Feb 2, 2014

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 "...üNN stems from the name of the studio, which is called '184.8 üNN', as when today's artist is working on music and visuals in his studio his brain is exactly 184.8 metres above mean sea level..." N'Joy

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üNN is the solo project of Frank Rueckert, also known as one half of Rauschfaktor. Frank started to develop a deeper interest in music at the age of 11 or 12, being bored and irritated by the stuff which was emanating from his sister’s bedroom (Abba, The Sweet, The Bay City Rollers and all that). „The first time that I heard bands like Human League, Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode I was fascinated by their electronic sound.“ As an early ‚Space Invaders’ junkie he soon discovered the sound chip in his home computer. A few years later he got his first synthesizer and started to produce own tracks. After some techno/industrial-releases as 'Tribantura' in the early 90s, it was his solo project ueNN that definitely put him on the map of electronic music. Focusing on ambient sounds, chill out stuff, electro and experimental music he soon gained a great reputation with his trademark ‚autobiographical’ sound. Frank Rueckert is a musical storyteller who loves to work on his tracks in a spontaneous way. „I’m improvising a lot and often the best songs arise unexpectedly and surprisingly. The songs that are brought to life in those ‚precious moments’ are definitely the best!“ His two highly acclaimed üNN albums on Elektrolux covered a wide range of musical emotions. ‚Delay’ was darker and more melancholic, while the floow up „Relief“ felt more optimistic and uplifting. Besides his work with ueNN and Rauschfaktor Frank has also performed as a VJ and produced several video clips that are constantly featured on the legendary tv program ‚Flowmotion’.

Elektro has the reputation of sometimes neglecting the emotional impact of music in favour of emphasising mechanical sounds. This, however, is not true for üNN, the main project of the Frankfurt multimedia artist Frank Rückert. Working as VJ for Sven Väth, Pascal FEOS, DJ Hell or Monika Kruse, the computer scientist is an integral part of the international Techno Club scene. After his albums 'Delay' (Elektrolux, 1999), 'Relief' (Elektrolux, 2000), 'Electronic Music' (Mikrolux, 2002), he closes the gap between sensual ambient and motor-comprehensible elektro of his previous releases by his longplayer 'Silence'.in 2006. Two years later he released Exit as well as an an EP of remixes

In 2010 Frank became The Atmosphere Experience and released two ambient albums on the Bloodsugar label, Journey To Another World and in december that year Arrival

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After üNN's Elektro 12' Make me listen, as well as various exclusive tracks on both Elektrolux Compilations Elektro.Codes.Two and Ambient.Diary.Two , Elektrolux is releasing üNN's experimental debut album "Delay". Creating minimal soundstructures with his fx gear, "Delay" still surprises with chilly atmospheres and fluffy sequences.

üNN - Delay (flac  395mb)

01 feedback 4:33
02 make me listen 2:58
03 just for a minute 1:59
04 make me think 2:35
05 there's some truth in it 3:25
06 make me delay 3:36
07 transition 5:52
08 machinery 6:44
09 blue 4:08
10 for the secondary 4:08
11 running 5:13
12 arrival 4:45
13 if we could be stars 5:28
14 as cs ds 6:56
15 marathon 4:36
16 someday 6:31
üNN - Delay  (ogg 191mb)

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Typical representatives of this cool grooving melange is the Frankfurt project ÜNN, who with "Relief" presents his second work for Electrolux. The 16 tracks are extremely remember the scene that is innovative, and stimulating in sequences sounding like Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, but using enough own spacey abstractions, to pass as original. Unn's second release sits in the grey area of lush layered ambient noise, 80's electro and crystal clear electronica. Beginning with darkambient melodies over downtempo beats the album changes midway through finding it's electro-feel, still on the lower tempo scale. Production is of the highest standard and the tracks really immerse the listener especially with headphones on.

With two prime time selections ("Reopen" and "Sensor King") and fully eight mid/down-tempo pieces ("Sphere," "Blue Sky," "Two," "Retro Rocket,"
 "Stone," "Hybrid Elements," "This Time Tomorrow," "Three Pilots" and  "Ease") that are spin-worthy early/late or in anyone's chill room, the
pleasant surprise upon receiving this fine electro-break release has still not yet sunk in. The best advice on this one is... search it out, listen to
it but before you do (as the Funketeer George Clinton said) "free your mind and your ass will follow."

üNN - Relief (flac 486mb)

01 reopen 4:09
02 sphere 5:36
03 blue sky 6:17
04 two 4:51
05 retro-rocket 5:33
06 magnetic 4:18
07 stone 4:29
08 sensor kling 6:47
09 hybrid elements 5:48
10 repetitive ego 5:05
11 harmonic/discordant 5:34
12 this time tomorrow 3:47
13 chemical 4:49
14 three pilots 3:48
15 ease 2:38
üNN - Relief (ogg 185mb)

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Frank Rückert aka üNN presents his album 'Electronic Music’. Despite of all musical evolution, Frank Rückert stays true to his roots which between ambient and electro music, charming melodies and experimental sound explorations. And it is especially one fact that all of the eighteen tracks on 'Electronic Music’ have in common:Musical landscapes between dream and reality displayed in harsh light and pastel tones all of them are highly infective.

üNN - Electronic Music (flac 380mb)

01 pronounce 0:07
02 overflowing 4:49
03 passengers 5:15
04 reality 4:50
05 summersky 5:35
06 life 5:20
07 hypnosis 5:02
08 pictures 4:52
09 starlight 6:08
10 fear 5:03
11 scanner 5:17
12 dice 4:37
13 the search 3:02
14 friendship 2:03
15 repeat 1:30
16 pressure 3:33
17 destination 1:11
18 recovery 3:45

üNN - Electronic Music (ogg 168mb)

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