Jan 12, 2014

Sundaze 1402

Hello,  one of those things I come across when researching the web is how many acts fail to put any information out there, it's not as if it's expensive or terribly time consuming, it's stupid that's what it is. So you get together and record something in order to be able to share it with the rest of the world and then ...nothing, nobody get's to hear about it. Admittedly many bands think it's the label's job but a lot of labels fail big time, they simply lack the insight and willingness to spend time and money and make use of the internet to reach their potentially huge client base and so it's up to the band to do their own thing , have a facebook account, twitter away, post vids on youtube, accumulate reviews hell it ain't exactly brain-surgery.

Meanwhile N'Joy the fruits of a trio that when they started out described themselves as "abstract floating percussive illbient". Ah yes and out came something different as the working title, Drøn became their name on insistence of label boss Azary something that later came to haunt them.. Drøn gaves us 3 albums early this century, these are all here to ... N'Joy

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Ingo zobel, christoph abert and frederik dahlke. christoph and ingo were both born near frankfurt (1973 / 1969), frederik dahlke in munich (1973). all three discovered their passion for electronic music in the late eighties and early nineties. they frequently went to the legendary dorian gray, a techno club located in the catacombs of the frankfurt international airport. ingo also filtered into the underground electronic music scene with it's hidden party locations. frederik and christoph met ingo 1995 in a - by that time among producers well known - synthesizer store near frankfurt, where ingo worked. after a initial jam session they discovered, that despite different affections towards music, there was a common understanding, once described by the trio as "abstract floating percussive illbient". the first project was named "drøn", which initially was only a working title. but elektrolux' alex azary liked the name so much that it became the official project name. in 1999 the first track was released on a compilation, that track's name was "fortune cookie". another track from the same vintage was "rem", which finally became the opener of earth views 7, a german late night tv broadcast, playing electronic music while showing pictures and videos of the earth, taken from space. rem was also published on the spacenight no. 6 soundtrack cd and drøn's debut album "parsec". the basic synth pattern of the track is the sound of an ensoniq asr-10 sampler. the drum patterns were programmed on a roland tr 909 and manually altered during the recording of the track. drøn's second album "xenologix" delivered an unprecedented atmosphere. the third album "homeworld" was listed no. 1 of the german chillout album charts for several weeks. drøn's 12" "eve shores" stayed at no. 1 of the german chillout charts for three months in a row.

christoph, ingo and frederik started the project "signalform" in 2004. in contrast to drøn, signalform provides a more challenging and daring listening experience, incorporating recent influences from the equipment park of the three producers. the signalform debut album "private channel" was published in 2006 on shima records. the signalform studio is jammed with analogue synthesizers of all eras. the analogue modular system incorporates more than 200 modules of various, even exotic manufacturers. one of most interesting signalform projects is the remix battle with tachikoma, released on the spanish label "love the chaos" under the title "signalform vs tachikoma - understanding media".

drøn was formed by christoph abert, ingo zobel, frederik dahlke in summer 1997 and is still progressing.drøn chronicle
 1983 ingo got his first computer (c-64).
 1983 christoph got in touch with music via doing mix-tapes, first by cutting using one turntable and record/pause-technique, later trying ´real´ mixes.
1987 ingo started mixing and djing.
1989 frederik discovered music with a commodore amiga 4-track sequencer.
1992 frederik and christoph recorded their first collaborative track with a roland d-5 and a tr-909.
1992 christoph caught the virus and started collecting analogue equipment together with his brother.
1993 ingo bought his first musical instrument, an ensoniq asr-10 sampler.
1994 christoph and frederik did some parties together with other friends at various locations and one time they played a live set there, using an eps-sampler with a tr-909, tb-303 and a dj-mixer.
1995 frederik and christoph met ingo in a synthesizer store, where ingo worked.
1996 ingo started the spaced out club parties together with some close friends.
1997 christoph and frederik joined ingo at the spaced out club. they decided to do some music together. drøn was founded.
1997 september 1997 the spaced out club opened the last time.
1998 ingo had various dj-approaches at the orbital jazz club, located at cafekesselhaus darmstadt. drøn finished their first demo-cd.
1999 first compilation track released on elektrolux records.
1999 drøn did their first live set together 24.07. in wiesbaden.
2000 debut album, Parsec, released on elektrolux records.
2000 first radio dj set broadcasted at german hr-xxl chillout, aired 16.07. playlist
2000 first television broadcast 24.02. at br3 spacenight tv.
2001 2nd album, xenologix, and first remix released on elektrolux records.
2002 3rd album, Homeworld, and first 12", Eve Shores, released on mikrolux records.
2004 started the project "signalform"
2006 debut signalform with Private Channel  ‎
2007 release of Signalform vs. Tachikoma - Understanding Media

