Feb 8, 2014

RhoDeo 1405 Beats

Hello, as the world focuses on the games of fire and ice, meanwhile most of the cacao farmers have no clue what happens with their beans, let alone ever tasted chocolate. Such a strange planet for the coming weeks the champs will be under pressure to deliver, failure will be bad for the nations economic output. The US has a big team this when considering most events with skies they are at best scoring 3 medals. Jumping-no show, Biathlon-no show (most odd for a triggerhappy country) Cross country another no show. They are happy on snowboards as having started the format they still had a slight edge although most of that will be shown to have eroded by now. I predict a very disappointing medal tally for the USA, Germany as always will do well, expect the Russians to give their utmost, Norway will once again prove their athlete's have incredible stamina on the cross country events. Middle European countries like Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia will pick up most medals of the downhill skiing events. The Dutch as usual will pick up most of the speedskating medals. Interestingly the 5 countries i mention here are all small in populations size, this means there's still a world out there not competing. Yet 88 countries have sent their athlete's regularly outnumbered by officials. Some oddballs return like the Jamaican Bobsled team, a guy from Tonga even had his name changed into the name of his sponsor. But the guy from India going down in the luge must be the bravest athlete of them all, maybe you'll pick up on his training runs going downhill in the Himalaya straight thru regular traffic on his purpose build contraption. He must have a strong faith in his karma, alas luge is not just daredevil but there's plenty of technique and the sleds aren't all that equal either.

These months the French rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Today's artist, although his music has found little acceptance in his home country, where racial tension has stratified the hip-hop community into rigid definitions of what the music is -- and who should be making it (our man is white) -- audiences in the U.K., Japan, and America have begun picking up on his style. These days as a mainstay of the French Touch (he started his career in the 1990s together with Daft Punk, Air, Cassius, Bob Sinclar...), he has released six albums, helmed a number mixalbums and other side projects and given countless performances all around the world, helping him to acquire global notoriety. Now where do I begin.. ....... N'joy

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Parisian hip-hop devotee Laurent Daumail is one of a few but growing number of French artists updating hip-hop for the chill-out crowd, drawing on the beats'n'samples groundwork of producers such as Rakim, DJ Premier, and Prince Paul and combining it with broad, impressionistic strokes of dub, jazz, and soundtrack-y ambience. Like countrymen the Mighty Bop and la Funk Mob, Cam is stylistically closest to Mo'Wax artists such as DJ Shadow and DJ Krush; minimalist, downbeat instrumental hip-hop built from obscure samples and stomp-box turntable accompaniment, bent and twisted into new, artfully arranged compositions. His debut, 1994's Underground Vibes, was released on the tiny French label Street Jazz and was followed by a live recording for the Inflammable imprint (one of only a few "live" recordings in a genre so reliant on the temporal concessions of the recording studio). Dubbed Underground Live, the album featured performed extrapolations of many of the tracks from his debut, as well as a few new and improvised tracks. Now nearly impossible to find, those first two albums were reissued in America by Shadow Records, packaged together as the single-CD priced Mad Blunted Jazz. It was revolutionary for it's time, featuring familiar jazz samples and loads of vibe samples and heavy hip-hop influences, "Undergound Vibes"got him noticed by the international music press. DJ Cam's style coined as abstract hip hop merges blunt street rhythms with languid samples and atmospheric soundscapes.

In 1996 Cam was featured on, among many others, the sprawling Mo'Wax compilation Headz 2, remixed tracks for such artists as Tek 9 and la Funk Mob, and most recently collaborated on live and in-studio projects with Snooze and DJ Krush (he co-wrote a few tracks on the latter's 1997 Mo'Wax release, Mi Sound). Cam released Substances on Inflammable in 1997. "Substances" experimented with a change of direction from DJ Cam's previous albums. The tracks on "Substances" were more melancholy in feel than usual, featuring a variety of slick cool-jazz samples from the likes of Alice Coltran. The next year, his major-label debut, The Beat Assassinated, appeared on Columbia Records. In 2000, he released a three-volume series named The Loa Project. Cam dropped HoneyMoon, a smooth mix album that combined jazz and underground hip hop, at the close of 2001.

