Jan 25, 2014

RhoDeo 1403 Beats


These months the French rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Today's artists, have sold over 500,000 albums worldwide. Their elegant sound is now firmly engrained in the public’s subconscious through hit singles, sold-out tours and clever sound-tracking on many high-profile advertising campaigns. Yet we should never forget that, above all, they are a band who have only ever simply strived for creative perfection, ah yes. ....... N'joy

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The electronic outfit Télépopmusik followed in the footsteps of Air, Les Rythmes Digitales, and Dimitri From Paris and established their own musical stylings in the arena of French dance music. The core trio of Fabrice Dumont, Stephan Haeri, and Christophe Hetier formed in 1997 after burning out from playing with other bands. Dumont founded the dream pop group Autour de Lucie, whereas Hetier used to be the popular DJ Anti-Pop and Haetri played with Planet Zen. As Télépopmusik, the group contributed their newly fresh electronic sound on "Sonic 75" to a SourceLab compilation in the same year. Telepopmusik's first single was released on the independent record label Catalogue under the rather ironic title of "An Ordinary Life".  Their acid house electronic jive was far more impressive on Genetic World, which appeared on Capitol in April 2002, their debut album received critical and public acclaim following nominations at the French Victories de la Musique Awards and the US Grammy Awards, selling more than 350.000 copies – it became one of the first French albums to boast sales in all world markets. Simple dreamy songs with clever production that never cramped the catchy hooks. Debut single "Breathe" was popular among the club circuit for several months, but by early 2003 the song became a mainstream smash thanks to its inclusion in television ads for the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV. In February, the group embarked on their first ever American tour. During the marathon-like tour that followed they played over 100 concerts - from Moscow, Istanbul and the Glastonbury Festival to New York and Puerto Rico.

Their second opus ‘Angel Milk ’, a delightful journey in melancholy that in spite of itself became a reference point in the crossover between European electronic music and the new US hip hop scene, went on to enjoy the same critical and commercial success worldwide. Their last release, ‘Ghost Girl ’ in 2009 only confirmed the fact that, without resting on their laurels, Telepopmusik had kept their unique position in forward-thinking music in the 21st century.

The band took some time out in 2010/11 to explore other projects. Antipop has taken his successful ‘Cinemixa’ concept and DJ sets around the world while 2Square recorded a soloproject. Dumont, the third original member decided to stop making music in order to take
time out to create the Gum label (Woodkid / The Shoes etc). Getting back to work with fresh ideas and ears, Antipop and 2Square have taken the time necessary to work the magic once again. The new opus features the vocal talents of Betty Black ( bettyblack.net ) & Johanna Wedin as well as firm favourites such as Angela McCluskey. One or two surprises will be aboard too.

The band will be putting out their upcoming releases internationally in collaboration with Splendid, a Paris based 2.0 label that has been designed to suit the band’s international audience in today ’s constantly changing market and opportunities. The band will be back on the road for a live tour from mid-June onwards. 2 Square & Antipop were locked away in the studio for most of 2012 putting together the finishing touches to what will be their third album, slated for 2014. On 24th June 2013 they released Try Me Anyway / Fever EP which featured New York based vocalist Betty Black (Sylvia Gordon) and remixes from Dirty Channels, Zombie Disco Squad, Populette, Pit Spector and Pino Rastovitch.

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This debut outing by French techno craftsmen Fabrice Dumont, Stephan Haeri, and Christophe Hetier is a lounge lizard's idea of heaven. Among the many intriguing elements stitched between the subtle dance beats are sultry female spoken-word snippets and seductive melodies provided by Peaches and Chilly Gonzales and gravel-voiced Scottish chanteuse Angela McCluskey of Wild Colonials. The overall vibe is predominantly mellow and the arrangements ooze sophistication via jazz chord voicings, an occasional upright bass sample, and odd time signatures. Cuts such as "Dance Me" will please the hardcore disco set and "Da Hoopla," featuring guest vocalist Soda Pop of Dirty Beatniks, emerges an obvious nod to the hip-hop nation. "Let's Go Again" melds acid jazz and acid rock with a repetitive bass motif, distorted guitar riffing, and groovy sound blasts, culminating with muted trumpet licks (is that you, Miles Davis?) on the coda. Genetic World contains a little something for every music fan, which, in this case, is a good thing.

