Mar 15, 2017

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Hello, my external disk problem has become very strange as I've had a working 3 TB Seagate for 2 years now on a XP system, something which is impossible according to Microsoft and this explains why my new disk isn't recognized, go figure, it's above my head. Upgrading to windows 7 would make sense were it not that i tried that years ago and i hated it, haven't tried 10 yet but considering Microsofts reputation i'm not expecting much apart from updates galore..

Today's artist known as Nikki Sudden, was a prolific English singer-songwriter and guitarist. He co-founded the post-punk band Swell Maps with his brother, Epic Soundtracks, while attending Solihull School in Solihull..........N'Joy

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After the post-punk band Swell Maps dissolved in the early '80s, lead singer Nikki Sudden, born Adrian Nicholas Godfrey (19 July 1956 – 26 March 2006), began a diverse and restless solo career, during which he worked with a number of different bands and side projects. Sudden released his first solo record, Waiting on Egypt, in 1982, followed closely by The Bible Belt in 1983; both records recalled the music he made with Swell Maps. In 1984, Sudden formed the Jacobites with drummer Epic Soundtracks (his brother, who was also a member of Swell Maps) and guitarist/vocalist Dave Kusworth, who co-wrote the material with Sudden. The band developed a laid-back, wasted, romantic classic rock and pop style with acoustic guitars and a rolling rhythm section. The Jacobites released four albums and three EPs between 1984 and 1986, when Kusworth left the band. Sudden continued using the Jacobites' name, releasing Texas on the Creation label in 1986.

During the late '80s, Sudden ditched the Jacobites moniker and began making music that strongly recalled early Rolling Stones, including Texas and Dead Men Tell No Tales. While none of his albums ever attracted a large audience, Sudden remained a cult favorite throughout his career. High-profile guests began appearing on his albums: Wilco's Jeff Tweedy lent a hand on 1999's Red Brocade, and the Faces' keyboardist Ian McLagan played on the 2004 release Treasure Island. On March 26, 2006, Sudden passed away after a Knitting Factory gig in New York City. He was working on a new album, The Truth Doesn't Matter, which was released in October.

Sudden collaborated with, among others, Mike Scott and Anthony Thistlethwaite of the Waterboys, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, The Golden Horde as 'The Last Bandits', Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones, Rowland S. Howard, Jeremy Gluck of the Barracudas, Ian McLagan of Small Faces and the Faces, Phil Shoenfelt, Al DeLoner of Midnight Choir, Tom Ashton of the March Violets, members of R.E.M. and Sonic Youth. The Jacobites' tune "Pin Your Heart" was covered on the Lemonheads' 1997 single "The Outdoor Type". Sudden also wrote for a number of music magazines, such as Spex, INTRO, Mojo, the local Birmingham based fanzine Waxstreet Dive, and Bucketfull of Brains. At the time of his unexpected death, he was writing his autobiography, as well as a history of the Wick (an estate in Richmond once owned by Ronnie Wood, currently owned by Pete Townshend).

In the spring of 2011, Easy Action released Playing with Fire, a carefully curated compilation of unreleased songs recorded and left off his last two studio albums; the collection featured liner notes by Sudden's bassist and friend, John Barry. A box set that included his first two solo albums, two Jacobites offerings, Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc with Rowland S. Howard, Texas and Dead Men Tell No Tales -- plus a re-press of Sudden's first solo single -- packaged in a deluxe slipcase, were released as a strictly limited, Black Friday exclusive in December of 2014.

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While the first two Nikki Sudden solo albums document his transition from the Swell Maps to the Jacobites, this one leans a bit more towards the Swell Maps side of things. You wouldn't mistake this for a Swell Maps album though, as the focus is on the songs. Also, there's a big Johnny Thunders influence felt on this record, mostly in terms of songwriting and attitude.
"You're not on my ticket but I'm not on your tongue. Sometimes I could get cut, sometimes it could be fun". Waiting on Egypt is a raw punk rock album. "Still watching out for something and it's not up to me to look for you and if you can't find your answers you can be sure that I won't know mine. Stay full of shocks and full of waiting". Guitars sound with the special psychedelic panache and there's a lot of sonic feedback and when the saxophone advances it comes furiously articulate. "I was walking, I was talking, I was alive, pushing through the pictures, looking for a forest fire. Every day I saw you but I never felt that sure I got stones in my eyes and I couldn't take a forest fire". The album itself is like a forest fire and in the end all this rawness adds up into a special rough kind of chic.

