Jun 14, 2008

Rhotation (36) Into BPM

Hello, Rhotation 36 and Into BPM kicks off with a UK band that named itself after a phenomenal Dutch soccer striker, who had to retire as 3 times European Player of the Year, so maybe thats why the band retired too after he officially retired 2 years later in 95, Marco Van Basten. Little did they know that years later he would return as successful coach who tonight beat France 4-1 after routing worldchampions Italy 3-0 four days earlier at the European soccer Championship. Well it inspired me to pick the Leftfield inspired Van Basten album Perimitive..... Dave Angel was led into music from an early age and has sublimated his influences of Jazz, Soul and Funk into his own Techno style. Classics is a 96 compilation of his earlier 12"and EP's....To provide some background to all that a 96 compilation released by a popular Belgian dance radio show, Cybercafé. Some great tracks to be had if you didnt score them previously already...

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Van Basten - Perimitive ( 95 * 99mb)

There's always a first, after posting a 1000 acts, here's one that left Google mute. Van Basten are Gary Webster (keyboards, computers, digital), Martin Reilly (keyboards, computers, galaxi), and Gary Everatt (xylophone, mute trombone). They've released 5 12" before their album Perimitive in 95, the following year another 3 12" and then silence, zilch nothing on the members either...? Well John Peel liked their Progressive House / Trance and invited Van Basten to do a session 14/11/1995. Their label Brute records went out of business a decade ago...so if anyone has something to add , feel free and please comment...

01 - London Coma (3:36)
02 - Black Dragon (6:27)
03 - Battlestar Science (4:31)
04 - Charged (7:55)
05 - You Can Fight (5:56)
06 - King Of The Death Posture (Rmx) (7:05)
07 - Tube Station (3:55)
08 - Blood Wars (5:54)
09 - Explosion Road (6:32)
10 - National Anaesthetic (5:07)
11 - Perimitive (Parts 1 & 2) (11:52)

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Dave Angel - Classics ( 96 ^ 138mb)

Nicholas Gooden aka Dave Angel was born in Chelsea, grew up in Clapham and was into music by the age of 8. When his Jamaican father, a Jazz musician, influenced him deeply, and taught him to play drums. He spent little time in school and preferred the music room to the classroom. Bt the age of 12 he would play his first jamsession with his dad.

Dj-ing at Radio Phase One(London pirate station) alongside the likes of Grooverider and Fabio, the odd party and club here and there as funk-dj until the TB303 came in his life when he realised this is the music of now and he decided to get in on it.
One day, Dave found a very primitive Casio keyboard at a mate’s house and borrowed it, feeling it was the time for his first steps. He built a dark bassline that he put together with two drum sequences from different tracks recorded with his double tape deck. He let it loose on “Sweet Dreams” of Eurythmics, taking the familiar tune on a dark and atmospheric journey into house. That was it, the beginning of his majestic career. His Nightmare Mix became a thrilling tune reaching 23rd in the English charts.

Not long after that, Dave received many invitations and gained much respect from the europeans and became part of the Phaze One team with the drum & bass DJs Fabio and Grooverider (who use to play from house to hardcore at that time). The doors were also opened for his producer career. His excellent following productions (like the EPs The Family EP” by Apollo, and “Royal Techno EP” by Rotation Records), showed Dave’s philosophy, which was built under the influences of Jazz, Soul and Funk. One of the “greatest techno artists from outside Detroit”, as he was considered, released magnificent tunes for labels such as Black Market, Love, Rotation, and specially the Belgian R&S, where some of his great tracks can be found ( like here “Classics”, his '96 singles resume).

The year before he released through K7! one of the best mixed CDs ever: “X-Mix-4 - Beyond The Heavens”, which included some of the amazing classics from all over the World such as Chez Damier’s “Help Myself”, F2’s “Dominica” or even his remix for Sun Electric’s “Entrance” The second half of the nineties brought Dave closer to funk than Jazz on a new optic called “techfunk” when he released tracks from the long play “Globetrotting“ such as “Tokyo Stealth Fighter”, “This is Disco” and “Funk Music”, as well as the other mixed compilation: “39 Flavours Of Tech Funk”.

Over the years that followed, Dave gained a central position on the international scene, releasing several more mix albums , and making appearances at the biggest events and festivals, he has become a major icon in international techno.

01 - Bounce Back (5:09)
02 - Sighting (5:37)
03 - Jungle Love (5:47)
04 - Trip To Darkness (4:52)
05 - Free Flow (5:35)
06 - Fallen Destiny (6:15)
07 - Endless Motions (6:39)
08 - Brother From Jazz (6:22)
09 - Down Deep (5:55)
10 - Lust (5:33)
11 - Dimension Of Drums (4:50)
12 - Great Daine (4:48)

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VA - Cybercafé, Techno Dub Dance ( 96, 115min, 199mb)

The concept and name, Cybercafé, was invented at the beginning of 1994 by Ivan Pope. Commissioned to develop an Internet event for an arts weekend at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London. Pope wrote a proposal outlining the concept of a café with Internet access from the tables. Cybercafé was a Belgian radio program (a cooperation of Radio 21 and Ex Machina) about things World Wide Web which a year later became a tv show.

VA - Cybercafé, Techno Dub Dance (99mb)

01 - Orb, The - Little Fluffy Clouds (8:25)
02 - Leftfield - Afro-Left (7:32)
03 - Prodigy - Voodoo People (6:26)
04 - Ken Ishii - Extra (Luke Slater Remix) (6:26)
05 - Dave Angel - Airborne (6:02)
06 - Stacey Pullen - Psychotic Funk (7:35)
07 - Ian Pooley - My Anthem (7:28)
08 - Laurent Garnier - Astral Dreams (Headphone Mix) (7:52)

VA - Cybercafé, Techno Dub Dance 2 (99mb)

09 - Tata Box Inhibitors - Plasmids (Placid Mix) (11:30)
10 - Ballistic Brothers - I'll Fly Away (5:19)
11 - Biosphere - Novelty Waves (Original Mix) (6:22)
12 - Subsurfing - Frozen Ants (7:10)
13 - Aphex Twin - Digeridoo (7:09)
14 - Kitachi - Spirit (Hip Hop Dub) (5:17)
15 - Sabres Of Paradise, The - Smokebelch II (12:42)

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All downloads are in * ogg-7 (224k) or ^ ogg-9(320k), artwork is included , if in need get the nifty ogg encoder/decoder here !

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Andre Veloux said...

4 years later....

I guess it just goes to show never name your band after someone famous because it's impossible to google them.

I am a big fan of that Perimitive LP, and have a couple of their 12"s also. Shame they disappeared, they had a nice vibe to their music.