In 2003, he departed his regular sound for the Soulshine LP, which featured an appearance by Gang Starr's Guru (Credited as Baldhead Slick). He went back to his hip-hop roots in 2004 with Liquid Hip-Hop, in 2006, he released an iTunes exclusive Best Of compilation, featuring a new song at the end. With Seven (2011), DJ Cam served up his most personal album since the acclaimed Substances. Inspired as ever by the original jazz and hip-hop influences that helped him become one of the founders of the trip-hop scene back in 1995, this latest album is also full of exciting new musical and visual influences.

DJ Cam is now based in Los Angeles, where his musical and visual projects can converge, including production and remixes (Michael Jackson, Serge Gainsbourg, Air, Miles Davis...), sound design (Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Sephora, Agnès b...), soundtracks for both TV (CSI: Miami...) and cinema (Gus Van Sant, Wayne Wang...). Seven has touches of well-crafted pop and folk (Swim, with vocals by Stateless’ Chris James and a video directed by Sonia Sieff, reminds one of Radiohead, one of the album’s major influences. And Chris James is also present on Ghost and Uncomfortable), hints of old school electronica (Dreamcatcher), and cinematic ambient tracks that invite you to dream (Seven, California Dreaming). For a feminine touch, DJ Cam adds the vocals of Inlove, a new signing on his Inflammable label, and Nicolette, long-time collaborator with Massive Attack, the legendary group that DJ Cam feels closer to now than ever before, and to whom he dedicates the album. DJ Cam: “After the acoustic album Soulshine and various projects with high-profile collaborations and large groups, I wanted to get back to the essentials of being a producer: going into the studio alone, having total freedom, and allowing my inspiration free reign [sic]. Seven has turned out to be so intimate because I approached it in the same way as my earliest tracks; with experimentation and pleasure as the prime motivation.” Written in Paris and Los Angeles, Seven is an album whose enveloping, melancholic tone and wide-open soundscapes are supposed to help make your mind wander. The release of the album is the moment for DJ Cam – who admits to spending as much time in art galleries as he does listening to and composing music – to show us his talents as a photographer through the Landscape Architecture project, a series of mysterious landscapes where nature and architecture intermingle in a ghost-like world. An exhibition is planned, and the visuals will be projected on a big screen during DJ Cam’s concerts, as revealed for the first time at the SXSW festival last March.

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Electronica producers like the Orb had been mining the ideas of minimalist and house producers for years, and DJ Cam's fusion of jazz and hip-hop was creative and artistically successful in much the same way -- instead of Tangerine Dream or Steve Reich, substitute Ahmad Jamal or Bobby Hutcherson and Gang Starr. Cam's vision of the late-night creep encompassed lots of oddly tuneful piano or vibes samples and the type of simple East Coast beats favored by DJ Premier and the like. The American Shadow label combined his first two records, the studio Underground Vibes and the live Underground Live, to create a two-fer that's very necessary for those interested in early trip-hop. DJ Cam wasn't a crate-digger like DJ Shadow; he much preferred creating a reflective atmosphere around a chosen few samples, usually familiar. While simplistic (especially early in his career), it was often very effective, as the best tracks here illustrate. "Sang-Lien" has only vibes, a fragment of a flute line, and muted trumpet, but Cam still creates something very special with the addition of a French chanteuse. "Mad Blunted Jazz" switches it up a bit, moving between multiple drum tracks and samples. Most of these are little more than background hip-hop tracks that the average rapper wouldn't even consider rhyming over, but in the grand tradition of ambient music (from Satie to Eno), DJ Cam's productions ranked near the top.

Cam's debut collection of "abstract hip-hop" finds similar company in artists such as DJ Krush, Howie B., and the Solid Doctor, with pitched down, echo-chamber beats, sparse jazz and funk quotes, and turntable atmospherics combining into a smooth, impressionistic affair. The album was reissued by Shadow records--together with his live Inflammable follow-up, Underground Live--as Mad Blunted Jazz in 1996.

