Apr 12, 2014

RhoDeo 1414 Beats

Hello, Internet security researchers say people should not rush to change their passwords after the discovery of a widespread "catastrophic" software flaw that could expose website user details to hackers. The flaw, dubbed "Heartbleed", could reveal anything which is currently being processed by a web server – including usernames, passwords and cryptographic keys being used inside the site. About half a million sites worldwide are reckoned to be insecure. "Catastrophic is the right word," commented Bruce Schneier, an independent security expert. "On the scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11."

The bug exists in a piece of open source software called OpenSSL, which is meant to encrypt communications between a user's computer and a web server. But security researchers have no way to prove whether or not the flaw, which has existed since at least March 2012, has been exploited. The bug's age, and its presence in software to which anyone can submit an update, has led to speculation that it could have been inserted and then exploited by government spy agencies such as the NSA, which is known to have programs aiming to collect user data. (The Heartbleed bug was introduced in December 2011, in fact it appears to have been committed about an hour before New Year’s Eve (read into that what you will). The bug affects OpenSSL version 1.0.1 which was released in March 2012)

While some servers have fixed the OpenSSL flaw, the cascading nature of the problem means that they may not be fully safe. The flaw lets a determined attacker steal the private key to a site's SSL certificate, the code that enables all communications with the server to be held securely. Sites which have updated OpenSSL but are still using the same certificate as before – such as Deutsche Bank's main consumer portal in Germany – may show up as secure on initial inspection, but remain easy for attackers to penetrate.

"Risk to users exist until organisations have updated OpenSSL, acquired a new certificate, generated and deployed new SSL keys, and revoked old keys and certs," says Trey Ford, global security strategist. "Until this is done, attacks may still be able to steal cookies, sessions, passwords, and the key material required to masquerade as the website." Until that time its not very useful to change passwords....

These months French rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American music industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Today   N'joy

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Though Air and Daft Punk are missing, this collection of French dance includes stellar tracks from Motorbass, Daphreephunkateerz, Dimitri from Paris, Trankilou and Zend Avesta.

VA - Future Sound Of Paris (flac 500mb)

01 Nature - Away 5:40
02 Motorbass - Bad Vibes 5:18
03 Daphreephunkateerz - Psycho Phunk Reaction 6:13
04 Trankilou - Bill Collector 5:46
05 Dimitri From Paris - Just About Right (Downsized Edit) 5:03
06 Zend Avesta - Free Jah 6:32
07 Seven Dub - Rock It Tonight 6:07
08 Aphrodisiac - Earth Whispers 4:02
09 Solar Side's Experience - The Solar Sequences Experience 6:08
10 Stephane Malca - Make It Freaky 4:50
11 Bob Sinclair - Disco 2000 Selector 6:29
12 Magenta - She's A Model 6:12
13 Dirty Jesus - Feet-Food's Theme 4:41
14 Dax Riders - Soul Experience 2:08

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

In 1967, Michel Colombier and musique concrète pioneer Pierre Henry achieved surprising success on the French charts with four instrumental compositions that incorporated rock guitars and synthesizers with Henry's trademark spliced magnetic tapes. To celebrate that release's 30th anniversary, several hotshot European remixers went to work on "Teen Tonic," "Jericho Jerk," "Too Fortiche," and the most famous of all, "Psyché Rock." The result is a superior showcase of just about every style in today's electronic music, from St. Germain's acid-jazz to Tek 9's hyperventilating drum and bass to Dimitri from Paris's easy touch. While many dismember the songs, it's a testimony to the awesome staying power of "Psyché Rock" that it survives assaults by Ken Abyss, Fatboy Slim, William Orbit, and Coldcut, and always sounds utterly colossal.

VA - Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier - Métamorphose - Messe Pour Le Temps Présent (flac 490mb)

01 Psyché Rock (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix) 7:30
02 Prologue (Chris The French Kiss Remix) 2:45
03 Psyché Rock (William Orbit The Invisible Mix) 10:09
04 Jericho Jerk (St Germain Remix) 8:21
05 Teen Tonic (Dimitri From Paris Remix) 7:17
06 Too Fortiche (Tek 9 Beatnik Trip) 5:57
07 Psyché Rock (Coldcut's Chopped Up) 7:35
08 Too Fortiche ( The Mighty Bop remix) 6:29
09 Jericho Jerk (Remix Funki Porcini) 4:59
10 Too Fortiche (Chateau Flight Remix) 5:36
11 Psyché Rock (Coldcut Psyched Out) 7:19
12 Psyché Rock (Ken Abyss Metal Time Machine Edit) 3:26

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

While great respect is due to the Rough Guide world music compilations (especially from the globe's outer reaches), this one -- covering one of the world's great cities which has a musical culture teeming with creativity, vibrancy, diversity, and outlets of expression -- is simply lazy. None of the music from the great and influential Studio Saravah scene is here, nor is music from St. Germain, MC Solaar, or Air! True, Richard Galliano is still playing music, as are the great Bireli Lagrene and Aldo Romano. Even as Pauline Croze is present, and the steamy Andalusian funk and blues fusion of Lili Boniche too, this album sounds like it was predisposed to include something uniquely "musette-ish" and to offer some stereotypical image of the city as a melting pot without actually even attempting to do that. Even contemporary music from the French Algerian underground is absent.

VA - Rough Guide To The Music Of Paris (flac 315mb)

01 Emily Loizeau - L'autre Bout Du Monde 3:19
02 Olivier Libaux - Le Petit Succès (Feat Barbara Carlotti) 3:15
03 David Lafore - Plat Á Gratin 3:30
04 Pauline Croze - Quand Je Suis Ivre 3:28
05 Bireli Lagrene - Place Du Tertre 4:56
06 Lili Boniche - Elle Est Partie 4:24
07 Richard Galliano - Waltz For Nicky 3:23
08 Jo Privat - Les Yeux Noirs 2:58
09 Tony Murena - Café Au Lait 3:09
10 Rue De La Muette - Ma Mère Traîne Au Café 3:13
11 Marcel Loeffler - Swing Suspens 3:22
12 Aldo Romano - A St. Germain Des Près 4:03
13 Les Primitifs Du Futur - Valse Chinoise 3:15
14 Paris Musette - Bis'ness 1:43
15 Les Costauds De La Lune - Les Costauds De La Lune 3:01
16 Guérino - Brise Napolitaine 2:46
17 Django Reinhardt - Belleville 2:09
18 Sidney Bechet - Bechet's Creole Blues 3:01

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