No known activities by the boys, looking at their age I would say most likely being daddy time, after all the fatherland needs men to procreate

2013 release of  Hd 188753 through own Drøn Release Network

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Producers Christoph Abert, Ingo Zobel and Frederik Dahlke are connected with one of the best known clubs around Frankfurt/Germany, the Cafe Kesselhaus in Darmstadt. With their project Drøn, they've already released one track on the latest Space Night, now their album Parsec is released on Elektrolux and brings more excursions between the worlds of Ambient, Listening and Drum & Bass.

Drøn - Parsec (flac  395mb)

01 Trilian 5:38
02 Rem 8:02
03 Kito 4:22
04 Gnat 7:58
05 Reboard 7:51
06 Wahtak 6:49
07 Taerk 10:11
08 Jabha 9:20
09 Pheon 11:16
Drøn - Parsec  (ogg 172mb)

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Dron offers some skittering electronic music on their album Xenologix. Although most of the tracks are backed by rhythmic elements (the peppy "Ski," for instance, skates by on icy percussion), others (like "Enhale") drift by entirely on ambience. Sustained chords and tinkling melodies prove for enjoyable music -- something best listened to late at night, preferably on headphones. On "Caltron," the humming tones and crackling sounds, like chitinous insects breaking apart, are both calming and disturbing. "Toob" is darker and slightly faster, while "3 AM Drive" retains the darkness but not the velocity. Go ahead, invite Xenologix into your home.

Drøn - Xenologix (flac 384mb)

01 Spool 4:14
02 Ski 4:13
03 Silkey 3:56
04 Enhale 6:55
05 Geos 6:00
06 Tubek 4:48
07 Flor 5:47
08 Caltron 7:05
09 Toob 3:22
10 3 A.M. Drive 4:57
11 Statik 5:04
12 (=dne 5:30
13 Plateau 7:14

Drøn - Xenologix (ogg 174mb)

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After two well received albums on Elektrolux ('Parsec’ and ‚Xenologix’) have gained them worldwide attention, Drøn come up with their third longplayer - this time to be released on Elektrolux’ sublabel Mikrolux. Never short of pushing and redirecting musical boundaries, production trio Drøn aka Frederik Dahlke, Christoph Abert and Ingo Zobel have always been frontrunners in the electronic listening community. „Homeworld“ showcases their musical development as well as their trademark sound by offering some deep floating electronica with a sophisticated edge. Sketching tomorrow’s soundtrack by bringing in a funky industrial and futuristic approach, spacey atmospherics and chopped up beats accompanied by quirky sounds. Their luscious dreamy vibe stands out from the tepid backround of modern music, fusing classic sounds with the latest cutting-edge electronic listening styles. Elegant in their composition and inspirational in their delivery, and like nothing else that you’ve ever heard. With „Homeworld“ Drøn are sure to strike new territory in the international music circuit.

Drøn - Homeworld (flac 380mb)

01 Base 54 5:36
02 Hamaya Beach 5:18
03 Halo 6:05
04 Aerosol 5:11
05 Nano 5:26
06 Impulse 6:29
07 Recon Sat 5:39
08 Bleen 4:00
09 Lag 7:15
10 Lander 6:42
11 Probe 7:21

Drøn - Homeworld (ogg 168mb)

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Peter Tron said...

parsec is lovely.
reminiscent of early idm stuff like pentatonik & black dog.
it has that nice detroit techno chilled and soulful vibe to it.

cheers for introducing me to them, rho!