Jun 23, 2014

RhoDeo 1425 Cabin P 11

Hello, another night of football matches, like Argentina before them group favourites Belgium won again undeservedly, the Russians were lacking like those other collective societies Japan and Korea in an ability to close down and score. Specially the Korean public will have woken up monday morning looking at the score of what was their night game losing 4-2 to those Algerians, they are out and so is de facto Japan. Tonight they could have admired the can do U.S. that despite being less on paper out gunned the Portuguese, but paid the price for some late naivety and gave Ronaldo the chance to give a great pass across goal that was headed in 20 seconds before extratime was over 2-2 Alas i fear this won't help Portugal they'll be going home after their last game and i think their opponent Ghana will join them as their naivety cost them dearly against the US and Germany that will probably decide on a gentleman's draw for the last game ensuring both go through. Meanwhile FIFA is clamping down forcefully against any protest against them, we won't get to see any images of it as that too is under total control of those FIFA gangsters....

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Cabin Pressure is a radio situation comedy series written by John Finnemore. Its first series was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2008. The show follows the exploits of the oddball crew of the single aeroplane owned by "MJN Air" as they are chartered to take all manner of items, people or animals across the world. The show stars Stephanie Cole, Roger Allam, Benedict Cumberbatch and John Finnemore.

The principal cast, the 4-person crew, is the following:

As part of her last divorce settlement, Carolyn Knapp-Shappey (Stephanie Cole) received a mid-size (16 seat) jet aeroplane named "GERTI" (a "Lockheed McDonnell 312", registration G-ERTI). As a result, she founds her very own single plane charter airline, "MJN Air" ("My Jet Now"), which is crewed by an oddball mixture of characters who fly to various cities around the world, encountering a variety of situations.

The airline's only Captain, Martin Crieff (Benedict Cumberbatch), has wanted to be a pilot since he was six years old (before which he wanted to be an aeroplane). He suffers, however, from a distinct lack of natural ability in that department. He was rejected by at least one flight school, and had to put himself through the required coursework, barely qualifying for his certification – on his seventh attempt. He took the job with MJN for no salary at all, as long as he could be Captain. He appears to have no outside interests beyond flying. He is a stickler for procedures and regulations, but is more prissy than pompous. At the end of series two he tells Douglas that he survives financially by running a delivery service using the van he inherited from his father (running two different jobs largely explaining the lack of hobbies). This was his only inheritance (apart from a tool kit and multimeter) because his father believed he would waste any money he received trying to become a pilot. He has two siblings, Caitlin, now a traffic warden and Simon, a council administrator who often frustrates Martin with his annoying superiority. This isn't helped by his Mother's constant admiration of Simon, often saying that "Simon knows best".

First Officer Douglas Richardson (Roger Allam) is, on the other hand, a quite competent pilot who worked for Air England – until he was fired for smuggling. He chafes at his subordinate position to Martin, and misses no opportunity to flaunt his superiority in the younger pilot's face. In later episodes, it is revealed that Douglas, ashamed of his second-rate job, dresses in Captain's uniform for his wife Helena's benefit, changing to First Officer's uniform before he gets to work. Douglas is, however, something of a smooth operator who knows all of the dodges available to airline officers, and enjoys taking part in all of them.

Carolyn's son Arthur Shappey (John Finnemore) is an eager and cheery dimwit aged 29, who is supposed to be the flight attendant but usually manages to get in everyone's way. He is half-English and half-Australian; Carolyn is his English mother, and Gordon, Carolyn's ex-husband, his Australian father (original owner of Gertie). Arthur is a relentless optimist, whose biggest claim to fame is being the inventor (or at least discoverer) of fizzy yoghurt (the recipe for which is yoghurt plus time). He also celebrates Birling day, Birling day eve, Gertie's birthday and Summer Christmas, and is a definite polar bear enthusiast and expert. He is very allergic to dragon fruit and strawberries, but frequently forgets, having eaten strawberry mousse on occasion.

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Cabin Pressure - 205 Kuala Lumpur (ogg 25mb)

205 Kuala Lumpur 28:01

Martin discovers a secret, illegal airfield pub frequented by Douglas and other airfield staff and can't decide whether to report it, as duty requires, or to turn a blind eye, as surprisingly everyone at the pub seems to like him. Meanwhile, Carolyn tries to improve Arthur's stewarding skills.


Cabin Pressure - 101 Abu Dhabi (ogg 25mb)
Cabin Pressure - 102  Boston (ogg 25mb)
Cabin Pressure - 103  Cremona (ogg 25mb)
Cabin Pressure - 104  Douz (ogg 25mb)
Cabin Pressure - 105  Edinburgh (ogg 25mb)
Cabin Pressure - 106  Fitton (ogg 25mb)

Cabin Pressure - 201  Helsinki (ogg 25mb)
Cabin Pressure - 202  Gdansk (ogg 25mb)
Cabin Pressure - 203   Ipswich (ogg 25mb)
Cabin Pressure - 204 Johannesburg (ogg 25mb)

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