Mar 24, 2013

Sundaze 1312

Hello, Sundaze today brings you .some background music to those snowy fields brushed by icy winds

They have'nt gained a mainstream following. Their music, however, has not failed to garner positive reviews, they have experienced a fair amount of popularity at times.. .... NJoy

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Seefeel formed in 1992 in London, England, guitarist Mark Clifford and drummer Justin Fletcher met up at a London college, and by 1992 the duo had recruited vocalist Sarah Peacock and Mark Van Hoen (bass), during 1992, latter was replaced by Daren Seymour on bass. Seefeel began auditioning songs and was ready to record their first single for Too Pure Records, but experienced a change of heart, the quartet grew bored within the restraints of normal rock forms and started working with loops and programs rather than lyrics and choruses, this caused the resulting EP More Like Space to owe more of a debt to Aphex Twin than alternative rock.

They released their first EPs and first album on the British independent label Too Pure in 1993. Seefeel's music was stylistically situated at the intersection of dream pop/shoegaze and ambient techno/IDM. Seefeel's debut album Quique, turned out an even colder document of ambient indie techno than the previous EPs had predicted. The album was hailed as a techno album which indie kids could listen to, and it received an American release that same year on the dance label Astralwerks. During 1994, Astralwerks compiled the two early EPs as Polyfusia, and Seefeel made the leap from rock to techno as they signed with IDM label Warp Records, after which point Seefeel's music became darker and more minimal. Their 2nd album album, 1995's Succour, was something of a disappointment the record was a bit too skeletal for most rock critics or music fans. The music became less collaborative within the group after the move to Warp, as is made evident by the similarities between Succour, and subsequent Mark Clifford solo releases. This caused the temporary breakup of the group in 1996, when Mark Clifford's Disjecta project became his main occupation.

Peacock, Fletcher, and Seymour in turn joined Mark Van Hoen (aka Locust) for an EP and album of indie/trip-hop recorded as Scala. Though Seefeel returned in late 1996 with their third proper LP, Ch-Vox, the group took an open-ended hiatus after its release. Peacock and Seymour continued to record as Scala, while Clifford recorded an EP for Warp as Woodenspoon and later surfaced as Sneakster.
The band ceased making music as Seefeel in 1996 and performed their last live concert in October of 1997 alongside Boards of Canada. Members of Seefeel have continued to release new material under different aliases and projects.

On May 14, 2007, Seefeel's 1993 debut album Quique was re-released on UK-based label Too Pure as Quique (Redux Edition). The original tracks have been remastered and a second disc, which contains several rare remixes and previously unreleased tracks, has been added to the album. The album title refers to the band members having given their instruments french names; "Quique" referring to the kick-drum.

In 2008 Mark Clifford and Sarah Peacock relaunched Seefeel and were joined by Shigeru Ishihara (DJ Scotch Egg) and former Boredoms drummer Iida Kazuhisa (E-Da) who filled in the bass and percussive sections respectively. Daren Seymour and Justin Fletcher were not able to be a part of the reunion due to prior commitments and living outside the UK. On September 20, 2010 Seefeel released the Faults EP (their first new recording in 14 years) followed shortly after by an eponymous LP on January 31, 2011; both on Warp Records.

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Seefeel blisses out with dreamy soundscapes and dubby bass lines on Polyfusia under the guiding hand of guitarist/songwriter Mark Clifford. Picking up where My Bloody Valentine's Loveless--the blueprint for layered and sample-heavy ambient construction--left off, this album represents some of the band's most pivotal work. A 1993 release, it compiles two early EPs (Plain Song, More Like Space) along with a pair of classic Aphex Twin remixes. The better of the pair, the laissez-faire treatment of "Time to Find Me," is also a compelling testament to Aphex Twin's own enchantment both with the song and Sarah Peacock's ethereal vocals.

Seefeel - Polyfusia ( flac 370mb)

01 More Like Space 8:45
02 Time To Find Me (Come Inside) 5:07
03 Come Alive 5:06
04 Blue Easy Sleep 4:42
05 Plainsong 7:02
06 Moodswing 5:45
07 Minky Starshine 10:43
08 Time To Find Me (AFX Fast Mix) 7:35
09 Time To Find Me (AFX Slow Mix) 9:33
10 Plainsong (Sine Bubble Embossed Dub) 8:46

Seefeel - Polyfusia (ogg 155mb)

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Written, mixed and arranged by leader Mark Clifford, the album was a monumental musical step forward for the band. Like nothing that came before or since, Succour is an Electronic album that was born during the heights of Techno and Ambient music, yet moves beyond either of those genres. With a moody, gloom-filled atmosphere, Succour is an album unlike any other, it's a dark ambient masterpiece, a haunting beauty. The music suggests an architecture, not a landscape. And although these rooms are quite spacious and scarcely a trace of furniture in them, you are lured into them, but cannot avoid a sense of claustrophobia. The fairy-tale frailty of the Cocteau Twins at their strongest, translated into a world of .. er .. dubby post-rock.

Seefeel - Succour ( flac 274mb)

01 Meol 5:51
02 Extract 7:28
03 When Face Was Face 6:03
04 Fracture 5:52
05 Gatha 6:00
06 Ruby-Ha 6:08
07 Rupt 6:29
08 Vex 4:25
09 Cut 5:40
10 Utreat/Tempean 7:52

Seefeel - Succour (ogg 125mb)

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Largely recorded at the same time as "Succour", and it is only 35 minutes long with 6 tracks, barely an album.  6 tracks - one is a version of "Utreat", and the other five are like the quieter moments of "Succour".  "Ashdecon", on first listen, is the only track showing signs of genius, the others are pretty good. It's pretty sparse but a lot more compelling than I've probably made it sound.

Seefeel - (Ch-Vox) +Starethrough (flac 245mb)

01 Utreat (Complete) 4:31
02 E-hix² 5:07
03 Ch-Vox 6:46
04 Hive 5:18
05 Ashdecon 5:25
06 Net 6:11
Starethrough EP
01 Starethrough 7:46
02 Air-Eyes 5:32
03 Spangle 7:21
04 Lux1 6:03

Seefeel - (Ch-Vox) (ogg 112mb)

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Previously, re-upped

Seefeel - Quique (Redux Edition) 1  (93 ^ 129mb)
Seefeel - Quique (Redux Edition) 2 ( 93 ^ 127mb)

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