May 9, 2018

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Hello, well no surprise that Israel's poodle-the USA, withdraws from the Iran nuclear deal, after all Europe, Russia and China are all in support of it. As to why Israel is so hell bent on war with Iran, who knows, fact is that Persia is an old empire with deeper roots in time as the Jews, something current Iranians like to tease those full of themself Jews with. Sure those Ayatollah's consider the Ashkenazim state of Israel a stain on the Middle East map, but currently they have bigger issues with the Sunni muslims specially the Saoudi's, who despite being known to be the biggest sponsors of terrorism and backward Islam in the world, are still considered a friendly state (go figure). Anyway the US is a joke-not just it's current President- they haven't been able to have their own foreign policy ever since Israel got their own nukes (sixties). Those in the know are well aware of the totally ruthless nature of the Jews (supported by the most secretive religious text in the world the Talmud) to them all non-jews or Goyim are 'unter menschen' yes Hitler got his ideas from the Jews (after all his grandfather was a Rothchild bastard). If only those Jews understood their nepotism is finite and could backfire big time and then we'd have a real Holocaust.

Today's artists are a British-American rock band. Formed in the late 1970s as an art collective, they are one of the longest-running and most prolific of the first-wave British punk rock bands. Through the years, the band's musical style has evolved, incorporating aspects of country music, folk music, alternative rock and occasional experiments with dub. They are known for their raucous live shows. These days, they are often described as a post-punk, cowpunk and/or alt country band..............N'Joy

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More than any band that came out of late-'70s England, the Mekons (the name taken from the popular sci-fi comic Dan Dare) have perhaps the most devoted fans of any band even remotely connected to punk rock. And why not? Over the course of several decades, this band, with an ever-shifting lineup (only Jon Langford and Tom Greenhalgh remain from the original), produced some of the best rock & roll on the planet, be it amateurish rock-noise, cool synth-driven pop, guitar rave-ups, or postmodern country & western, the Mekons have done it all and done it with style, grace, and a ribald sense of humor.

Emerging from the same Leeds University "scene" that begot Gang of Four, the Mekons weren't as overtly political as their Marxist-inspired brethren, but their punk rock pedigree and unsubtle anti-Thatcherisms and anti-Reaganisms did set them apart from the post-punk world's innumerable careerists and posers. Their early recordings were exceedingly lo-fi affairs that valued emotion and energy over anything that remotely resembled musical proficiency. Songs like "Never Been in a Riot" and "32 Weeks" sound as if the band entered the studio, arbitrarily decided who was going to play what, and started the tapes rolling. It was fun, challenging, and anarchic -- principles to which the band has clung, musical genre notwithstanding, ever since their inception.

From the time of their debut album, The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strnen, the Mekons had turned into a slightly more accomplished post-punk band that, like their pals in Gang of Four, wielded trebly guitars and shouted vocals over semi-funky rhythms tracks. The songs lacked focus, but this was a bizarre record that, for all of its oddly ingratiating music, offered little insight as to whom was making it. This remained true for a couple of years or so as the band (basically Langford, Greenhalgh, Kevin Lycett, and whomever else they could rope into a session) made one exciting, enigmatic, and extremely difficult-to-find record after another.

In 1985, after it seemed the earth had swallowed them whole, the Mekons released the startling Fear and Whiskey, a ragged country album influenced by the ghosts of Hank Williams and Gram Parsons that was unlike anything they'd ever recorded. Thus began the second coming of the Mekons, who finally began to reach an underground/alternative rock audience that had missed them the first time around. Soon they began touring more frequently, putting on clamorous, exciting shows. Talented new members jumped on board, like violinist Suzie Honeyman and singer Sally Timms, and even former Pretty Thing Dick Taylor was a Mekon for a while; records started coming out with more frequency and, despite considerable trouble from major labels that sent them back to the indies, could be found in nearly any record store. From Fear and Whiskey through subsequent records including The Mekons Rock 'n' Roll, Curse of the Mekons, Retreat from Memphis, and Natural, they continually reinvented themselves: sodden country band, wiseass folk-rock band, cranked-up guitar band, trouble-making punk band. Whatever the scenario, what has remained consistent throughout the Mekons' existence has been great music.

After an extended recording break of four years, and Touch & Go's Quarterstick imprint reissuing key titles in their catalog, the Mekons returned to recording with the same lineup they'd employed since the mid-'80s with the concept album Ancient & Modern: 1911-2011 on Bloodshot. The set tracked history -- via the Mekons' deadly sense of humor and politically astute, ironic rock & roll -- from the Edwardian era just before the First World War to the humanitarian crisis in Sarajevo, to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to surveillance cameras being used in virtually every metropolitain community in Great Britain. The group's next two projects confirmed that the Mekons still had a taste for adventure and experimentation. Arriving in 2015, Jura was a largely acoustic collaboration with American singer/songwriter Robbie Fulks, entirely written and recorded during a monthlong stay on an island off the Scottish coast whose principal employer is a distillery. And 2016's Existentialism was recorded during a gathering of friends, admirers, and collaborators during a special performance in Red Hook, Brooklyn, using the guiding concept "Why should a record take more time to record than it does to listen to?" Both albums were originally issued in limited editions, and then made available in 2017 in more readily available versions by Bloodshot Records.

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Here's where it all began. Not the best Mekons album available, but Quality, along with their second album, Devils, Rats and Piggies, and a A Special Message from Godzilla (Red Rhino, 1980, now out of print) shows off the Mekons' noisy, avant-garde side. It's abrasive and not as user-friendly as their later records, but this was an exciting time for British punk-rock, and this music, as dense and difficult as it may be, reflects punk's seemingly limitless possibilities. .

