Mar 1, 2014

RhoDeo 1408 Beats

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These months the French rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Most of today's artists have been spotlighted here these last months, yes there's more that get lucky en France. Today's artist began DJ-ing in Manchester during the late 1980s. By the following decade, he was back in France and developped a broad stylistic range, able to span deep house, Detroit techno, trance and jazz. He added production work to his schedule in the early 1990s, and recorded several albums, he's one of the godfathers of the French beats scene reasons enough to give him a second stint at the beats........ N'joy

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Laurent Garnier (also known as Choice), was born 1 February 1966, Boulogne-sur-Seine, France. During the late 1970s, Laurent discovered clubbing with his brother in Paris, where his family lived. He loved disco but also listened to all other contemporary musical genres including reggae, funk, and punk. At the age of 16, Garnier had started recording and mixing music on tape recorders. In 1984, Garnier started working as a waiter for the French Embassy in London. He stayed there for a year and a half before moving to Manchester in 1986. Living in England he discovered the booming UK house scene and started DJing.

In 1987, Garnier discovered The Haçienda in Manchester, and met Mike Pickering the resident DJ. Chicago house and Detroit techno became popular, and Garnier started mixing there under the name of DJ Pedro. In 1988, he went back to France to fulfill his military obligations. He also spent some time in New York where he met Frankie Knuckles. Garnier shifted his attention back to France in the early 1990s, running the Wake Up parties at the Rex Club in Paris for three years, while in 1992 he played a three-night long Weekender set at the Cork venue, Sir Henry's. He also mixed in clubs such as le Palace or le Boy, DJing in rave parties and gradually moving into recording as well. For the FNAC label, Garnier released "French Connection" and the A Bout de Souffle EP. After that label went out of business, he formed the F Communications label with Eric Morand (a friend who had also worked for FNAC). He often also DJed at "Open all hours" at London's Ministry of Sound on Friday nights, in the early and mid 1990s, and was a resident at The End before its closure in January 2009.

His first album, Shot in the Dark, was released in 1995. His second, 30, appeared in 1997 and included one of Garnier's best selling singles, "Crispy Bacon". 30 was followed by the retrospective Early Works. After appearing worldwide with DJ appearances during the late 1990s, Garnier returned to production with Unreasonable Behaviour, released in early 2000, which featured one of his best known songs[citation needed], "The Man with the Red Face". In 2005, The Cloud Making Machine, was released, followed the next year by Retrospective. This was a best of compilation album, which had both his original work and remixes, including some released on vinyl-only, plus rare tracks. His latest album was Tales of a Kleptomaniac (2009). In 2010 he created the score of "Suivront Mille Ans De Calme", a contemporary dance ballet choreographed by Angelin Preljocaj. Last month Laurent surprised with a release French Dressing Mix

Garnier has collaborated with System 7, the Norwegian saxophnist Håkon Kornstad, and played several live shows with Bugge Wesseltoft (those recordings appeared on Public Outburst and Retrospective).

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More complex and idiosyncratic than his previous full-length works (and much less danceable as a consequence), Unreasonable Behaviour focuses on midtempo jams in the verge between evocative techno, electro-jazz, and even melancholy synth-pop. If 1997's 30 was his Chicago album, this one is definitely the Detroit installment, from the Motor City shoutouts at the end of the excellent "Communications from the Lab" to the future-imperfect electro track "Greed (Part 1+2)." Still, most of these tracks come closer to updated jazz-fusion than techno, with highlights like "City Sphere," "The Sound of the Big Babou," and "Forgotten Thoughts" driven by fuzzy, distorted melodies with dreamy synthesizer lines over the top and an emphasis on live(-sounding) drumming. He'd surely think twice before plugging any of these tracks into one of his DJ sets, but Unreasonable Behaviour is a solid fusion of jazz and techno.

Laurent Garnier - Unreasonable Behaviour ( flac 440mb)

01 The Warning 1:38
02 City Sphere 6:13
03 Forgotten Thoughts 6:42
04 The Sound Of The Big Babou 7:19
05 Unreasonable Behaviour 1:19
06 Cycles D'Oppositions 5:01
07 The Man With The Red Face 9:11
08 Communications From The Lab 5:15
09 Greed (Part 1+2) 6:45
10 Dangerous Drive 8:49
11 Downfall 5:36
12 Last Tribute From The 20th Century 5:15

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A retrospective exactly as advertised: Retrospective 1994-2006 is a compendium of singles from 1994 to 2006 mapping the stellar second act of electronic music's most prolific producers and successful DJs. Laurent Garnier's productions have always taken a sleek hybrid of European style and sensibility and mixed them with the grit of Detroit techno, but piecing these works together shows that over time the synthesis has resulted in something distinctive and highly individualistic when compared with many producers of the same pedigree. Live versions of "Acid Eiffel" and "Man with the Red Face" replace the originals, which will please die-hard Garnier fans dying to hear extended workouts of two of his most well-loved and recognized works. At two discs in length, this very well could be intimidating to casual listeners just catching up. But the fact that its two discs are chock-full of filler free epics is a testament not only to the quantity of important works, but the quality.

Laurent Garnier - Retrospective 1  (flac 470mb)

01 6 Months Earlier (by Marl Chingus) 5:33
02 Flashback (Video Mix) 4:57
03 Greed (Avril Radio Mix) 3:58
04 10.000 Leagues (by Alex Attias)  (Wake Lab Mix) 7:48
05 Theme From Larry's Dub 4:30
06 Crispy Bacon 5:45
07 Man With The Red Face (Live) 10:31
08 La Minute De Japonais 2:11
09 Demented (by Tres Demented) (Laurent Garnier Edit) 7:44
10 Jeux D'Enfants 5:59
11 Sambou 10:42


Laurent Garnier - Retrospective 2 ( flac 458mb)

01 Acid Eiffel (Live) 8:16
02 Coloured City 6:10
03 Communications From The Lab (Germ Remix) 6:04
04 Butterfly (by DJ Marky & XRS) (Laurent Garnier Remix) 9:50
05 At Night (by Alaska) 6:43
06 Barbiturik Blues 6:23
07 Downfall 5:35
08 Basic (by Elegia) (Wake Up Lab Remix) 5:17
09 Astral Dreams 6:12
10 For Max 4:33
11 Raw Cut 5:58
12 Le Voyage De Simone 4:37

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previously and live !

Beats 1253 (dec 12)

VA - X-Mix 2 Destination Planet Dream ( Laurent Garnier) (flac  534mb)
VA - X-Mix 2 Destination Planet Dream ( Laurent Garnier) (ogg 189mb)

Beats 1331 (4/8/13)

Laurent Garnier - 30 ( flac 421mb)
Laurent Garnier - 30  (ogg 183mb)

Laurent Garnier - Early Works 1 ( flac 448mb)
Laurent Garnier - Early Works 1  (ogg 160mb)

Laurent Garnier - Early Works 2  (flac 475mb)
Laurent Garnier - Early Works 2  (ogg 158mb)

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