Jun 28, 2008

Rhotation (38) Into BPM

Hello, Rhotation 38 takes the BPM into electroclash today. First up the quasi godfather of elctroclash, even though he initially made his mark on the house scene, which makes sense coming from Chicago. He's kept an aloof attitude to the music scene with his many pseudonyms, firmly keeping that tongue in cheek, with Kittenz and Thee Glitz he could open his box and pick any kitsch he wished..the result a concept album on the TR 808 (kick drum) sound of the eighties in a ninetiesmix format....Ladytron managed to expand on their unexpected debut successes with Light & Magic . A logical, elegant progression, balancing their pop and experimental instincts even more ably than their debut...And if that dont satisfy you synth-pop fetishists and robot girl junkies, there's more dark dance and retro wave with Client's second album City...

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Felix da Housecat - Kittenz and Thee Glitz (01 ^ 149mb)

Felix da Housecat (Felix Stallings Jr August 25, 1971 in Chicago) He taught himself keyboards by the age of 14, and a year later stepped into a studio and was introduced to Acid House pioneer DJ Pierre, who gave 15-year-old Stallings his break, and under the patronage and guidance of Pierre, he released his first single, "Phantasy Girl," in 1987. Felix gave up house music to go to Alabama State University to study media and communication. However, by 92 DJ Pierre, had him producing and mixing again and a first hit with the single "Thee Dawn". One of the defining moments of the 90's for Felix was his single, "In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite)" under one of his many pseudonyms, Aphrohead, the Dave Clarke remix of it became huge.

During 1995, he released his debut full-length Alone in the Dark (as Thee Maddkatt Courtship), followed by the Radikal Fear compilation, The Chicago All Stars and a mix album entitled Clashbackk Compilation Mix. Another LP, Metropolis Present Day? Thee Album, followed in 1998. After a lengthy break from the dance scene, Stallings returned in 1999 under his Thee Madkatt Courtship moniker with I Know Electrikboy. 2001 saw the release of Kittenz and Thee Glitz, a critically-acclaimed LP that gained Felix mainstream exposure and worldwide coverage in dance music and fashion circles, and has often been mentioned as one of the pioneering releases of the electroclash movement.The second concept album from Felix da Housecat, for this one he moved from dance culture to sex culture, recruiting a bevy of detached, vaguely European-sounding female vocals (including starlet Miss Kittin) and producing a dozen songs on self-explanatory themes.

At the end of 2001, Felix won Best Album at the now-defunct Muzik Awards, beating the likes of Daft Punk that day. The ensuing fame brought Felix widespread popularity and remix work for superstars like Madonna and Kylie Minogue. The proper follow-up, Devin Dazzle & the Neon Fever, didn't arrive until 2004, but Stallings released a pair of mix albums, 2002's Excursions and 2003's A Bugged Out Mix. Devin Dazzle, really caught the mood of the moment in clubland. Not only did he resurrect Vanity 6 with his own girl group, Neon Fever, he also managed to encompass DFA-like disco-punk along with his more familiar ‘80s reference points. Felix's latest album, Virgo Blaktro and the Movie Disco, was released on October 2, 2007. It represents a back-to-basics move and a firm step forward. Felix opted to keep it to a handful of collaborators new and old, none of whom are famous indie or dance music figures, so it has the feel of his releases prior to Devin Dazzle. It was, however, executive produced by famous R&B producer Dallas Austin. Since then, he's just released his first Global Underground compilation GU 34 'Milan', his first for the compilation and club label. The compilation is split into 'Milanfuck Rock Europa' and 'Fuck Rave (Americas)' section.

01 - Harlot (Intro) (Voc.Melistar) (3:10)
02 - Walk With Me (Voc.Electrikboy) (4:15)
03 - Analog City (1:18)
04 - Pray For A Star (Voc.Harrison Crump) (3:54)
05 - Voicemail W/ Ms Kittin (Voc.Miss Kittin) (0:47)
06 - Madame Hollywood (Voc.Miss Kittin) (2:51)
07 - Silver Screen (Voc.Miss Kittin) (4:40)
08 - Control Freaq (5:11)
09 - What Does It Feel Like? (Voc.Melistar)(2:36)
10 - Happy Hour (Voc.Melistar) (5:02)
11 - Thee Enter View (1:14)
12 - Glitz Rock (4:00)
13 - Sequel2Sub (3:50)
14 - Magic Fly (3:00)
15 - She Lives (3:03)
16 - Runaway Dreamer (Voc.Harrison Crump) (3:20)

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Felix da Housecat - Kittenz and Thee Glitz ( * 99mb)

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Ladytron - Light & Magic (02 ^ 148mb)

Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu, (rhythm boxes and keyboards) settled in Liverpool after a spate of DJ work in Japan and world travel, in Bulgaria they met vocalist Mira Aroyo. Helena Marnie, who also sings and plays keyboards for the group, also joined them and they began work on their first single, "He Took Her to a Movie," which was recorded for 50 pounds. Ladytron toured throughout the continent before beginning work on their debut EP, Commodore Rock, which was released in the summer of 2000, providing their fans another foray into the noisy world of early-'80s sound. Ladytron makes electronic pop music, using an array of vintage analogue equipment to achieve its distinct sound. Albums so far have focused on a balance between pop structures and digitally edited analogue electronic sound, along with some more experimental leanings.The studio full-length 604 followed a year later, and gained many positive reviews.

