Apr 6, 2014

Sundaze 1414

Hello, bleep bleep           bleep bleep it's the black box and it's almost dead, and now like a Hollywood script it looks as if it's been located at the last possible moment...we'll see. Have to say the anglo american media make a lot of fuzz about this disappeared airplane considering there weren't that directly involved. Meanwhile the suprfast traders have been exposed in a book "Flashboys" where they found out with basicly parasitic behaviour thru which they scam more then 40 billion dollars from their sukker fellow traders just by being a few milli-second faster. Yes because 99% of a trades these days are these crazy computer algorhythms mad world

It takes perseverance to learn to make music your path may be winding and many a dissapointment is to be expected , one thing is certain todays artist has come a long way and he's voice is one well worth sharing...N'Joy

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Martin Oude Kempers from Hengelo Netherlands (also known as Quantum Leap) kept himself in the seventies and eighties is principally engaged in Jazz, Latin and Funk. In 1984 he taught the Commodore 64 know and use that in combination with a simple drum sampeler and a sequencer. With this arrangement, backed by guitar, bass and vocals he performed live under the name CRO II during underground art events and in theater. In the second half of the eighties he discovered Acid House.
Much later he goes again with seriously producing music. In 1996 Kempers affix the label Emergency Broadcast his first 12 "album out called Secrets. This plate is used for the underground film The Rodriguez Brothers director Herbert Capelle. In 1998, the sequel comes out as a 12" record called Density. The success of this record resulted CRO II was seen live on Dutch festivals Noorderslag and Mystery Land.
Following this success Kempers operate under a different name, namely Quantum Leap. Under this name he brings the 12 "plate called Innerspace. After this record Kempers decides to close at a record label in 1999. Abroad adhere to this is the Frankfurt label called Electrolux and brings a debut album named Photo Play in 2000 The album Redsun. On these plates is to hear what calls Kempers "post techno soundscapes. " After the third album called Passion in 2002 to date is nothing is heard from him until he reappears in 2007 and since
he's 'operated' intensively sound research and development. In this context, his house and dub-tech was reformed into quantum StarDub project. The album trilogy ' the lost tracks - A retrospective album trilogy', includes three previously unpublished CDs (  The Future Is Now, Perfect Pace & Possible Flow) . it was released in 2010 on micro Lux. A quantum StarDub remix on the subsonic Park album "echoes from inside'"  appeared as well that year. Then, the StarDub debut album called "Indigo" appeared on elux records in 2011 .
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The Frankfurt  Electrolux label is one of the welcome exceptions in the German techno and electronic landscape. Without making a fuss, they have been practicing for some time Visions in Music, which are the urge to extreme minimalism. Only the 4-creasing of  "Ambient Diaries ",  "Dub Backups ",  "Electrical Codes " and the "Space Night " compilations evidence of sufficient sense of musical diversification. Martin Oude Kempers aka Qantum Leap's debut "Photo Play" reflects accordingly the outstanding history of the label resist and thus also outlines the conceptual approach. Fotoplay hops into life with the breaks of the title track, but "Ultraviolet" actually gets a little rough. "Reflections" calms things down a bit, though, but it's "Interstellar" that really shines through, with its almost jazzy elements. Much of the album, though, settles into an upbeat electro that's a pleasant enough listen without ever really being spectacular. The speedy tech of "Shake Out" tries to rattle things up as does the guitar buzz on "Whirl," but Quantum Leap is at his best when he keeps things melodic, as with the jazz chords of "Innerglow." A must for fans of Deep Space Sound Of Frankfurt.

Quantum Leap - Fotoplay  (flac 427mb)

01 Fotoplay 7:21
02 Ultraviolet 7:04
03 Reflections 8:15
04 Interstellar 8:04
05 Mind Bending 6:39
06 Innerfunk 6:28
07 Shake Out 7:43
08 Innerglow 6:45
09 Whirl 6:41
10 Pacer 8:27

Quantum Leap - Fotoplay  (ogg 169mb)

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Redsun delivers minimal techno and downbeat, modern and abstract soundwaves. Absolute club compatibility.

Quantum Leap - Redsun (flac  394mb)

01 Tripwire 5:29
02 Mesmerize 6:11
03 Outward 7:44
04 Move 8:05
05 Electrifyze 6:24
06 Redsun 7:06
07 Galaxy 7:15
08 Intermission 6:37
09 Stretch 6:35
10 Scope 5:09

Quantum Leap - Redsun (ogg 164mb)

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This album is definitely a highlight from the forge Electrolux. Very deep grooves. This album directly penetrates into the soul of the listener.
With his third full length Quantum Leap album, dutch mastermind Martin Oude Kempers once again introduces you to his trademark downbeat sound. The album title speaks for itself as 'Passion' creates a musical tension that rises constantly throughout the whole release. Bubbling basslines, haunting keys and swirling strings set the mood that can't fail to get under your skin and is sure to appeal to the discerning downbeat and lounge circles. Kicking of with the seminal 'Watch The Stone' and title tune 'Passion', Kempers fuses an electronic feel and robotic undertones with an incredible warm and organic vibe...

Quantum Leap - Passion (flac 395mb)

01 Watch This Stone 5:58
02 Passion 7:43
03 Wind Features 7:50
04 Naturalize 7:40
05 Glasshouse 6:18
06 Lights 6:04
07 Sunset Flight 6:36
08 Dark Angel 7:09
09 Tapestry 7:31
10 Flex 6:49

Quantum Leap - Passion (ogg 164mb)

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