Feb 22, 2014

RhoDeo 1407 Beats

Hello, ooops the world got another taster on US business can't compete ? Just buy them, problem solved. Meanwhile those that thought they could escape Zuckerbergs greedy hands and just what's up away haven been caught in the net that has been thrown over the world. Alas there are so many silly fishes that let themselves be cooked and and half eaten and still don't understand what is happening. In the meantime EU lords are selling its citizens out to multinationals in extremely secret negotiations, what a nasty place this world is quickly becoming. The senseless killing going on here and there pales in insignificance to the future that is in front of us. The 1% will kill off 90% of the humans within 5-20 years the survivors will be enslaved thru the vaccin (serve or die). Obviously those that drool over plans like this are unaware that a considerable portion of the 1% have their own agenda that is culling the 1% from the wrong blood. I know that all sounds sci-fi but something's gotta give. We're running this planet into the ground, our leaders are incompetent, corrupt or plain weak, the real powers that be operate in the shade but really have no plan apart from the above mentioned of killing off most of us thru a deadly virus. Time will tell...

These months the French rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Today's artists are not really connected but all of them released an album in the year zero, yes they had survived the Y2k virus and served us up their cocktail of  'beats'  ....... N'joy

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Nicolas Chaix (I:Cube) met Gilbert Cohen (Gilb'r) in the mid-'90s, after he sent Cohen a demo of his productions. At the time, Cohen had just started his Versatile label. Cohen liked Chaix's material enough to sign him, and by the end of 1997, Versatile had released several I:Cube records. Chaix and Cohen eventually began to collaborate as Château Flight. A clutch of 12" releases predated 2000's full-length Puzzle, a great, diverse set of jazzy downtempo productions that took in everything from jazz-house to experimental dub to post-rock to Afro-funk. Just less than two years later, the duo released Remixent, a collection of remixes done for the likes of Manu Dibango, Peace Orchestra, Pierre Henry, Air, and Seiji. 2005's The Meal and 2007's Les Vampires (a score for the silent film of the same name) followed.

A meeting of French electronic champions, Chateau Flight is I:Cube and Gilb'r, two producers whose soulful down tempo style has earned them accolades from the likes of Air and Carl Craig. Fusing beatnik percussion and '70s jazz-funk with electronic and post-rock elements, each song on Puzzle is distinctly different from one another, yet all hold a very natural flavor. The opener is a quirky vocodered dream that makes way for the bass riff of "Camping Jazz," which meets post-rock minimal repetition with '70s synth stabs and even a little '80s-lite FM piano flourishes. Moving further into the album you'll find deep house grooves, hyper jazz breaks, tribal conga attacks, and even a piece composed with water splashing. A expertly crafted piece of rhythmic bliss that gives a modern reflection on what you would imagine the sound of Parisian nightlife to have been in the '50s, '80s, and 2000s.

Château Flight - Puzzle ( flac 335mb)

01 Chato Flight Loves You 1:23
02 Camping Jazz 4:15
03 Instant Replay 7:55
04 Frontal Funk 5:43
06 Prism 6:18
05 Auto Power 5:5707 Bizarre 4:12
08 Rituel 6:58
09 Flying Machine 5:21
10 Poesie Champetre 3:21
11 Heureuse 3:58

Château Flight - Puzzle  (ogg 140mb)

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Though he is known as one of the leading lights in France's dance music scene, producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Mirwais Ahmadzai was born in Switzerland to Italian and Afghani parents. After moving to Paris at age six, he immersed himself in music, learning the guitar before he hit his teens. In 1979, he started the electronic/punk/disco hybrid Taxi Girl, a group that became a major influence on '90s bands such as Daft Punk and Air. They released their debut album, Seppuku, in 1981 and broke up six years later due to internal tensions and problems with drugs, which claimed the life of the band's drummer. In 1989, Mirwais formed the folk-pop outfit, Juliette et les Independants, with his girlfriend but returned to electronic music after hearing drum'n'bass for the first time. His 1999 single Disco Science became a hit on the French club circuit and attracted Madonna's attention; she was so impressed with it that she invited Mirwais to produce the bulk of her 2000 album Music. His own solo debut album Production arrived in the U.S. shortly before Music was released.

