Jan 5, 2014

Sundaze 1401

Hello,  as I'm still away on a sondaze, but am back tomorrow . Meanwhile N'Joy the fruits of a top ambient label founded by the guys we saw last week.

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Elektrolux is one of the global top address for ambient music founded by last weeks artists: Alex Azary, Gabriel Le Mar and Pascal FEOS. It has released 194 titles thusfar and has two sublabels Liquid Lounge and Mikrolux focusing on the more club-oriented, electrofied, but also experimental efforts. The company is home in Frankfort Germany, meanwhile they renamed themselves as Elux as some global brands have taken it's internet space, think swedish household appliance company of that name.

Essential to the passion, philosophy and driving purpose of Elektrolux is the unity of sound and vision while demanding and requiring high-quality and innovative music productions. Elektrolux masters Chill Out and its sub-genres, e.g. Ambient, Experimental Electronic, Downbeat, Listening, Lounge, Elektro, Dub and House by creatively mixing the different genres. As of 2000 a dazzling musical library was created with the tracks released on more than one hundred CDs, compilations, maxi singles, ten DVD’s and with licensing all over the globe. Hundreds of national and international producers distinguish Elektrolux a fervent developer of the European music and media scene. Produced together with the British design expert Neville Brody the creative collaborations of artwork set new standards in CD design while being recognized as groundbreaking in design catalogues all over the world.

Five years after it's foundation, Elektroluxbuild up a strong reputation beyond the borders of Germany. The output of the Frankfurt based label ranges from Ambient and Electro to Dub, often incorporating other contemporary musical styles like House, Downbeat/Broken Beats or Drum'n'Bass. Many Elektrolux releases work in the Club while at the same time serving the need for musical experiments. The philosophy of the label, the unity of sound and vision, manifests itself not only in innovative high quality music, but also in the pretentious cover artwork.

The list of artists releasing on Elektrolux is long and incorporates projects from Germany as well as from the UK, the USA, the Netherlands and even Iceland. Acts like Full Moon Fashions (London) or the chill out specialists Aural Float (Frankfurt) have received international acclaim, the US-german experimental outfit Insect Jazz and multi media performers Supreme Particles have also released first class productions on Elektrolux. Germanys leading Electro artist, Anthony Rother, delivered a considerable club hit with his 12" "Redlight District", Dub Mix Convention produced one of the best german Dub longplayers so far. Other milestones of electronic music came from Frankfurt based projects Fresh Moods, Subtonal and Syrinx 2600 as well as Babel from Iceland, Apollo 440s DJ Harry K. and the Netherland's Quantum Leap.

 Since 1996, Elektrolux is cooperating with the south german TV station Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), creating the well known audio visual "Space Night" project. Label mastermind Alex Azary is not only responsible for compiling the various artists series under the same title, he also takes part in the creation of the visual concept. The latest CD-, vinyl- and video-collaboration, "Space Night Vol. V - Earthviews VI", is well received by lovers of electronic music as well as TV night programme watchers. The soundtrack is released by Eastwest and Elektrolux, the tv special is shown every night on BR.

By the end of 1997 Elektrolux started the compilation series Ambient Diary, Elektro Codes and Dub Backups with not only artists from the Elektrolux stable but also associated projects. The success of the Volumes One was even topped by Volumes Two, which were released in late 1998. The whole series (so far six releases with 10 CDs) has become a standard in the collections of electronic music lovers.

After the success of the recently released debut album by The Sushi Club, the label has more new productions by acts like DJ Harry K., Autopilot, üNN, Drøn, Index ID and Syncromatic Dubsters on the agenda. Also upcoming are the Volumes Three of the Ambient Diary, Elektro Codes and Dub Backups compilations.

Elektrolux expanded the face of modern audiovisual entertainment beyond TV formats through a multitude of DVD releases and other interdisciplinary projects with performance and media artists, films, exhibitions (Centre Pompidou, Paris), research projects at universities (Swan-Lake-Award, ueNN + OSA = Strom) and by working together with companies like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Alfa Romeo and Samsung.

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It's well known that Elektrolux is one of the global top address for ambient music. With Ambient Diary.One Compilation they proudly a fine selection of well chosen ambient tracks by a handful of Elektrolux artists. The Double-CD format invites you to extensive Chill Out sessions with tracks by artists such as Babel, Insect Jazz, Dr. Scissors, Fresh Moods, The Saafi Bros., Cold (Rmxs by Sven Väth, Ralf Hildenbeutel and Flow.Machine), Aural Float, Taklamakan, Ajax, Bix, Fortunato & Montresor, Flow.Machine and Full Moon Fashions. Enchanting, mesmerizing and hypnotic, with the handy selection of the "Ambient Diary.One" you'll have the ideal soundtrack to deeply relax from the burdens of life."

