Jan 4, 2014

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These months Frenchies rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Today's first artist, deftly avoids repetition by developing soundscapes that appeals to the club crowd, whilst still maintaining musical depth and integrity, his music appeals as much to dancing feet, as it does to the searching soul. Keeping it rough around the edges. A pioneer, he above all preserves an original style, at once recognizable, that beats at the heart of contemporary techno production. ....... N'joy

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Terence Fixmer is one of France’s most treasured protagonists. Respected by his peers and adored by his fans, he is equally at ease in both club and festival settings, capable of traversing the gamut of electronic genres from electro, industrial and EBM to techno in its purest form.

Since debuting on DJ Hell’s now seminal International Deejay Gigolo Records back in 1998, Fixmer has consistently explored and redefined the boundaries of modern techno, developing a distinct and fiercely original style along the way. His first album for Gigolo, ‘Muscle Machine’ (1999), lit the way for a new take on more dancefloor-focused EBM music, coined “techno body music”, which he would continue to explore on follow-up records for Gigolo as well as Novamute, Datapunk, Music Man and Dave Clarke’s label White Noise.

In 2003 he teamed up with Nitzer Ebb vocalist, Douglas McCarthy, to form Fixmer / McCarthy. A partnership that has resulted in two full-length albums, ‘Between The Devil’ (2004) and ‘Into The Night’ (2008) on Synthetic Symphony, and a series of EPs for his own Planete Rouge Records. The duo have performed their energetic live sets at renowned clubs and festivals all across the globe, simultaneously mining the brutality of techno body music and the sensuality of pop to create truly pioneering sound fusions.

Whilst Planete Rouge functioned primarily as an outlet for Fixmer / McCarthy works, in 2011 Fixmer reactivated the label with a string of EPs from Emmanuel Top. Newcomers Alexey Volkov and Hubot have since graced the label, with further releases pegged from Emmanuel Top and Fixmer himself to come. But it is with Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe stable that Fixmer has lately been reinventing himself once again.

Landing on the label early on with ‘Machine’ at that start of 2009, he has since put out a series of diverse EPs, moving away from his EMB heritage to explore deep and dubbier climes. In 2010 he released his fourth LP, ‘Comedy of Menace’, a true techno album composed from dark atmospheres and hypnotic energy, received to critical acclaim. Releases on Prologue, Turbo, and CLR have since followed, proving Fixmer’s continued relevance and restless aversion to a singular sound. Meanwhile his records have featured on many notable mixes, including Agoria’s Fabric 57 CD and Ben Klock’s latest compilation for the London institution, as well as podcast from luminaries like Juan Atkins, Laurent Garnier and Jon Hopkins.

 With a fifth full length in the pipeline, Fixmer is showing no signs of slowing down. He is a true innovator who shall remain at the forefront, and a firm favourite of producers, DJs and music lovers from all generations.

Terence Fixmer - Muscle Collection ( flac 439mb)

01 Kick! Kick! Kick! 3:53
02 Passion 4:57
03 Out Of My Head 5:19
04 Hold Me (In The Night Mix) 5:27
05 Red Section 6:23
06 Cerveaux Sans Âmes 5:19
07 Aktion Mekanik Theme 6:29
08 Impulsion 5:36
09 She Said Destroy 6:23
10 Breathe 5:43
11 Peplum 5:03
12 The Hacker - Eurocold (Terence Fixmer Remix) 5:16
13 Client - Zerox Machine (Terence Fixmer Remix) 5:30


Terence Fixmer - Muscle Machine ( flac 483mb)

01 Electrostatic 5:21
02 Electric Vision 5:24
03 Shout 6:22
04 Armée Des Ténèbres 6:15
05 Electronic Violence 5:50
06 Across The Gate 5:29
07 Fixated Robot Warrior 6:11
08 Rage 6:41
09 Under-Soul 5:32
10 Warm 5:20
11 Out In The Space 5:09
12 Body Pressure 6:21
13 Alone In The Dark 5:17

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Olivier Raymond, born in 1971 in Grenoble (France), got into “black music” (disco & funk) already in his early teens. During college years, Olivier’s friendship with Stéphane Deschezeaux, kick started a musical journey, with a debut on a local radio station broadcasting a show dedicated to Funk … hence, only being 15 years of age, Olivier had started mixing. Olivier’s mixes were influenced by a large spectrum of music styles: italo-disco, new-wave (Depeche Mode, New Order… ) and the early Chicago and New-York house scene.

