Mar 23, 2012

RhoDeo 1212 Grooves

Hello, Friday night coming up, time to chill from that working week and shake loosen those rusty limbs from chairduty, a nice big spliff to free that mind and have that ass follow..

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The Rebirth of Cool series was one of Patrick Forge's projects that would last through-out the 90's. He was involved in quite a bit at the time of this one and the time represented a pivotal juncture in musical paths and careers. Several genres were on the verge of taking off; from underground to electronic to nu-bossa and break-beats, Patrick was in the middle of it all - and then some. Also spinning with Gilles Peterson and the radio shows, to various other projects that existed and would soon exist like Batu and Da Lata, these were truly exciting times. And meshing with a general musical sentiment, you had this series in a time when acid-jazz and music from all over the world was kind of coming together.

The rebirth of cool collection is a series of albums that include music that is not easily defined in one musical category. The music on rebirth of cool is what I'd like to call hybrid soul/jazz music, vol. 1 in this collection of tracks is a wonderful good to ,music that can't easily be boxed into one particular category, hence the term hybrid soul/jazz. If you are interested in music that isn't easily categorized pick up the rebirth of cool collection.

The Rebirth of Cool series will round out any acid jazz collection nicely. If you like gettin' into a groove, than this is for you. Enjoy!

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This album is perfect to play at the beginning of a party to kind of ease into things, or is perfect as a kind of post-bash chill-out. An excellent grab.

VA - The Rebirth Of Cool Three (571mb)

01 Jazz Warriors – Chameleon 6:47
02 Courtney Pine feat. Juliet Roberts – Life Goes Around 4:17
03 The Subterraneans feat. Mardou Fox & Jonzi – Taurus Woman 4:04
04 Dana Bryant – Dominican Girdles 5:17
05 Opaz – Don't Say Nothin' 4:29
06 Stereo MC's – Fever 3:13
07 Ronny Jordan – Bad Brother 5:14
08 D-Influence – Good Lover (Touch Mix) 4:59
09 MC Solaar – Caroline 6:20
10 The Brecker Brothers – Big Idea (Shortwave) 4:20
11 Lisa Taylor – Did You Pray Today (Extended R&B Mix) 4:50
12 Greg Osby – Man Talk (Talkin' Loud Mix) 4:45
13 Martine Girault – Revival (Rebirth Edit) 4:58
14 Dodge City Productions – People (Come On) 4:19
15 United Future Organization – Loud Minority (Club Mix) 4:51
16 Freestyle Fellowship – Inner City Boundaries 4:38

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VA - The Rebirth Of Cool Phive (478mb)

01 Jhelisa – Friendly Pressure 6:07
02 Coldcut – Eine Kleine Hed Musick 4:09
03 Massive Attack – Karmacoma (Portishead Experience) 3:58
04 Leena Conquest And Hip Hop Finger – Boundaries 4:45
05 Ben Harper – Whipping Boy (Remix) 5:15
06 Kruder & Dorfmeister – Deep Shit Parts 1 & 2 5:28
07 Tricky – Hell Is Round The Corner 3:47
08 Freak Power – Turn On, Tune In, Find Joy 5:04
09 Portishead – Revenge Of The Number 3:22
10 Bomb The Bass Feat.J.Warfield – Bug Powder Dust (La Funk Mob Remix) 5:36
11 United Future Organization – Airlines (Astral Hi-Jack Mix) 5:30
12 D*Note – Iniquity Worker 5:40
13 Method Man – Release Yo'Delf (Prodigy Mix) 5:55
14 Paul Weller – Kosmos (Lynch Mob Bonus Beats) 4:35
15 MC Solaar – Nouveau Western 3:39
16 Beastie Boys – Get It Together 4:07

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VA - The Rebirth Of Cool 4 Most (360mb)

01 DJ Krush – Just Wanna Touch Her (Stoned Jazz Mix) 6:52
02 Simple E – Play My Funk 3:46
03 Tranquility Bass – Cantamilla 4:36
04 Ronny Jordan – My Favourite Things 5:33
05 Tricky – Aftermath 4:02
06 Batu – Earthsong 4:49
07 Outside – Crazy 5:41
08 Palm Skin Productions – Spock With A Beard 4:59
09 Tone Productions – World Mutation (Made In His Image) 4:37
10 Mondo Grosso – Tree, Air And Rain On The Earth 5:24
11 Burning Spear – Great Men's Dub 4:11
12 Bread and Butter – Soul Of The People 1:30

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Please re-up The Rebirth of Cool. Thanks.

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Hi Rho,

A re-up of these would be great!