Nikki Sudden - Waiting On Egypt (flac  428mb)

01 Back to the Coast 3:36
02 Knife My Heart 2:11
03 Still Full of Shocks 3:24
04 I'd Much Rather Be With the Boys 2:14
05 Stuck on China 3:04
06 Channel Steamer 2:48
07 Ringing on My Train 1:58
08 Curfew Island (The Low Bridge) 1:48
09 Fashion Cult 2:48
10 Forest Fire 3:11
11 New York 3:11
12 Johnny Smiled Slowly 6:26
13 All the Gold 6:53
14 Back to the Start 2:53
15 Waiting for the Siege 2:58
16 Looking Out 4:46
17 Redlands 1:41
18 Opium Pits 2:57
19 Act Together 1:32

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While the first two Nikki Sudden albums document his transition from the Swell Maps to the Jacobites, this leans more towards the Jacobites side of things, clearly foreshadowing the heights to be reached on Robespierre's Velvet Basement. It is clearly more unfinished and transitional in nature though, which is a plus in my book, as it is also more experimental (see the ragged white funk of Six Hip Princes) and less formulaic. Special mention must go to female singer Lizard, who provides the record with some of its most beautiful moments. Chelsea Embankement (sung by Lizard) must be one of the most gorgeous songs recorded by anyone ever, and Out Of Egypt isn't far behind.

Nikki Sudden - The Bible Belt (flac  392mb)

01 Gold Painted Nails 2:09
02 English Girls 3:29
03 Cathy 2:36
04 Chelsea Embankment 2:23
05 Bethlehem Castle 3:50
06 The Road Of Broken Dreams 5:40
07 Six Hip Princes  4:10
08 Out Of Egypt 5:56
09 The Angels Are Calling 2:51
10 Missionary Boy 2:24
11 The Only Boy In Heaven 4:35
12 Cheyne Walk 2:19
13 Gold Painted Nails (Vocal) 3:12
14 Six hip Princes (version) 4:22
15 Missionary Boy (NS Vocal) 2:25
16 The Angels Are Calling (Inst) 2:43

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As it may be suspected Groove is laden with rhythm and swing and it sounds quite groovy. Nikki Sudden keeps rocking and rolling all over the space boldly: “I see my rider coming heading out across the miles. Oh, I got to find my honey find her dripping from the skies”. The album is in the old way psychedelic and in the new way post-punk and these two genres yield quite solid and heavy alloy. Rebellious spirit never sleeps: “They'll try to drag you to the gallows, you'll hang before too long, they take you and they cut you down when you're young and strong. And down the streets of Paris the tumbrels they still roll. The French Revolution's coming and the blues have taken hold.” That’s the way of all the revolutions – revolutions in music aren’t excluded.

Nikki Sudden n The French Revolution - Groove (flac 393mb)

01 International Rescue 2:24
02 Real Shocks 2:16
03 Let's Build A Car 3:01
04 Black Velvet 1:59
05 Ammunition Train 3:30
06 Ripped & Torn 1:47
07 Secret Island 4:35
08 Read About Seymour 1:29
09 Get Down And Get With It 1:29
10 Spitfire Parade 3:11
11 New York 3:19
12 Forest Fire 3:02
13 Winter Rainbow 3:40
14 Dresden Style (City Boys) 2:30
15 Off The Beach (Spilling Coffee) 2:23
16 One Of The Crowd 2:21
17 Vertical Slum 1:14
18 H.A.K. 1:22
19 I Really Love You 2:13
20 Hey Johnny! Where's The Chewing Gum? 1:11

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

This compilation stands as a testament to the art and craft of the man covering eight albums within 18 years. Sudden has together with engineer John Rivers taken a revisionist stance by reviewing the material and “improving” the songs where he deemed necessary. Thus, remixes and edits are employed to fit these selections better into Sudden’s current point of view  According to Sudden, the basic premise was to include two tracks from each solo album plus a few extra tracks - the first solo single (“Back to the Start,”) a B-side, “Captain Kennedy”, (from the Neil Young tribute album, The Bridge) and a new song, “It’s Gonna Be Alright”.