By 1991, Stephane and Olivier bought their first bits of equipment and started to compose music. Not too long after that, Olivier became a resident dj at a club in Grenoble, jump starting a career in electronic music!  It was by 1994, that the experiments of Stephane and Olivier became official. Their live act ‘Oxia’ was born. In 1995, Olivier and Stéphane met Michel Amato (The Hacker), Alex Reynaud and Kiko in Grenoble, the electronic-tuned city of France. That same year Olivier created Ozone records together with Kiko, where Oxia released the first EP (influenced by the American techno sound à la Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Damon Wild). On that same stamp, Olivier also co-produced the first releases of Jack de Marseille.

Olivier never rested and went on to create a new label with Michel Amato aka The Hacker and Alexandre Reynaud in 1998. They baptized it ‘Goodlife’ in homage to the mythical Inner City track. Olivier and Stéphane still produced several EP’s together and by the end of the century they decided to part paths (as good friends) and Olivier continued with Oxia as solo DJ act. Oxia’s continued sound evolution gave birth to a series of EP’s & remixes on Goodlife but also on labels such as Intec, Terminal M, … leading to a worldwide dj diary. The excelling dj qualities were captured in several mix cds, and that’s not all. A page still unfolding, Oxia released his debut solo album ‘24 HEURES’ on Goodlife in 2004 that floats between groovy melodic techno and a deeper electro touch. Besides the major international press attention, ’24 Heures’ reached he n°5 in the category ‘best album’ by the readers of Trax magazine.

After an extended period of touring, Oxia returned with some A class releases & remixes in 2006. ‘Domino’, on the German Kompakt stamp, became a worldwide hit played by every DJ you can think of. More Oxia releases for the English Tsuba stamp (collaboration with Eric Borgo), Confused (collaboration with Gino’s) and another banger on Kompakt (‘Not Sure’). The new release on his Goodlife stamp (‘Lost Memory’) finally came in December 2007. The icing on the cake came in 2008 when Oxia got voted in second & third spot in the Beatport Music Awards ‘Best Remix’ (Oxia remix for Butch ‘On the line’) and Best Techno Artist.

The list of remix requests got longer and longer. As you can imagine, this contributed to a busy dj schedule which even got more intense by the vibrant dj battle done with his good friend Agoria. In 2009 Oxia did not shy from releasing some more fine material. In October the ‘Sun Step’ EP was released on 8Bit record reaching immediately top rates in charts like Beatport, Resident Advisor, etc. He mixed the fifth anniversary compilation of Systematic (a selection of tracks exclusive to the Systematic compilation), including a previously unreleased track (‘Trying Out’) produced with his friend Nicolas Masseyeff.

2010: With Nicolas Masseyeff, a new release on Tsuba, ‘Keep the drums’, got released. Furthermore Oxia also remixed one of Nicolas’ tracks. For his long-time friend Agoria, Oxia delivered ‘Less time’ (Infiné Music) and with Eric Borgo he did another ep for 8Bit (‘Plastic Bed’).  2011 saw Oxia mixing another b-day compilation. This time he made a selection from the 8Bit cataloque for their 5th anniversary. On this mix you can also find a previous unreleased track of Oxia (‘Meaningful’). Soma wanted to have Oxia on the bill for their 20th anniversary so he contributed his interpretation of the ‘Human’ track by Slam. But most importantly Oxia started working on his 2nd solo album, Tides Of Mind released early 2012. After so many years in the game, Oxia is still at the forefront of the international electronic scene, never losing sight of all influences he had along the way and keeping one strong element in his music, and that is groove!

