Thaemlitz) 6:19

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
Terre Thaemlitz has used the handle DJ Sprinkles since his early days behind the decks, but didn’t release a proper full-length until now. And it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Nested in Thaemlitz’s “hyper-specific” narrative regarding house music’s commercialization and sterilized recontextualization, Midtown 120 Blues speaks to the dead-end some say dance music has reached post minimal. Opener “Midtown 120 Blues Intro” is the disc’s only straight (no pun intended) statement of purpose. A pair of piano chords diffuses like smoke into diaphanous drones, muted arpeggios mumble, and robot fingers snap as an echo-extended snare keeps crackling time. Thaemlitz faintly lays out his case: Instead of the “greeting card” bullshit notion of house that’s most commonly trafficked – “life, love, happiness” – he insists “suffering is in here, with us.” . This album has in spades what many a contemporary dance effort lacks: a greater purpose and its ensuing range of emotions.

DJ Sprinkles – Midtown 120 Blues (08 Flac 370mb)

01 Midtown 120 Intro 2:46
02 Midtown 120 Blues 8:06
03 Ball'r (Madonna-Free Zone) 8:18
04 Brenda's $20 Dilemma 7:47
05 House Music Is Controllable Desire You Can Own 7:09
06 Sisters, I Don't Know What This World Is Coming To 10:46
07 Reverse Rotation 7:19
08 Grand Central, Pt. I (Deep Into The Bowel Of House) 12:08
09 Grand Central, Pt. II (72 hrs. By Rail From Missouri) 8:24
10 The Occasional Feel-Good 6:40


n2j3 said...

Great post as usual. For your windows 7 woes, just turn off UAC (it's the source of all those questions)

Anonymous said...

Hello Rho!

I have another re-up request (I hope you're still OK with me requesting them!) for DJ Sprinkles - Midtown 120 Blues in FLAC.

I've heard some soundclips of these songs and really love the vibe. If you can find the time to re-upload this in a lossless format, I'd be very happy!

Thank you for your consideration!

- 313


Anonymous said...

Might these two Thaemlitz/Sprinkles works be re-uppable? Danke schoen in advance if so!