For me, the outstanding cuts (apart from the ones mentioned above) are the appropriately titled “Jangle Town” (off Texas); the lilting country rocker “I Belong to You” (off The Jewel Thief); the grungey Crazy Horse stomper “Too Bad For You” (off Dead Men Tell No Tales); the flighty discofied “Countess” and the atmospheric “When I Left You” (off Texas); the Stonesy boogie-fied “Behind the Lines” (off Seven Lives Later); the comforting “Broken Door”, (off Red Brocade); the breezy “The Road of Broken Dreams”, (off The Bible Belt) and the majestic Dylanesque title track. It can be ascertained by those in the know that there are some rare early singles present, and the reproduction of eight album covers on the inner sleeve implies that many or all of these are represented on the disc.

There's 11 tracks from the 80's and 8 from the 90's, it's a decent overview of the accomplishments of the cult figure who has been something of an alternative post-punk Keith Richards, in both his appearance and his ragged-but-right sound. There's a likable, world-weary air to his blends of rock, punk, and bits of blues, folk, and country, even if it's rarely arresting, however he hits home more on the slow and sluggish songs.

Nikki Sudden ‎- The Last Bandit ( best of) (flac 524mb)

01 It's Gonna Be Alright 4:45 (97)
02 Jangle Town 4:04 (86)
03 I Belong To You 3:27 (91)
04 When I Cross The Line 4:20 (86)
05 Too Bad For You 2:55 (88)
06 Back To The Coast 2:58 (86)
07 Countess 2:59 (99)
08 Grievous Angel 6:14 (91)
09 Captain Kennedy 4:00 (89)
10 When I Left You 7:43 (86)
11 Behind The Lines 3:48 (96)
12 Broken Door 5:53 (97)
13 The Road Of Broken Dreams 3:50 (82)
14 Back To The Start 2:31 (80)
15 Bethlehem Castle 3:40 (82)
16 Evangeline 3:09 (96)
17 The Last Bandit 3:57 (86)
18 Scarred 4:48 (98)
19 Curfew Island (the low bridge) 1:48 (81)

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Anonymous said...

at last! how nice!
more of this sh+t is eagerly required.
especially the jacobites kusworth rolland texas kind.
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thank you!!

Christopher tm said...

Do avoid Windows 10 at all costs; it's wonky, stupid, and loaded with Microsoft Adware... An OS with built-in adware? Hateful.

Good luck.


Matt said...

Was also one of those whose XP system had to be prised out of a deathgrip-esque clingy-ness. I have since come to appreciate Win7 (PRO) as the most all around best of Microsoft. A bit of tweaking and it can be made to run like XP with only a small number of missing old faves and a few new features that are improvements over the XP environment. That said there are of course some older programs that don't play well but 7 is stable - I'll be aggravated when MS stops supporting it with updates. At any rate, I think the key with 7 is to avoid the 'home' versions - total load of crap that MS thinks tiered functionality in an OS is a good idea. Good luck, computer hang-ups are a drag.

XDreamist said...

Since I'm a techy-type guy, I thought I'd put my two cents in regarding your operating system troubles. I fully agree with both "Matt" and "Christopher tm" in their assessments. Windows 10 is a disaster as far as privacy, personal freedom and control is concerned. None of these things are present. As it's continually "evolving", which changes are automatically downloaded to your PC beyond your control, it's rife with bugs and problems (take a look at Event Viewer to prove my point). DON'T GO THERE unless you have other choice.

And with complete respect for your negative judgments re Windows 7 due to your past personal experience with this version of the the operating system, I urge you to seriously re-evaluate your position. I feel very strongly that properly configured, Windows 7 is by far the most rock-solid and useable version of Windows. Windows XP is increasingly a major security risk due to support abandonment by Microsoft. Windows 7 will be supported (with security updates) until the beginning of 2020.

And also congratulations in passing the 10 year mark a while ago with your blog. I admire your intelligence, writing skills and perseverance. You have one of the most vital and insightful music blogs in existence. The very best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Possibility of a Nikki Sudden "The Last Bandit" re-up? Many thanks for these treasures