May 18, 2020

RhoDeo 2020 Re Up 239


Here at Rho-xs visitor numbers have been stable but i did notice a big rise in re-up requests which points to my visitors spending more time at Rho-Xs (glad to be at service). Alas over the years i've lost access to a number of disks, specially the loss of my Aetix and Roots collection hinders my capability to re-up. Obviously the torrent world offers a solution, but this scene is dynamic and suffers the same fate as my posts , the hosts delete the file when demand has dropped, in the torrent world this even worse. Unfortunately this means whilst bigger names get revived the more obscure tend to completely disappear, a fate that is suffered by roots artists as an example Salif Keita a relative big name is nowhere to be found in flac these days (just one album) when a few years ago there were many titles to be had. Same goes for many a reggae artist and even in Aetix the choice of what is on offer is diminishing day by day. I'm doing my best to fulfill requests but it's difficult and in the future i will request you my visitor to give back the odd title that you downloaded via Rho-xs and repost it here.

15 correct requests for this week , 1 double and 1 too early,  whatever another batch of 52 re-ups (17.5.gig)

These days i'm making an effort to re-up, it will satisfy a smaller number of people which means its likely the update will  expire relatively quickly again as its interest that keeps it live. Nevertheless here's your chance ... asks for re-up in the comments section at the page where the expired link resides, or it will be discarded by me. ....requests are satisfied on a first come first go basis. ...updates will be posted here remember to request from the page where the link died! To keep re-ups interesting to my regular visitors i will only re-up files that are at least 12 months old (the older the better as far as i am concerned), and please check the previous update request if it's less then a year old i won't re-up either.

Looka here , requests fulfilled up to May 16th... N'Joy

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

3x Beats Back In Flac  (Laurent Garnier - Unreasonable Behaviour, Laurent Garnier - Retrospective 1, Laurent Garnier - Retrospective 2 )

3x Roots Back In Flac ( Brain Damage - Ashes To Ashes, Brain Damage - Burning Before Sunset ,  VA - Dub Stories)

3x Sundaze Back in Flac (Daedelus - Invention, Twine - Recorder , Jello - Voile)

4x Aetix Back in Flac ( , Einstuerzende Neubauten - Halber Mensch, Einstuerzende Neubauten - Fünf Auf Der Nach Oben Offenen Richterskala, Einstuerzende Neubauten - Haus der Lüge)

3x Sundaze  Back in Flac  (Eliane Radigue - Songs of Milarepa 1 , Eliane Radigue - Songs of Milarepa 2, Eliane Radigue - Jetsun Mila )

6x Japan  Back In Flac  (YMO - Technodon, Hosono - Omni Sight Seeing, Senor Coconut - Yellow Fever, Ryuichi Sakamoto - Beauty, YMO Remixes hi-tech-no crime,
YMO - Complete Service 1, YMO - Complete Service 2)

5x Sundaze Back in Flac (  Can - Saw Delight , Can - Peel Session, The Inner Space - Kamasutra, The Inner Space - Agilok and Blubbo )

4x Aetix Back in Flac (  The Exploited - Punks not dead, The Exploited - Troops Of Tomorrow, The Exploited - Let's Start A War...,  The Exploited - Horror Epics )

3x Beats Back in Flac (Leftfield - A Final Hit, Jedi Knights - New School Science , VA - The Theory Of Evolution)

3x Alphabet-Soup Back in Flac (Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power, In Extremo - Weckt Die Toten, Infadels - We are not the Infadels )

3x Aetix Back in Flac (Bauhaus - In The Flat Field Extended, It's Immaterial - Life's Hard And Then You Die, still in ogg Torch Song - Wish Thing )

4x Aetix Back in Flac (The Psychedelic Furs - Psychedelic Furs, The Psychedelic Furs - Forever Now, The Psychedelic Furs - Mirror Moves + The Psychedelic Furs - Talk Talk Talk )

4x Beats Back in Flac (Massive Attack - Collected B Greats, Massive Attack - Protection EP, Massive Attack - Angel EP, Massive Attack - Blue Lines)

2x Roots Back in Flac (VA - Trojan Dub Massive Chapter One (placed by Bill Laswell), VA - Trojan Dub Massive Chapter Two (placed by Bill Laswell) )

3x Sundaze Back in Flac (Youth - A New Chapter in Dub Vol 2, Youth - VA - Ketama Live, Youth - VA - Ketama Vision )

As announced please return if you have it

Einstürzende Neubauten - 80-83 Strategies Against Architecture
Fenin - Mixes and Maxis
Onmutu Mechanicks - Nocturne

you can do this by uploading at   no need to fill in anything there, just copy the result as a comment at Rho-Xs

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx



AJ said...

Hello Rho,
The Link for (Bauhaus - In The Flat Field Extended, It's Immaterial - Life's Hard And Then You Die, still in ogg Torch Song - Wish Thing )is unfortunately dead

Unknown said...

Sorry Rho, looks like the Exploited links are all messed up as well

Anonymous said...

Hi Rho


Unknown said...

Not my links but some Saif Keita in flac

Anonymous said...

3x Aetix does not exist?

Rho said...

Hello the link to Bauhaus - In The Flat Field Extended, It's Immaterial - Life's Hard And Then You Die, still in ogg Torch Song - Wish Thing lost an l at the end . It happens no need to panic btw you can always search directly..

Anonymous said...

Shame that Youth - VA - Ketama Vision is down, looked good.

Rho said...

Hello, Ketama Vision is live at zippyshare not sure whyyou'd say it's down.

Anonymous said...

At your request: Einstürzende Neubauten - 80-83 Strategies Against Architecture [FLAC]. Posted because I didn't know what quality was posted above.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rho,

Any chance of reUpping Japan, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Harold Budd, David Sylvian, Robert Fripp and Jon Hassell in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Onmutu Mechanics - Nocturne

Anonymous said...

Please re-up silver apples sometimes in the future

Anonymous said...

Fenin - Mixes & Maxis

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the Ketana Vision advice. Looks like Zippyshare is geo blocked in the UK for some reason. Used a VPN and got it now. Thanks again.

Rho said...

Hello guests, first of thanks for the return of my requests, to be honest i didnt expect a quick return of the obscure Onmutu Mechanics, i was wrong.
Clearly Rho-Xs is still picking up new visitors why do i know this ? 2 Requests today treating the re up page as a place to put in their wishlist, sorry guys you need to read what i wrote there and put in requests at the appropriate place.

The Universe is Electric, Rho

Anonymous said...

Hi Rho,

Re. Onmutu Mechanicks >
Talking about obscure, you included two tracks of the 2-CD album 'Notunjusta' (1998) by Dogon, in the re-up of 'Invention' by Daedelus.
I don't think Notunjusta was ever posted.
Obscure -- but not unnoticed.

Best \ JF