VA - Ambient Diary.One 1 (flac  409mb)

Chapter I
01 Babel - The Return Of Babel 9:11
02 Fresh Moods - Sky Never Die 7:43
03 Dr. Scissors - Scuba Tongues 10:05
04 Insect Jazz - Breezer In The Green 7:17
05 Taklamakan - Alone? Lonely. 9:39
06 Saafi Brothers - The Witness (Signs Of Life Vers.) 7:36
07 Cold - Strobe Light Network (Blue Glass Mix) 9:50
08 Aural Float - Pick Up The Virus 11:17

VA - Ambient Diary.One 1 (ogg 180mb)


VA - Ambient Diary.One 2 (flac  409mb)

Chapter II
01 Taklamakan - Taklamakan (Pt. 1) 14:52
02 Ajax - Story Of Life 15:45
03 Bix - Piano For The Moment 12:06
04 Fortunato & Montresor - Imagine (Imagination 1) 6:40
05 Cold - Strobe Light Network (Flow.Machine Remix) 8:51
06 Flow.Machine - Class Of '96 (Rev. Mix) 8:03
07 Full Moon Fashions - Upskirt Alien Funk 6:51

VA - Ambient Diary.One 2  (ogg 175mb)

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As Elektrolux stunning release Ambient Diary.One is still on the essential release list of electronic music connaisseurs Ôround the globe, the second wave of this brilliant compilation series hits the planet.Ambient Diary.Two is more than just 2 1/2 hours of excellent music. It's the audible expression of a whole collective of gifted and creative artists, connected through the senses of Elektrolux and this delivering another masterpiece of historical value to those who care. Ambient Diary.Two was written by Anthony Rother, Gabriel Le Mar, exclusive Spacenight Vol. 4 Track by :Funkstörung, dr. scissors Syrinx 2600-project as well as Andreas Kauffelt's Subtonal, islandic multi-talent Thors Flow.Machine, as well as his islandic musical colleagues Ruxpin and Biogen. Londons Full Moon Fashion deliver a atmospheric classical track Blattgrün. Further acts are Z-Plane, Fresh Moods, Global Youth, üNN, Syncromatic Dubsters and many more...

VA - Ambient Diary.Two 1 (flac 359mb)

File I
01 Syncromatic Dubsters - Suncloud 5:07
02 Anthony Rother - Jesmo 9:29
03 üNN - For The Secondary 4:08
04 :Funkstörung - Dot 4:31
05 Subtonal - Xenharmonic 6:20
06 Ruxpin - Navigation Buoy 7:38
07 Mono Indians - Sky 6:16
08 Z-Plane - On A Journey 1:25
09 Syrinx - Swimming Son 6:20
10 Supreme Particles - Sektor A/B 7:15
11 Biogen - Afloat 6:17

VA - Ambient Diary.Two 1 (ogg 151mb)


VA - Ambient Diary.Two 2 (flac 367mb)

File II
01 Global Youth - Connected Views 10:27
02 Unknown Origin - Place The Bass (Fresh Mood Remix) 7:52
03 Signal Theory - Feelin' Free 8:07
04 S.O.A.B. - The Calling 5:36
05 Flow.Machine - Hi-Z 4:32
06 Subtonal - Nightfall 4:34
07 Spirit Of Eden - Different Version 6:28
08 Fresh Moods - For Solo 007 6:11
09 Gabriel Le Mar - Slo Mo 7:08
10 Full Moon Fashions - Blattgrün 8:42

VA - Ambient Diary.Two 2 (ogg 167mb)

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davef said...

Hi! Any chance of a re-up? The links to the second parts are dead. Keep up the good work!

Rho said...

Hello Dave is it too much trouble to be specific ? VA - Ambient Diary.Two 2 isn't dead at all !

Obviously I can re-up anything i posted here, alas these days the hosts are in a hurry to delete anything that hasn't been downloaded for 30 days and sometimes even 5 days. It's fear but mainly money-quick turnover, yes those good old days that never were has been long gone.

Anyway there's lots of dead links and i do my best to deliver on specific requests, meanwhile there's a blog to run as well.

Rho said...

VA - Ambient Diary.One 2 has been re-upped just now. N'Joy

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Right on, thanks!