Apr 19, 2014

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These months French rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American music industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Today an easy-listening trip-hopster similar in style and intent to his countrymen Air and Dimitri from Paris, he has an even stronger kinship with the long tradition of French pop characterized by Serge Gainsbourg.    N'joy

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Jean-Yves Prieur, aka Kid Loco is a French electronic musician, DJ, remixer and producer. He was born on June 16, 1964 in Antony, Hauts-de-Seine, France. He began playing the guitar at the age of 13 and played in several French punk groups during the early ’80s. He moved on to production as well by the end of the decade, and moved on to reggae and hip-hop with a band named Mega Reefer Scratch. By 1996, Prieur had built his own studio, christened himself Kid Loco and released the Blues Project EP for Yellow Productions. The full-length A Grand Love Story appeared one year later, earning praise from many in the indie-rock and electronica community. A remix album was released in 1998. Prieur also accompanied st. etienne’s Sarah Cracknell for a rendition of “The Man I Love” from the Gershwin tribute Red Hot + Rhapsody, and has remixed Stereolab, Pulp, Mogwai, The High Llamas, Dimitri From Paris and Talvin Singh. The reconfigured Prelude to a Grand Love Story appeared in 1999 as Loco’s US full-length debut, and the remix album Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches followed later that same year. As well as a DJ Kicks mix album for K7

Kid Loco moved up to the majors with his second full-length, 2001’s Kill Your Darlings. With a mixture of Easy Listening, Hindi Funk, Guitar Pop and Hip Hop Beats, Kid Loco has developed an individual sound that fascinates rocker boys, b-boys and boutique owners alike. Along with the serene balance of riffs, beats and melodies, the appeal is in all likelihood essentially due to the strange, almost transcendental softness with which he fuses the most diverse of genres. In the end, there’s something for everybody from the man from the Seine.

Another Late Night: Kid Loco DJ mix album appeared in 2003. A year later followed by his first soundtrack Delta State. This led  as these things go, to another soundtrack in 2005, The Graffiti Artist. In 2006 he was instrumental in compiling a tribute to the great and late Serge Gainsbourg with an eclectic mix of artists covering Serge with himself in a minor role producing the one track from Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker. By 2008 Kid was ready to release another solo album, Party Animals & Disco Biscuits where the Disco Bisquits is defacto a remix album of the Party Animals album. In 2011 his latest album saw the light, Confessions Of A Belladonna Eater.

His vision of cool music is nurtured by a universal understanding of music that is open to all sides, combining new and old without a hitch, creating contexts hitherto considered impossible. He isn’t interested in genres, all that counts is good music. His sampler affords a melting pot for this vision.

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Kid Loco's first release, Blues Project, is much darker than what would follow, but I guess that's why they call it the blues. "Public Paranoiac Number One" has some minor piano chord backed with a steady, slightly off-kilter rhythm. A double bass and saxophone help round out the track and emphasize the dark jazz aspect. The interlude "Talkin' Bibles Vendors Blues" takes some samples from the great documentary salesman. "Welcome in a World of Sex" gets a good rhythm going, and develops a little bluesy piano and sax line towards the middle, while "Kronos Goes Cosmos" has its darkness on display all the way through, with a jazz drum breakdown right in the middle followed with a classical string quartet. Overall, this mini album isn't quite as focused as his later work would be, though it's worthwhile in itself.

Kid Loco - Blues Project (flac 179mb)

01 Public Paranoiac Number One 5:29
02 Talkin Bibles Vendors Blues 1:43
03 Welcome In A World Of Sex 7:36
04 Sister Curare 5:27
05 Let Us Now Praise Famous Men 1:52
06 Kronos Goes Cosmos 8:41

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A Grand Love Story is an irresistible romp through the lighthearted, pastoral side of trip-hop by way of orchestral pop paragons like Bacharach, Gainsbourg, and Love. It's very easy to fall for this kid loco... He created such a beautiful mix of ecletic sounds and rocking beats through out this album. "A Grand Love Theme" is a sweet introduction that starts you up to ask for more. "Relaxin' with Cherry" is classic, providing deeper bass sounds, but still maintains a smooth, snappy melody. Songs like " Love Me Sweet" and "She's My Lover" are beautiful pop songs, constructed mostly from sampled material with a few live guitar and basslines plus vocals by Prieur and the Pastels' Katrina Mitchell. The break in the middle is irresistibly groovey. This music is so great because it is very dance provoking, but it is also extremely mellow and relaxing with its singing flute and seductive vocals and lyrics. "A Grand Love Story" is perhaps the perfect example of a chillout trip-hop album, without a single dull song and with plenty of little tweaks to keep things interesting. Absolutely wonderful.

Kid Loco - A Grand Love Story (flac 480mb)

01 A Grand Love Theme 4:03
02 Relaxin' With Cherry 5:39
03 Love Me Sweet 4:50
04 The Bootleggers 7:12
05 Calling Aventura King 6:31
06 Sister Curare 5:28
07 She's My Lover (A Song For R.) 4:38
08 She Woolf Daydreaming 4:57
09 Alone Again So 7:05
10 Cosmic Supernatural 4:49
11 La Seduzione 5:18
12 Pearly Girly Man 4:18
13 Cum'on 3:07
14 The Wrong Number 6:34
15 She's My Lover (A Revolution Sitting Stoned In A Field Remix Edit) 4:39

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An excellent set compiling Kid Loco's outside productions for like minds (Saint Etienne, Pulp, High Llamas) and less so (Pastels, Talvin Singh, Mogwai, Kat Onoma), the Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches remix album presents Loco-ized versions some justifiably excellent tracks, made even more solid by the producer's knack for balancing old and new influences, and retaining the spirit of the original even while he pulls out his production bag-of-tricks. [The American version trades the Saint Etienne and High Llamas remixes for ones by Gak Sato and Badmarsh & Shri. Whatever this is a superlative piece of work from Kid Loco, where he unleashes his remixing talents to great effect.

Kid Loco - Jesus Life For Children Under 12 Inches (flac 432mb)

01 The Pastels - The Viaduct (On The Right Banke Of The River Mix) 6:00
02 Uriel -You Who Are Reading Me Now (Love Experience Mix) 5:35
03 Saint Etienne - 4:35 In The Morning (Talkin' Blues Mix) 4:35
04 Talvin Singh - Traveller (Once Upon A Time In The East Mix) 5:47
05 Kat Onoma - La Chambre (Where Were You Mix) 5:30
06 Tommy Hools - Les Réprouvés (Action Time Mix) 4:19
07 Pulp - A Little Soul (Lafayette Velvet Revisited Mix) 5:11
08 Gak Sato - Penetrare (Belleville B-Boy Mix) 5:24
09 Badmarsh & Shri - The Air I Breathe (Land Of 1000 Strings Mix) 5:25
10 Mogwai - Tracy (Playing With The Young Team Mix) 8:28
11 Cornu - Youpi (Space Spaghetti Mix) 5:23
12 The High Llamas - Homespin Rerun (The Space Raid Mix) 7:47

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