Feb 1, 2014

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Hello, "If you want justice, you've come to the wrong planet"

These months the French rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. As for today's artists, some say they are a genetic mix of Daft Punk, Aphex Twin & The Stooges. Anyhow they are part of the new French "electro sound", together with Justice, Para One, Modeselektor & a few others. And they know how to blow up any dancefloor. . ....... N'joy

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Ever heard about Teenage Bad Girl ?

Greg Kazubski and Guillaume Manbell are Teenage Bad Girl. Based in Paris, they are part of the new French electro scene and like to describe their style as Hard/Dirty Electro. Some say they are a genetic mix of Daft Punk, Aphex twin and The Stooges. The duo's first release, the 12" "Hands of a Stranger", quickly reached the dancefloor charts & since the beginning of their short career, they’ve been supported and playlisted by Mylo, Chloé, Paul Woolford, Erol Alkan, Ian Pooley, Justice, DJ Hell, Digitalism, Arthur Baker, Adam Freeland, Ewan Pearson, Vitalic, Boys Noize, Yuksek, etc.

Teenage Bad Girl are not your usual type of group. They met trading files on Soulseek, the famous peer-to-peer musical network. Guillaumme asked Greg to download a few tracks...then Greg saw his shared files, told him ‘cool taste’ and the rest is history! Then after a few weeks of chat and trade, Guillaumme proposed to Greg to remix a track on his own label Archibell (which had already released the first Teenage Bad Girl).
Guillaume Manbell had created in 2004 his own label Archibell and  would describe Greg as somebody extremely creative, who lives music till the fingertips of feet, and who master keyboards perfectly. He also has a great feeling of harmonies and melodies. Greg : Guillaume is both performant in music creation and art design, he knows how to associate artworks and music, and that's really important.

The duo immediately became part of the new wave electro French, never far from the electro rock, and is first to know via his remixes. "I Do not Feel Like Dancing" by Scissor Sisters is their first time brightness, Teenage Bad Girl is quickly signed on the label of Vitalic. They use lot of old vinyl samples to create a warm atmosphere, and use these samples with analog synthesizers or digital effects like VST plug-in for example, melting different types of sounds in order to obtain something weird and particular at the end.

Cocotte released in 2007 and welcomes the electro creative amateurs. This first album was soon followed by Cocotte 2.0 , which includes ten original tracks and remixes. Teenage Bad Girl also continues to be a duo known remixers, requested by Boys Noize and Chromeo. The second full-length album, Backwash, Teenage Bad Girl released in 2011, preceded by the title "Tonton Funk" and "Keep Us With You."

They went two times to Japan, first time it was just to play at Fuji Rock Festival. It was so amazing to play in such an extraordinary place that we forgot we just arrived in the afternoon and were totally destroyed. Then they came back for a little tour, very successful, the audience was so receptive and willing to party till the end. The ambitious duo is actively touring in dj sets as well as with their new live act & scenography, based on laser technology created in collaboration with French collective Digital Slaves, that should hit a major festival near you soon! Or is it ? Nothing much has been heard of them since May 2012

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The French electro has the good sense to remember its recent roots, especially those of the French Touch movement of ninety years. If the stars have since then often transferred to the French house, the new electro wave approaches her electro rock. Whether Justice, Yuksek or Teenage Bad Girl is good vibration rock that support this new sound electro. Cocotte and its title so frenchy does not escape the trend, Teenage Bad Girl playing most famously on numerous breaks that make "Hands of a Stranger" sound more captivating maze. duo fun of a "Fuckin 'Frog' nà resonance sounds good market for video games old way. Obviously, Teenage Bad Girl does not seek the tube at any price, Cocotte is more an album of artistic research quest of glory. "Vacuum" nrenvoie the delusions of experimental rock sound, bringing some violence and a welcome to the dark about Teenage Bad Girl. Not necessarily accessible, Cocotte goes far beyond electro productions kilometer pollute cyberspace with emphasis .Still, there's plenty of fun to be had with 'F**in' Frog' and Italo stompalong 'Ghost House'. Probably the most flagrant leap onto the Parisian electrohouse bandwagon is 'Tales From The Pigs' which is headspinningly choppy and quite the hoot, so there's not much to complain about really. Bonus tracks come from Boys Noize and Hystereo remixes. An album in which they blend the punk spirit from their musical debut in rock & roll bands with the broken rhythm of underground hip-hop and the efficiency of a half French Touch half Detroit old school techno.