 "24 Heures" effortlessly spans the spectrum of electronica from the spacial melodic electro of "Le Temps", through the driving and moody 4/4 of "Reflexion", the Berlin styled tech-dub of "Intuition", Detroit style elecro "TNN", to the storming dancefloor techno of "FlashBack", "Hasard" and "The Night". In true Oxia style the album is one that satisfies the dancefloor and the home listener.

Oxia - 24 Heures  (flac 481mb)

01 Premiere Heure 2:26
02 Le Temps 5:45
03 Reflexion 6:32
04 Intuition 6:12
05 Tnn 5:15
06 Flashback 5:48
07 Never Forget (Voc.Eric Borgo) 5:30
08 Hasard (Version 2) 7:28
09 Different Way 5:04
10 6 For 1 6:25
11 The Night 6:16
12 House Nation Re-Work 5:48

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Jackson and His Computerband (earlier Jackson and His Computer Band) is the pseudonym of Parisian IDM artist Jackson Fourgeaud. Fourgeaud released his debut album Smash with Warp Records in 2005. Jackson Fourgeaud began making music at the age of 15. After his acid house debut on Pumpking records in 1996, Sound of Barclay records released the "Sense Juice" and "Gourmet" EPs under the name Jackson & His Computer Band. In 2003 his fourth single, album opener "Utopia", was released. "Utopia" and "Radio Caca" feature vocals by his mother, birdpaula, a folk and blues singer. Warp Records picked up on these tracks, released on French imprint Sound Of Barclay, and signed him.

"Utopia", from the album Smash, was used in the O2 ‘bubble’ ad campaign.["Minidoux" and "Hard Tits" from the album Smash were used in the Adult Swim "Super Violence Disclaimer" and "AcTN water Tanks" bumpers respectively. Smash was recorded at home and in various Paris studios. Jackson's also responsible for some of the artwork, including the inside painting. As for guests, again, his mother sings on the track "Fast life"; his four-year-old niece narrates the tale of a mad king on "Oh Boy", which Jackson wrote. He performed at European summer festivals in Nîmes (France), Zurich (Switzerland) and Dour Festival (Belgium). The album called Glow was released on Warp Records on 2 September 2013.

Jackson & His Computer Band issue forth Smash, a funky album of cut-ups and heavy electro bass. Right from the beginning track, "Utopia," you hear Jackson's gears grinding as he assembles chunks of vocals into a careful construction. Yes, it's similar to Akufen and other microhouse contemporaries, but the underlying darkness suggests a slightly darker worldview. "Rock On" is carried by its deep and heavy drum beat, around which everything seems to fall. Jackson presents some interesting contrasts, juxtaposing the child narrating the story in "Oh Boy" to the fantastical rant that starts off the plodding "TV Dogs." The rhythms of "Teen Beat Ocean" sound quasi-Gary Glitter and the synths help reinforce that impression, while the bizarre twisting steel guitar of "Tropical Metal" seems to come from another planet altogether. But Jackson makes time for lightness as well: the short but melodic "Minidoux" and the delicate voices and piano on "Hard Tits." Jackson makes quite the smash indeed.

Jackson And His Computer Band - Smash (flac 329mb)

01 Utopia 5:52
02 Rock On 3:58
03 Arpeggio 4:04
04 Minidoux 0:56
05 Oh Boy 3:45
06 TV Dogs (Cathodica's Letter) 4:14
07 Hard Tits 3:13
08 Teen Beat Ocean 4:52
09 Promo 0:21
10 Tropical Metal 3:36
11 Headache 4:55
12 Moto 1:11
13 Fast Life 5:08
14 Radio Caca (Ghosttrack) 8:26
xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx


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