Mekons - The Quality Of Mercy Is Not Strnen (flac  357mb)
01 Like Spoons No More 2:05
02 Join Us In The Countryside 2:05
03 Rosanne 2:34
04 Trevira Trousers 4:05
05 After 6 4:53
06 What Are We Going To Do Tonight 1:48
07 What 2:08
08 Watch The Film 3:18
09 Beetroot 4:12
10 I Saw You Dance 2:17
11 Lonely And Wet 5:03
12 Dan Dare 2:32
13 Teeth 3:27
14 Guardian 4:15
15 Kill 4:40
16 Stay Cool 4:02
17 Work All Week 3:16
18 Unknown Wrecks 3:13

Mekons - The Quality Of Mercy Is Not Strnen   (ogg  142mb)

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Released in 1985, Fear and Whiskey is credited as the album that began the alt-country marketing category. True or not, it shouldn't be held against one of the greatest records ever. The Mekons were one of the most loved and hated bands on the late-'70s/early-'80s punk scenes in England. In 1984 they began touring with drummer Steve Goulding (Graham Parker & the Rumour) and bassist Lu Edmonds (PIL, Damned), who joined John Langford, Tom Greenhalgh, and Kevin Lycett. To record Fear and Whiskey they added fiddler Suzie Honeyman and guitarist Dick Taylor. The original disc was issued on the band's own Sin Records to much ballyhoo by critics like Greil Marcus. A few years later, Rough Trade reissued it with a few EPs added and called it Original Sin. This version is the original, completely remastered by the band. Musically Fear and Whiskey is awash in the delirium of the Reagan and Thatcher '80s. Country melodies collide into reggae rhythms and drones to create a forlorn tale in "Trouble Down South"; the title track is pure Hank hillbilly with lyrics that may not be as simple and poetic but do the job, as the tune creates a base from which to pick up the bottle or dance. But it's not all country and roots, unless those roots still include the dynamic of shambolic punk rock, which is the core of "Hard to Be Human Again." Despite its country melody line, which falls apart constantly, the guitars blare and falter, the drums pound on needlessly, and the band cavorts the tune like it's the end of the gig and it only track three. Seriously, there isn't a song on this disc that Langford and Greenhalgh don't turn into some epic repudiation of capitalism, depersonalization, greed, and social engineering. The fact is, these serious topics are dealt with in a piss-take way to music that carries everything from honky tonk, hillbilly, rockabilly, reggae, punk rock, and folk melodies all entwined with each other in a myriad of ways so complex, so drunkenly passionate, you just have to laugh -- as you dance, that is. A bona fide classic.

Mekons - Fear and Whiskey (flac  239mb)
01 Chivalry 4:04
02 Trouble Down South 4:15
03 Hard To Be Human Again 3:59
04 Darkness And Doubt 5:16
05 Psycho Cupid (Danceband On The Edge Of Time) 2:52
06 Flitcraft 3:23
07 Country 2:55
08 Abernant 1984/5 2:21
09 Last Dance 3:13
10 Lost Highway 3:00

Mekons - Fear and Whiskey   (ogg  78mb)

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Asking a Mekons fan to select a favorite Mekons record is crazy -- there isn't one; there are many. But, if the situation were such that a choice had to be made, this might be the record. Loud, unruly guitars, pissed-off vocals -- the Mekons have made an unregenerate, unapologetic punk rock record. This is a dark record, one that comfortably negotiates the dark recesses of rock & roll. They rip the messianic aspirations of U2's Bono ("Blow Your Tuneless Trumpet"), sing a tale of substance abuse that is both cautionary and parodic ("Cocaine Lil"), all the while cranking up a sonic tar pit of guitar noise. Bands this far on in a career, generally speaking, don't make records this good. But The Mekons Rock 'n' Roll is one of those cathartic records that only righteously indignant, justifiably pissed-off, grizzled veterans could make. Sadly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it sold next to nothing and precipitated the band's departure from A&M, who didn't want to release another record like this one.

Mekons - Rock N Roll   (flac  307mb)

01 Memphis, Egypt 3:54
02 Club Mekon 3:27
03 Only Darkness Has The Power 3:26
04 Ring O' Roses 4:05
05 Learning To Live On Your Own 4:34
06 Cocaine Lil 2:49
07 Empire Of The Senseless 4:34
08 Someone 2:43
09 Amnesia 4:28
10 I Am Crazy 3:26
11 Heaven And Back 3:15
12 Blow Your Tuneless Trumpet 3:56
13 Echo 4:31
14 When Darkness Falls 3:53

Mekons - Rock N Roll   (ogg  114mb)

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great post ... but i rather think your simplistic assessment of world jewry is completely false... countries are no longer sovereign states they are primarily run by the business and corporate interests so enmeshed and intertwined with the ruling classes who benefit from war and chaos... get rich from the war on terror ... that perpetual bogie men have to be propagandized into existence... the us spends half of its gdp on the military industrial complex and a large proportion of weapons manufacturing companies are british, american and french not so coincidently the countries which are scrabbling to maintain hegemony over their crumbling neo-colonial empires ... Israel Saudi Arabia , the anlo 5 eyes states , are vassals who also benefit from plunder ..... but seriously world jewry, as a homogeneous group is just nonsensical ... the protocols of the elders of zion all over again... think about it....

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