Feb 25, 2019

RhoDeo 1908 Re Ups 178


10 correct requests for this week, 1 cloudy re up, 3 too early , whatever another batch of 35 re-ups (11.7 gig)

These days i'm making an effort to re-up, it will satisfy a smaller number of people which means its likely the update will  expire relatively quickly again as its interest that keeps it live. Nevertheless here's your chance ... asks for re-up in the comments section at the page where the expired link resides, or it will be discarded by me. ....requests are satisfied on a first come first go basis. ...updates will be posted here remember to request from the page where the link died! To keep re-ups interesting to my regular visitors i will only re-up files that are at least 12 months old (the older the better as far as i am concerned), and please check the previous update request if it's less then a year old i won't re-up either.

Looka here , requests fulfilled up to February 19th !... N'Joy

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

8x Wavetrain-7-7-7 NOW in Flac (A Certain Ratio - To Each And Everyone, Rip Rig & Panic - Attitude, This Heat - Deceit, Thomas Leer - Contradictions, Bill Nelson - Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam, still in ogg 400 Blows - '.....If I Kissed Her I'd Have To Kill Her First.....' , Hector Zazou - La Perversità, Bill Nelson - Sounding The Ritual Echo (Atmospheres For Dreaming))

3x Aetix Back In Flac (VA - Disco Not Disco 1, VA - Disco Not Disco 2, VA - Disco Not Disco 3)

4x Sundaze Back In Flac (PCO - Music from the Penguin Cafe, PCO - Penguin Cafe Orchestra,
PCO - Broadcasting From Home , PCO - Signs Of Life)

3x Roots Back in Flac (Funky Kingston - Reggae Grooves 68-74, Funky Kingston - Reggae Grooves 2 68-74, VA - Jamaica Funk (Funk And Soul 45's))

4x Aetix Back in Flac (Front Line Assembly - Corroded + Disorder, Front Line Assembly - Gashed Senses And Crossfire, Front Line Assembly - Caustic Grip, Front Line Assembly - EP's 88-90)

3x Aetix Back in Flac (Berlin - Pleasure Victim, Berlin - Love Life, Berlin - Count Three & Pray)

1x Roots NOW in flac (Rhythm & Sound & Tikiman - Showcase)

5x Japan Back in Flac (Shoukichi Kina - Peppermint Tea House, Audio Active - Happy Happer, Pizzicato 5 - Happy End Of The World, Cornelius - Fantasma , Boom Boom Satellites - 7 Ignitions )

3x Sundaze Back in Flac ( DeepChord Presents Echospace - Hash-Bar Loops, DeepChord Echospace - Spatialdimension, Soultek - Reflective)

cloudy files re-up

1x Sundaze Back in Flac ( Seefeel - (Ch-Vox) +StarethroughEP)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

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youssef said...

thank you Rho for the Basic channel and the deepchord reupload