Télépopmusik - Genetic World ( flac 297mb)

01 Breathe 4:56
02 Genetic World 3:59
03 Love Can Damage Your Health 5:34
04 Smile 4:38
05 Dance Me 3:15
06 Da Hoola (Soda-Pop Remix) 3:01
07 Let's Go Again 3:53
08 Trishika 5:56
09 Yesterday Was A Lie 5:00
10 L'Incertitude d'Heisenberg 8:46
11 Breathe (Extended Mix) 5:55

Télépopmusik - Genetic World  (ogg 127mb)

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Télépopmusik's sophomore effort is filled with beautiful backing tracks. Pillows of soft synth slowly emerge while pianos, harps, brass instruments, electronic ticks, and glitches stroll in and out of the picture as they please. This subdued electronica landscape is something to get lost in, and while it's nothing you haven't heard before, it's exactly what headphones crave on rainy days and almost enough to excuse the hackneyed lyrics and overindulgence. Almost. "Last Train to Wherever"'s "did you get the letter?/the one I never sent ya" is just one of the cringe-worthy couplets Angel Milk is stuffed with. Mau, a vocalist who apes the styles of Tricky and Massive Attack's 3D -- as opposed to Deborah Anderson, who apes Björk, and Angela McCluskey, who apes Billie Holiday -- delivers the couplet so heavy-handedly it's impossible to ignore no matter how hard you try. Hanging all this derivative quirk and cleverness on the thin melodies is bad enough, but the album really stumbles when a couple ambitious tricks grind things to a halt. When Anderson asks the synthesized orchestra to stop and "pick it up a little" it's effective if you're one of the few who hasn't heard Björk's version of "It's Oh So Quiet." Then there's the 15 minutes of silence with a little surprise somewhere in there at the end of the album, the final "aren't we cunning" straw. Télépopmusik know their way around a studio and can deliver a velvety soundscape that other trip-hoppers would die for, but trite lyrics and so many precious attempts at impressing make Angel Milk ponderous.

Télépopmusik - Angel Milk  (flac 286mb)

01 Don't Look Back 3:50
02 Stop Running Away 2:41
03 Anyway 2:34
04 Into Everything 4:25
05 Love's Almighty 4:28
06 Last Train To Wherever 5:02
07 Brighton Beach 4:23
08 Close 3:18
09 Swamp 2:05
10 Nothing's Burning 3:52
11 Ambushed 1:34
12 Hollywood On My Toothpaste 5:28
13 Tuesday 1:26
14 Another Day 5:35
15 15 Minutes 0:15
16 Baboons 2:39

Télépopmusik - Angel Milk   (ogg 121mb)

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Red Red (Rouge Rouge) is a French group of electronic music born from the meeting of the composer Nicolas Errèra , co-founder of Grand Popo Football Club and composer of film music ( Tie club , Le Papillon ) and Jean Fang , DJ and presenter alongside 's Ariel Wizman on Radio Nova . They released their first album in 2002 titled Tonight, after dinner , scrapbook style lounge , in the spirit of St Germain , Télépopmusik and Gotan Project . L'Amour , the first single from this album, is featured on the compilation Hotel Costes 5. Other samples from the album can be found on compilations such as Nova Tunes Vol. 8 , 9 Hotel Costes , Paris Lounge ...

The debut album from Rouge Rouge "ce Soir, Après Dîner" is a hybrid mixture of fresh down tempo, electro, and dub sounds and vocals from Lunar singles of the 60's and the 70's. The duo of Jean Croc and Nicolas Errera produced 11 surprising and satisfying tracks full of emotion, humour and love such as "l'amour", featured on the "hôtel Costes 5" Collection. While you may not know the title of "Decide Toi", you'll definitely recognize it from a 2002 Mercedes ad campaign as well as on the "Paris Lounge 2" and "Champs Elysees 2" collections. And there is plenty more to explore and marvel at on this disc, especially "Cache Cache" which is simply intoxicating. The "French Sound" has been taken to a new level past Daft Punk and the like with new dimensions and vocals added in the mix for a fantastic aural experience!

Rouge Rouge - Ce Soir, Après Dîner (flac 274mb)

01 Rouge Rouge Intro 0:35
02 L'Amour 4:32
03 Décide Toi 4:28
04 La Vie Japonaise 5:25
05 Tricoter 3:20
06 L'Amour Avec Toi 4:15
07 Attention 3:51
08 Pop Art 3:25
09 Gentil Gentil 3:30
10 Cache Cache 4:51
11 La Malle (Epilogue) 3:14

Rouge Rouge - Ce Soir, Après Dîner  (ogg 103mb)

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