May 28, 2011

RhoDeo 1121 Beats

Hello, still rather frustrated with my windows 7 enterprise, it doesnt see my videocard, the soundcard doesnt function as it should and earlier i found out that one of my dvd writers sends a zero signal duh, im afraid its back to windows XP sp 1,2 3 for me . This system is old in computer terms but then i'm not a gamer-wouldn't be here if i was- it did what i wanted fast enough most of the time and XP at least showed a little respect for it's user, Windows 7 and probably the next versions aswell treats the public as halfwits. Oh well, soon Google will have us all connected to data heaven-the cloud-could it be God will be born there ? Ouch blasphemous, but time is not a straightline anymore it has been moving on an exponentinal path, haven't you noticed everything is going faster and faster.

Ok tonight it's party time... there's a meanwhile rare Dreadzone in there

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808 State was formed in 1988 in Bury, England by Martin Price, Graham Massey and Gerald Simpson, initially to form a hip-hop group called Hit Squad Manchester. Soon after the band shifted to an acid house sound, and recorded their debut Newbuild in 1988, naming themselves 808 State honoring the impact the Roland TR-808 drummachine had on them. The album was released on Price's own record label. Simpson left the group in 1989 to form his own solo project, A Guy Called Gerald.Martin . Graham enlisted DJs. Andrew Barker and Darren Partington to record the EP Quadrastate and their next album, Ninety, which put them right in the rave culture. In the US, Tommy Boy got its version of the 90 album almost exactly right. While the track order was drastically changed (and the 60-second concluding track, "The Fat Shadow," removed), there was no real disruption of flow, and seven bonus tracks were added to create a full CD's worth of early 808 in one easy package . The new tracks come from a variety of sources, most being earlier (or later) singles or remixes done exclusively for this release.

For 1991 Ex:el they brought in Bernard Sumner (New Order) and ex-Sugarcubes Björk for lyrics and vocals. In 1992, Price left the group to perform solo producing, eventually forming his own label, Sun Text. The remaining members released a fourth album called Gorgeous, and after that, did some remix work for David Bowie, Soundgarden, and other performers, before returning with the album entitled Don Solaris in 1996. This album marked a change for the band who wanted to shake off their rave moniker and, with 'Don Solaris', they aimed to create a more beautiful, cinemascopic sound. They released a greatest-hits compilation named 808:88:98 in 1998-their last on record label ZTT and a 1998 remix of Pacific soared high in the charts. In 2000, their pioneering 1988 acid house album 'Newbuild' was re-released.In 2003 came their last release thusfar Outpost Transmission .

In May 2008, the re-issue of the album Quadrastate completed a trilogy of pre-ZTT releases on CD for the first time.The reissue of Quadrastate contained three tracks from the Let Yourself Go/Deepville 12-inch single, plus four previously unreleased tracks from the Quadrastate sessions. The band is still active, touring and performing DJ sets.

808 State - Quadrastate 2008 ( 432 mb)

01 Pacific State 6:28
02 106 0:43
03 State Ritual 6:09
04 State 5:12
05 Fire Cracker 4:51
06 State To State 5:45
07 Let Yourself Go (303 Mix) 6:03
08 Deepville 7:26
09 Got It Huh 4:18
10 Techclock 2:17
11 In Yolk 6:56
12 State Ritual Scam 6:00
13 Let Yourself Go (D50 Mix) 4:50

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Dreadzone formed in 1993 when ex-Big Audio Dynamite drummer Greg Roberts teamed up with Tim Bran. Tim and Greg were soon joined by bassist Leo Williams and keyboardist Dan Donovan, also formerly of Big Audio Dynamite. The band signed to Creation Records in 1993 and released their first album 360°. Their music is an eclectic fusion of dub, reggae, techno, trance, and folk. The following year the band signed to Virgin Records and released their second studio album Second Light. In the meantime, Dreadzone had become a favourite festival act and in June that year played the Dance West at Glastonbury Festival. During these early years their backing vocalists included Melanie Blatt, Denise van Outen and Alison Goldfrapp. John Peel championed Dreadzone on BBC Radio 1, and cited Second Light as one of his favourite albums of all time. Dreadzone recorded six Peel Sessions between 1993 and 2001.Between 1998 and 2001 the Dreadzone soundsystem hosted the Dubweiser club night at Notting Hill Arts Club

Between 1998 and 2001 the Dreadzone soundsystem hosted the Dubweiser club night at Notting Hill Arts Club. 2005 they released Once Upon A time followed by a live at sunrise album a year later. On 26 October 2006, it was announced on the Dreadzone forums that Dreadzone guitarist Steve Roberts, the brother of Greg Roberts had died.