Teenage Bad Girl - Cocotte ( flac 537mb)

01 Intro 0:53
02 Cocotte 4:22
03 USB Dick (Plug Me In) 4:04
04 Hands Of A Stranger 5:16
05 Fuckin' Frog 4:39
06 Break Out The Wheel 6:18
07 Vacuum 3:49
08 Ghost House 4:50
09 Tales From The Pigs 3:52
10 Beel 6:50
11 Du, Meine Sonne 6:04
12 D'RAN 0:46
13 Franz Shubert 4:44
14 Aviateur (Remix G.Kazubski) 6:34
15 Cocotte (Boys Noize Rework) 6:13
16 Cocotte (Hystereo Rebrand) 8:44

Teenage Bad Girl - Cocotte  (ogg 183mb)

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Teenage Bad Girl have been pushing a blend of distortion-heavy electro since 2005. While they haven't been privy to the widespread and often mainstream attention many of their Parisian counterparts continue to receive—Justice, Busy P et al—Manbell and Kazubski have remained a staple of the French electro wave, albeit with a lower profile. This latest album for which they’ve opted for a more simplistic and open approach, carried by robotic vocals from Greg Kazyo, Rye Rye, Todd Fink (former singer of The Faint) as well as Illa J.  from Slum Village (J Dilla’s brother). In terms of sound, their palette doesn't stray too far from what you'd expect from many of their European electro contemporaries, generally employing the aggressive analogue synth lines and syncopated percussion their scene has become renowned for.

Teenage Bad Girl - Backwash   (flac 326mb)

01 Fight Night 4:34
02 Keep Up With You 5:16
03 The Wave 4:21
04 Black Hole 3:48
05 Heart Zero Beating 2:22
06 X Girl 3:26
07 Hold Me Tight 4:10
08 Fast Blood Delivery 5:03
09 Tonton Funk 4:09
10 Boogie Toy 4:42
11 Backwash 2:33
12 Jumping Judas 3:46

Teenage Bad Girl - Backwash   (ogg 117mb)

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Vitalic is the alter ego of Pascal Arbez, a French programmer/multi-instrumentalist who blends electro, techno, and house -- as well as elements of classical, rock, Italo-disco, and '70s electronic music -- into a sound that recalls the work of fellow countrymen Daft Punk and Air, but has its own hard-edged playfulness. Arbez played trombone as a child and young adult, but became fascinated with dance music when he heard Daft Punk in the mid-'90s. Inspired by them as well as Giorgio Moroder, Arbez switched to analog synths and began writing and recording as Dima. He released his first 12" in 1996 on Citizen Records, a label started by Arbez and like-minded friends. Arbez used the Dima moniker (as well as the alias Hustler Pornstar) until 2000, when he switched to the name Vitalic.

After sending a demo to International Deejay Gigolo, the label released Vitalic's Poney EP in 2001. The EP's expansive yet hard-hitting sound made its three tracks staples in sets by DJs as varied as Aphex Twin, Princess Superstar, and 2 Many DJ's. However, despite some collaborations and remixes, Arbez took a while to release any new Vitalic material. The Fanfares EP arrived late in 2004, signaling a heavier, less atmospheric bent to Arbez's work than the Poney EP; spring 2005 saw the release of the single My Friend Dario, by far the poppiest Vitalic track yet.

Most of Vitalic's key singles and tracks were collected on the long-awaited debut album OK Cowboy (the title of which alluded to Vitalic's maverick stance and Arbez's preference to live in the French countryside), which arrived in Europe later that spring and was released in the U.S. that summer. Early in 2007, the mix album The Sound of Citizen -- which included tracks by Arbez's inspirations as well as artists on the Citizen roster -- was released. Late that year, V Live arrived a live recording preserving a set Vitalic spun at an event in Belgium in the fall of 2006; capturing the music as well as the excitement of the crowd, V Live includes the tracks "Bambalec," "Follow the Car," "My Friend Dario," "The 30,000 Feet Club," and many more. Disco was a strong influence on 2009's Disco Terminateur EP and the single "Your Disco Song," both of which arrived before his second full-length, Flashmob, appeared that fall. For 2012's Rave Age, Arbez collaborated with members of Shitdisco, Sexy Sushi, and Stephane "Alf" Briat, whose mixing contributed to the album's more streamlined direction.

Vitalic - V Live (flac 441mb)

01 Polkamatic 2:05
02 Disco Nouveau-Live Intro 2:15
03 Bambalec 1:57
04 Anatoles 4:37
05 Follow The Car 4:08
06 Bells 5:19
07 The 30000 Feet Club 5:35
08 Rhythm In A Box 1 & 2 4:44
09  La Rock 01 7:43
10 Filth'n'Dirt - Go Ahead (Vitalic Garage Mix) 4:04
11 My Friend Dario 3:58
12 No Fun (Play The Guitar Johnny) 5:57
13 Fast Lane 2:33
14 Valletta Fanfares Live Version Outro 4:18

Vitalic - V Live  (ogg 146mb)

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previously France, Paris I (12/19/06)

Vitalic - Ok Cowboy (flac * 360mb)

Vitalic - Ok Cowboy (ogg * 129mb)

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