DJ Cam - Underground Vibes ( flac 332mb)

01 Abstract Intro 0:19
02 Gangsta Shit 4:24
03 Mad Blunted Jazz 5:10
04 Suckers Never Play That 2:08
05 Sang-Lien 6:00
06 Underground Vibes 4:31
07 Romantic Love 4:39
08 The Return Of The Jedï 5:29
09 Other Aspect 5:07
10 Dieu Reconnaîtra Les Siens 6:02
11 Free Your Turntable And Your Scratch Will Follow 7:37
12 Pure Pleasure 6:26

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Live hip-hop albums are hardly common, but then neither is Cam's approach here, seamlessly blending loping, downtempo breaks with thick, dubby basslines, deft, heavily treated scratching, and instrumental samples and vocal drop-ins which make for a solid, tight flow. Cam presents live, tricked-up improvisations of tracks from his debut album, Underground Vibes, as well as a few new ones. The album was reissued as disc two of the domestic Shadow label's double Cam release, Mad Blunted Jazz.

DJ Cam - Underground Live Act  (flac 259mb)

01 Experience 1:56
02 Hip Hop Opera 5:04
03 Underground Vibes 3:20
04 Meera 5:18
05 Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens 4:17
06 Mad Blunted Jazz 3:21
07 Lost Kingdom 3:55
08 Gangsta Shit 4:09
09 London 1995 5:25

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This delivers exactly what it says on the label, Soulshine !, the production work of Frenchman DJ Cam has become much smoother and closer in sound and execution to the British acid jazz scene. It's his smoothest record yet, opening with a breezy jazz dancer ("Summer in Paris") with a live band sporting a crossover groove while vocalist Anggun enthuses about the unique Parisian vibes. Cam also cultivates his American R&B connection, drafting Cameo's Larry Blackmon and Nathan Leftenant for a serviceable Roy Ayers impression, while "Condor (Espionage)" features Guru (aka Baldhead Slick) relaxing over a live cut. For DJ Cam, musical maturity seems to mean arrangements utilizing a live band, and though Soulshine has them throughout, there's much less of innovation happening here than on his early work. Two tracks that work are the pair of real hip-hop tracks: "Bounce" and "Voodoo Child," the latter a tough remix by DJ Premier with Afu Ra on vocals. His 2002 single Summer in Paris with Anggun sold over a million copies and remains an emblematic tune of the Parisian dolce vita. Soulshine is DJ Cam's return to greatness, on which he manages to reintegrate his loves: hip-hop, jazz, and soul.

Dj Cam - Soulshine  (flac 538mb)

01 Summer In Paris 5:58
02 Welcome To Soulshine 1:10
03 Love Junkee 5:58
04 For Aaliyah 0:50
05 Condor (Espionage) 4:24
06 To Be Continued 0:52
07 Child's Play 3:48
08 The Show 0:50
09 Bounce 7:28
10 Soulshine 3:53
11 3/4 Interlude 0:59
12 He's Gone 7:57
13 Afu Ra Interlude 1:10
14 Voodoo Child (DJ Premier Remix) 3:42
15 Elevation 8:45
Bonus Disc
16 Summer In Paris (Instrumental) 5:58
17 Elevation (Filet Of Soul Remix) 4:23
18 Love Junkee (Dub Mix) 5:56
19 He's Gone (Kid Loco Remix) 5:19
20 Camsoulshinechat 12:31

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France, Paris 2

DJ Cam Substances (ogg  111mb)

DJ Cam Substances (flac  252mb)

Rhotation 28

DJ Cam - Revisited By ( 06 ^ 154mb)

DJ Cam - Revisited By ( flac 393mb)

Sundaze 1147

VA - DJ Kicks ( DJ Cam) gg (97 147mb)

VA - DJ Kicks ( DJ Cam ) (flac 400mb)

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