May 21, 2011

RhoDeo 1120 Beats

Hello, this could be the last post for Rho-Xs as later today the world will come to an end, therefor i'll post a one-off something i came across some months ago at one of those misleading collector sites that suggest they have what one is looking for but all they have is some paid download. However sometimes they have pages of other titles and sometimes i scroll down to have a look and see if there's something of interest, which is rarely the case, this time however there was a flac of the album below. I have to say though I inevitably had heard of Lady Gaga, up until that time i never heard any of her music as i don't listen radio or waste time watching MTV.

Anyway i decided to get the 600mb + album out of curiousity. Have to say it was better then I expected. An interesting phenomena this Stefani Germanotta, she ain't that pretty and going by her latest single cover she looks rather creepy to me, a succubus if there ever was one. This should come as no surprise considering she's left-handed and spent most of her life in catholic girls schools, the devils just loves it there (what men wouldn't ) Anyway I'm not surprised so many young girls idolize her, in fact she proves you needn't be that pretty to be a star (Barbara Streisand lovers knew that already). Her over the top postures tickle the gay community aswell , no suprise then she's already sold millions of cd's and the next one , Born this way, willl be released next week, that is if God won't stop this mad world in it's tracks. I wouldn't wait for it...the succubus Gaga rules. And God does have a sense of humor, something most of his priests lack. This mad old priest, Harold Camping, has put his complete 120 million dollar empire in motion to predict the end and it has to be said he's reached plenty of people and as such convinced many what a silly old fart he is.

Priests were responsible for the crucifiction of Christ, and why was he the enemy ? Because of the simple message that still hasn't gotten thru those thick skulls of catholics and protestants alike...God is within you ! There's no need for priests, communion ok, priests no way ! Priests are parasites, that given the chance will rob us blind of our possesions but much more important our dignity, and what they have done to women can only be described as satanic (in their terms).

Back to our Lady Succubus, i'm sure plenty of my visitors have teenage daughters ...want to be super dad ..go and get this. All singles art work and lyrics are included. According to Wiki this Japanese release has been sold 5,000 times, rather rare then. Whatever happens it's great end of the world party music.

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L@DY G@G@ - The Singles ( 578mb)

01 Just Dance Feat.Colby O'Donis (Main) 4:04
02 Just Dance (Trevor Simpson Remix) 7:21
03 Poker Face (Album Version) 3:58
04 Poker Face (LLG Vs. GLG Radio Mix) 4:03
05 Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) 2:56
06 Poker Face (Space Cowboy Remix) 4:54
07 Lovegame (Album Version) 3:32
08 Lovegame (Robots To Mars Remix) 3:14
09 Paparazzi (Radio Edit) 3:28
10 Paparazzi (Chu Fu Ghetto House Radio) 3:48
11 Bad Romance (Radio Edit) 4:22
12 Bad Romance (Bimbo Jones Radio Remix) 4:00
13 Telephone Feat. Beyoncé (Album Version) 3:40
14 Telephone Feat. Beyoncé (Alphabeat Remix) 4:48
15 Alejandro (Radio Edit) 4:00
16 Alejandro (Dave Aude Radio Remix) 3:50
The Cherrytree Sessions
17 Pokerface (Live At The Cherrytree House Piano & Voice Version) 3:39
18 Just Dance (Live At The Cherrytree House Stripped Down Version) 2:06
19 Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Electric Piano & Human Beat Box Version) 3:04
20 Christmas Tree 2:22

L@DY G@G@ - The Singles ( 206 mb)

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Anonymous said...

I only hope it is not the end of the world as I have so much I would like to do.
It only feels awful if you listen to this sort of thing after so many brilliant post's on this website over the years !!!!


Marc Freden said...

It should have been the opportunity...experience...of a lifetime, especially for a gay man. To meet the one and only Barbra Streisand...OMG. But was it a dream come true or a nightmare? In his new book Marc Freden describes meeting, talking with or interviewing three of the most iconic women in Hollywood. In his chapter "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly", Freden talks about an interview he had with Barbra Streisand...could she have rated Good, Bad or Ugly in Freden's eyes. Well, suffice it to say, Freden believes he must apologize.

Anonymous said...

Lady GG on rho-xs, wow that was a surprise. Tell you what tho, she done some good tunes, so can you re-up Lady GaGa Rho (flac is possible?)? Nice one, cheers, G.

Cass said...

I was surprised as well! Thanks for the request, anon & the re-up, Rho. I had no idea what you were talking about above though, and had to google the date/non-event...


Anonymous said...

thanks Rho, appreciated. Cass, you made me chuckle. G.

Rho said...

OOps should have posted the flac, have now....njoy