Feb 15, 2014

RhoDeo 1406 Beats

Hello, thanks for all the love, been watching a lot of Olympics today and I wasn't impressed. Curling beyond boring and I wonder how long Biathlon can be seen as a wintersport as these days missing one shot in 20 almost renders you chance-less,  it's become a shooting competition with some inbetween cruising on skies. Best drilled (by a German) shootists today the Bela Russian women. Bela Russ had a field day today as Alla Tsuper saw a sloppy jump with a good landing outscore the other 3 finalists that had great jumps with bad landings, risk aversion communist style awarded with a gold medal. These days there's Swiss superman on skies who, like his landsman Cancellara was on a bicycle, looks to be in a league of his own, Cologna was well beyond the others. The figure gays on skates had a competition on who could fall in the most dignified way, Japan's Hanyu won. And then there were the skeleton suicidal artists, for some strange reason UK women have the biggest need to go headfirst down the ramp, well it resulted in back to back Olympic gold..to the hysteric BBC commentators the war has been won...again.

These months the French rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Most of today's artists have been spotlighted here these last months, yes there's more that get lucky en France .. ....... N'joy

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From French Touch To French Connection ! Once upon a time there was a sound, an electronic beat, shaking the heart of France. Many years after the worldwide success of Cerrone and Jean Michel Jarre, a new rhythm was coming from all parts of the country. Louder and louder, invading every night club and making more and more people dance. End of the eighties, the rock scene was exhausted, almost over. And it was like nobody could resist to that fresh flavour. Once upon a time, there was the French touch (as the British called them), time of glory where decades of new artists suddenly appeared on stage. Some of them were friends in the same school of Versailles. Others met in the same parties or were in the same network. All together, they share the same idea: to break the music walls and to create a new sound by mixing electro, rock and pop beats. It was hard to see them, hidden behind there laptops. But their names begin to travel all "around the world", from Europe to Japan. Laurent Garnier, Charles Schillings, Air, Etienne de Crecy, Alex Gopher, Cassius or Dimitri from Paris. Everybody was wondering who were those guys, creating this crazy music in secret basements? They never wanted to be stars. All they wished was to make the youth move, all nights, all days. It's hard to give a real definition of the movement. Cause at the beginning, the French touch was more about a spirit, a group of friends working together, having fun doing there job. Hi Note.

Various - French Electro Connection 1 ( flac 405mb)

01 Nouvelle Vague - Heart Of Glass 3:37
02 Rouge Rouge - Magnifique 4:42
03 Stephane Pompougnac Feat. Clémentine - Morenito (Bossa Mix) 5:15
04 Alex Kid - Nightshade 3:56
05 Emilie Simon - Sweet Blossom 3:47
06 Wise Feat. Nicolas Leroux - Home Sweet Home 4:44
07 OMR - Immobilized 4:18
08 Télépopmusik - Breathe 4:39
09 Air - Sufering On A Rocket (Radio Edit) 3:43
10 High Tone - Spacedunk 4:09
11 Château Flight - Superflight (Maurice Fulton Remix) 6:32
12 Agoria - Wrong Line 4:33
13 Laurent Garnier - Barbiturik Blues Lauren 6:21

Various - French Electro Connection 1  (ogg 151mb)


Various - French Electro Connection 2  (flac 471mb)

01 Michael Canitrot Feat. Ann Saunderson - Heart On The Line 6:03
02 Missill Feat. Edu-K - Kabrake 6:17
03 Justice - Phantom 4:57
04 Busy P - Rainbow Man 3:35
05 Bob Sinclar Feat. Gary Pine & Dollarman - Sound Of Freedom (Original Club Mix) 4:58
06 Charles Schillings - Spin It Right! 2:59
07 David Guetta Feat. JD Davis - The World Is Mine 3:35
08 The Penelopes - Together Song 5:37
09 Etienne De Crécy - Someone Like You (Fast Track Vocal Mix) 8:49
10 Vitalic - La Rock 01 5:26
11 Alex Gopher - Brain Leech 5:42
12 Joakim - I Wish You Were Gone 3:55
13 The Youngsters - Smile (Profil's Mix Edit) 5:05

Various - French Electro Connection 2   (ogg 159mb)

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Ed Banger Records is a French electronic music record label run by Pedro Winter that was founded in 2003 as a division of Headbangers Entertainment. The label is home to French electronic acts Justice, Sebastian, Cassius, Uffie, Krazy Baldhead, DJ Mehdi, Mr Oizo, Mr. Flash, Vicarious Bliss, So Me, Feadz, Breakbot, DSL, Mickey Moonlight, Boston Bun and Pedro Winter himself, under the alias Busy P. Most of the Ed Banger Records video and album art is coordinated by So Me. The label enjoyed a dramatic rise in fame in early 2007 when a number of the artists signed to its roster found mainstream success, most notably French electronic group Justice, whose rework of "Never Be Alone" by now defunct electro-rock band Simian, entered the UK charts at #20. The track was a success in clubs worldwide. Album attached to Mixmag issue 202 | March 2008 (DJ Mix – DJ Mehdi (tracks: 1-5), Feadz (tracks: 6-10), Pedro Winter (tracks: 11-15)

Mehdi, Feadz, Pedro - Ed Banger Ménage-À-Trois  (flac 281mb)

1 Steed Lord - Dirty Mutha (DJ Mehdi Dirty Remix) 3:36
2 Ben Mono - Blind Sweep 2:41
3 Puzique - Don't Go 4:39
4 Bumblebeez - Dr. Love (Crookers Remix) 2:56
5 Surkin - White Knight 2:21
06 Kazey & Bulldog - Give It Up 0:58
07 High Powered Boys - Hoes Get Down 1:31
08 Bobmo - Rock The 1:03
09 Feadz - Numanoid 3:04
10 Armand Van Helden - Je T'Aime (Switch Remix) (Ed Banger Edit) 0:14
11 DSL - Invaders (Busy P Remix) 1:42
12 Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Spank Rock & Mos Def Remix) 3:03
13 Das Pop - Fool For Love (SebastiAn Remix) 2:49
14 Smith N Hack - Space Warrior 2:43
15 Cool Kids - I Rock 8:37

Mehdi, Feadz, Pedro - Ed Banger Ménage-À-Trois    (ogg 101mb)

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