Mar 27, 2017

RhoDeo 1713 Kundalini 5

Hello, well as i feared F1 race had to do without any real overtaking apart from a scrap at the end for the last point , in front Massa at 6 th was the last car escaping overtaking by race winner Vettel, 1 min in front of him Verstappen who rode his Red Bull to the max causing his breaks to smoke, but Raikonen was just out of reach in fourth 23 sec slower than his team mate. Hamilton was unable to get closer to Vettel, after being stuck behind Verstappen. Botas did a good job stayed out of trouble and finished 3rd 11 sec in front of Raikonen, which proves to me that Mercedes had the superior car but Vettel outclassed the competition.

There's a profound spiritual possibility open to all people: the opportunity to be absolutely connected to the source of all life, and have that energy steer us in the direction of destiny. Kundalini is the natural creative alignment with the divine; it is our inherent birthright that most have been separated from. How do you unify lower and higher self so that you may reactivate your Kundalini? What would be the advantages of doing so? Activating Kundalini is like connecting to the fast track of the internal superhighway - plugging directly into the 'mains' of universal consciousness... ..N'joy.

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To me the soul is a flowing stream of consciousness, out from the source and back again. In an aligned state, it's an eternal flow of creativity, symbolised by the figure 8. You're in creative alignment with the divine, every step feels interconnected with the universe, an orchestra of synchronicity sounding in your ears. It's like every action is supported, and even when your creative manifestation is blocked in the physical world by someone or something, you're still able to appreciative the deeper significance, the deeper meaning, the higher teaching that all co-creators in the event are being invited to realise. This interconnected flow of creativity is the harmonious flow of an aligned and balanced soul. This is kundalini. We can reactivate this kundalini. And to do so will guide you on a profound journey of rediscovery of who you truly are and your place in the cosmos. You become once more an active channel for divine expression. So how do you do it? How do you reclaim your true nature?

Kundalini Activation 5,6 (mp3  54mb)

01 Kundalini Activation Module 5 34:23
02 Kundalini Activation Module 6 25:24

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Kundalini Activation 1,2 (mp3  56mb)
Kundalini Activation 3,4 (mp3  51mb)

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When the breakthrough finally happens, it's a very special moment, something you'll treasure your entire life. The soul encased within the lower self, rises up the spine then reconnects higher and lower self in the third eye. Sense of separated self completely vanishes. Your true self emerges, everywhere and nowhere, penetrating the space between the spaces. Crystal clear clarity emerges. You know yourself experientially as the One. There is nothing that can match it.

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Chris said...

I've always wanted to start with such activities - thanks for this post!