On his aptly named debut album Production, hot French producer Mirwais marries the stylish playfulness of contemporaries like Air and Daft Punk with an even more direct pop sensibility. Not only does this explain why he was the ideal choice to produce the bulk of Madonna's Music -- in fact, that album's best track, the brittle ballad "Paradise (Not for Me)," is included here -- but it also results in a collection of songs that are as clever and intelligently crafted as they are danceable. Though most of Mirwais' stylistic touches (stark, sculpted electro beats, running basslines, and vocoders galore) aren't really new, the freshness and innocence he brings to them are -- this is a man who named his label Naive, after all. Production's electro-pop works equally well taken as a whole or song by song: from the slinky-yet-funny album opener "Disco Science," which appropriates the irresistibly catchy foghorn vocals from the Breeders' "Cannonball" and puts them in an entirely different context, to the dreamy, brooding house of "Never Young Again," Mirwais invigorates these vintage elements with the energy of someone hearing and playing them for the first time. Despite its name, Production has much more than pristine sonics in its favor.

Mirwais - Production  (flac 285mb)

01 Disco Science 3:34
02 Naive Song 4:23
03 V.I. (The Last Words She Said Before Leaving) 6:51
04 I Can't Wait 3:15
05 Junkie's Prayer 3:50
06 Definitive Beat 3:30
07 Paradise (Not For Me) 6:27
08 Never Young Again 5:37
09 Involution 5:37

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Funky French House formation from Marseilles. Superfunk was first composed of Fabrice Texier (Fafa Monteco), MR Hamdi (Mike 303) and Stéphane Bonan (credited as Stephane B on most releases). Substantiating grand commands within the riskiest manipulations of styles like hip-hop, funk, and other crossbred fusions, Superfunk first appeared on the dance music scene due to their alliance with Sexy Kool on the single Bubble Boogie. The French trio started gaining some notoriety after the production of themes like "New Jersey," by then using the designation of Dealers of Funk. However, their solo work also contributed to their recognition. While Mike 303 created the track "Saint Silvestre" for a compilation on French logo Versatile, Monteco completed "Good Times" for Black Jack's catalogue. Remixing creations of artists such as Moby, Demon, and Shirley Bassey, before releasing the single "Come Back" on the compilation Fiat Lux Racing Team, they then signed on to Fiat Lux. Hold Up, their debut album, hit record stores in February 2000, giving them even more exposure and notability.
It contained the original versions of club favourites "Last Dance", "Lucky Star" and "The Young MC". Shortly after, Fafa Monteco left the trio to concentrate on a solo DJ career. Bonan and Hassen then decided to team up with Le Sascha as Superfunk Inc. Only two releases were released under that name in 2004: "Lover" and "Promised Land" (a cover of Joe Smooth sung by Ron Carroll). In 2007, a new album, "Future Pop", was scheduled to be released and was announced many times, but as the music standards are changing, it was postponed and still unreleased to this day. However, a few tracks, such as "Electric Dance", were released on compilations and in Online music stores. The 'Inc.' seems to have been dropped from their artist's name: all subsequent releases are labeled under the name 'Superfunk'.

Though Hold Up's cover and inside art give the impression that the Superfunk production team is from Chicago, Superfunk is actually a trio from France. Given Chicago's essential history in house music, Superfunk's Windy City obsession is understood. However, rather than emulate Chicago house legends like Derrick Carter and Paul Johnson, Superfunk seems more attuned to the commercial likes of Frenchman Alex Gopher. The CD does have a few gems that touch loosely on the Chicago sound, including the track "Lucky Star" with its noticeable debut from singer Ron Carroll.

Superfunk - Hold Up (flac 433mb)

01 To Marseille From Paris (Dim's Megamix / Interlude) 1:39
02 Last Dance In Copacabana 5:38
03 Under The Shower With Paul Johnson (Interlude) 0:33
04 Lucky Star 4:59
05 The Young MC 5:12
06 Counterclockwise 4:40
07 Let's Bounce With DJ LBR (Interlude) 0:48
08 Endless Street 4:00
09 Hold Up 4:02
10 Here I Am 4:21
11 Brixton Bass 95° Feat. Ed & G (Interlude) 1:39
12 It's Like Jazz 3:49
13 Come Back (Supamix) 5:17
14 Shake Your Body 4:21
15 Electrique ! 6:53
16 Back To Disco 4:36

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