The follow up, Light & Magic, was released in Autumn 2002 , on it Ladytron do bring on the special effects, adding denser arrangements, more complex melodies, and processed vocals to their brand of spooky, stylish synth pop. Even more so than on 604, Light & Magic makes the most of Helen Marnie and Mira Aroyo's contrasting vocal styles. It spawned the underground hits "Seventeen", "Evil", and "Blue Jeans". Following 18 months on tour supporting that album, they recorded their third album, Witching Hour released in 2005, followed by an extensive tour in support from mid-2005 to mid-2007. Ladytron's aloof, glamorous, slightly sinister and bittersweet music has a cult audience worldwide and this distinctive sound resulted in them being in demand to produce remixes for a wide array of artists including Placebo, Blondie, Gang of Four, David Gahan, Goldfrapp, Bloc Party, Kings of Convenience, Indochine, Apoptygma Berzerk, She Wants Revenge, Soulwax, Nine Inch Nails and Simian. The band finished work on their fourth studio album, Velocifero, in February 2008, it was released in the US on June 3, and contains 13 tracks. Velocifero was recorded in Paris, with the band handling production duties.

01 - True Mathematics (2:22)
02 - Seventeen (4:37)
03 - Flicking Your Switch (3:26)
04 - Fire (2:49)
05 - Turn It On (4:46)
06 - Blue Jeans (4:13)
07 - Cracked LCD (2:32)
08 - Black Plastic (4:17)
09 - Evil (5:34)
10 - Startup Chime (3:30)
11 - Nuhorizons (4:03)
12 - Cease2xist (4:37)
13 - Re:Agents (4:53)
14 - Light & Magic (3:35)
15 - The Reason Why (4:14)

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Ladytron - Light & Magic( * 99mb)

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Client - City (04 ^ 99mb)

Client are a futurist British musical group from Rotherham, England, members were formerly known only anonymously as Client A and Client B, to the extent that their faces were not shown on any publicity photos; it has since been revealed that they are Kate Holmes, formerly of Frazier Chorus and Technique, and Sarah Blackwood, lead singer of Dubstar. Kate Holmes is married to Alan McGee (founder of Creation Records). They were the first signings to Andy Fletcher's (of Depeche Mode fame) Toast Hawaii label.

Client retains a strong penchant for the lost days of synth pop, when the likes of the first Human League albums were all the rage. Further inspirations according to Client B include "decadent artists..." Their first single, "Price of Love," mimics the robotic, bloodless vibe of that era backed by an intensely catchy melody. A second single, "Rock and Roll Machine," attempts a less pop-oriented groove that focuses on the seedier side of their persona. Client have toured extensively throughout Europe and Asia, and are most popular in Germany where they have had the most commercial success. Client combine Scandinavian airline hostess uniforms with glamour-girl aesthetics and harsh electronics to create a sound reminiscent of early forays into electronic sound manipulation and New Wave. Their uniforms have become their trademark.

In September of 2004 the duo returned with City. The icy and tawdry tunes are tempered with Yaz-esque sereneness. "Theme" is their best beat yet, and the simple "Radio" is nothing if not infectious. The high-on-concept duo is now offering more than just clever, thoughtful production, meatier music, and broader scope makes City well worth hearing. A third member, Client E (Emily Mann), joined for the third album, Heartland, synth-pop flashback music is still the rule, and almost everything seems written towards a clever, edgy comment. This album also marked a change of label as it was released by dark dance and retro wave specialists Metropolis. . Meanwhile E is no longer a Client.

01 - Radio (4:16)
02 - Come On (4:02)
03 - Overdrive (Voc. Martin L. Gore) (3:50)
04 - One Day At A Time (4:40)
05 - Cracked (0:48)
06 - In It For The Money (3:35)
07 - Pornography (Voc. Carl Barat) (4:07)
08 - Down To The Underground (Voc.Pete Doherty) (3:02)
09 - The Chill Of October (4:51)
10 - Theme (2:25)
11 - Don't Call Me Baby (4:04)
12 - It's Rock And Roll (Voc.Joe Wilson) (3:25)
13 - Everything Must End (4:41)

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