Mar 30, 2012

RhoDeo 1213 Grooves

Hello, friday night coming up time to chill out from that working week and shake loose those rusty limbs from chairduty, a nice big spliff to free that mind and have that ass follow..

Meanwhile i've been able to re-up july-dec 2011
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The group was founded in London in 1991 when concert promoter and jazz writer Geoff Wilkinson met Mel Simpson, who was writing music for television shows and ad jingles and had once played keyboards with John Mayall. The two produced an independent single, "Where Will We Be in the 21st Century?," which sold less than 250 copies. In 1992, their song "The Band That Played the Boogie" attracted the attention of Blue Note owner Capitol Records, which gave Simpson and Wilkinson free rein to sample anything from the catalog. The two immediately went to work, hiring several musicians and rappers Kobie Powell and Rahsaan Kelly, with Tukka Yoot joining later. The sessions resulted in the "Cantaloop".Two years later, it entered the US top ten and was included on Hand on the Torch, the first Blue Note album to achieve Platinum status in the USA. Hand on the Torch was ignored by most jazz publications, but was chosen Album of the Year by Japan's Swing Journal, and the group were named Jazz Musicians of the Year by Britain's The Independent.

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well considering the lag at Google this post was noticed within 4 days US3 can't do without your cash for these 15-20 years old albums so please donate 70% to Apple when you get them there.

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