In 2007, the band were joined by new members Chris Compton and Chris Oldfield (DJ and lighting designer) and returned to touring. In 2007 and 2008 they played gigs and festival across the UK and Europe, and signed to a new management company in 2008. In 2009, the band released their sixth studio album, Eye on the Horizon.

Dreadzone - 360 (305mb)

01 House Of Dread 5:04
02 L.O.V.E.7:09
03 Chinese Ghost Story 6:09
04 The Good The Bad And The Dread 6:51
05 The Warning 7:05
06 Dream On 5:23
07 Far Encounter 8:22
08 Skeleton At The Feast 5:38
09 Rastafarout 7:01

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Transglobal Underground (or simply TGU) is a London-based music collective who specialise in a fusion of music styles (sometimes labelled as "world fusion" or "ethno-techno"). They were formed in or slightly before 1990 by Tim Whelan (aka Alex Kasiek, keyboards/guitar/programming), Hamid Mantu (aka Hamilton Lee, aka Man Tu, drums/percussion/programming) and Count Dubulah (bass). Both Whelan and Mantu were founding members of the British new wave band Furniture. Although the group has always had a fairly fluid line-up (and also deliberately clouded their identities for many years with multiple pseudonyms and obscure credits), others who have been long-time members or associates include singer Natacha Atlas, dhol player Johnny Kalsi, rapper Coleridge, vocalist/percussionist TUUP, sitar player Sheema Mukherjee and percussionist Neil Sparkes. Their remix albums include mixes of their songs by Dreadzone, Lionrock and Youth and they in turn have remixed tracks for Banco de Gaia, Fun-Da-Mental, Transjoik and Pop Will Eat Itself.

The first recording by the group was the single "Temple Head" which was shopped around various labels before eventually being released by Nation Records in 1991. Although not a major hit, it was named "Single of the Week" in Melody Maker, 5 years later and Coca-Cola used it in their advertising campaign for the 1996 Olympic Games. The group was quickly signed to Deconstruction Records, for whom they recorded an album. The label, however, declined to release the album, which eventually saw the light of day on the Nation label as Dream of 100 Nations. This album marked the group debut of Natacha Atlas, formerly of Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart.

After two more albums, International Times (1994) and Psychic Karaoke(1996) Atlas left to concentrate on her solo career, with which the core TGU members were already heavily involved as producers and remixers, and Dubulah and Sparkes left to form Temple of Sound. After a period of inactivity a new TGU line-up emerged with the album Rejoice Rejoice and toured Europe supporting Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. The band subsequently left Nation Records and, after releasing the album Yes Boss Food Corner on Mondo Rhythmica (part of the Ark 21 label), set up their own Mule Satellite label for their 2004 album Impossible Broadcasting. The band remains a popular live attraction and its members also continue to work as DJs and remixers.

Transglobal Underground - International Times (flac 392mb)

01 Lookee Here 6:24
02 Taal Zaman 5:22
03 Dustbowl 5:17
04 Jatayu 6:18
05 Holy Roman Empire 5:53
06 Monter Au Ciel 6:21
07 Tromba Marina 6:09
08 International Times 6:08
09 Sumeria 0:48
10 Protean 4:29
11 Ana 3:26
12 Topkapi 4:53
13 Pirhana One Chord Boots 3:46
14 Chaldea 0:43
15 Dopi 4:24

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this from a page that has been deleted (Rhotation12- BPM)
Dreadzone - Second Light (95 ^ 302mb)

Transglobal Underground - Dream Of 100 Nations ( 93 Now in Flac 429 mb)

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Inertia from Oz said...

Hi Rho,
Would love any of these Transglobal Underground albums to be re-upped in Flac if at all possible.


Inertia from Oz

Inertia from Oz said...

Hi Rho,
Would love the Dreadzone album to be re-upped in Flac if at all possible.


Inertia from Oz