May 1, 2018

RhoDeo 1817 Roots


Today's artists stem from the Andean mountains, i'll promise you they don't yodel  .   N'Joy

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This is not a run of the mill sampler created by Sony France, they manege to introduce 8 Andean groups of different origen and vision, it makes for 100 tracks or 255 minutes of escapism into these mysterious Andean mountains.
Santiago 23 tracks, Viracocha 21 tracks, Los Craneos 25 tracks, Los Indios De Cuzco 10 tracks, Los Glochos 8 tracks, Karumanta 5 tracks, Quintin Gutierrez 4 tracks, Conjunto Canones 4 tracks.

A splendid journey through the Andean countries offered by eight groups impressed with a beautiful musicality and playing traditional instruments: quena, siku, charango, guitar, harp and various rhythmic instruments. All the best known titles of this kind  "tubes" El Condor Pasa, however, amputated its final, La Peregrinacion, La Colegiala, La Misa Criolla, the original theme of La Lambada, but also many other beautiful melodies happy or melancholy.If you like the shimmering music and rhythmic  from South America you will be delighted.

Santiago - Tresors des Andes 1   (flac  302mb)

01 El Condor Pasa
02 La Peregrinacion (Alouette, Alouette)
03 Tupa Yupanki
04 Sikuris De Los Andes
05 El Humahuaqueno (Fete Des Fleurs)
06 Amarru
07 Chacarera Mochica
08 La Muneca
09 Cumbia Andina
10 Saya Potosina
11 Fiesta De Los Ninos
12 La Sorpresa
13 Pachakuti
14 Huayno De La Tierra
15 Cuequita Del Novio
16 La Colegiala
17 Huayno Del Condor
18 Baila Cholita
19 Lamento Indio
20 Ecos De Los Andes

Santiago - Tresors des Andes 1 (ogg   133mb )


Various - Tresors des Andes 2   (flac  297mb)

 01 Misa Criolla, Kyrie (Karumanta)
 02 Misa Criolla, Gloria (Karumanta)
 03 Misa Criolla, Credo (Karumanta)
 04 Misa Criolla, Sanctus (Karumanta)
 05 Misa Criolla, Agnus Dei (Karumanta)
 06 La Virgen Sola (Los Craneos)
 07 Lagrima India (Los Craneos)
 08 Charango Solo (Los Indios De Cuzco)
 09 Bosque (Santiago)
 10 El Chuianco (Los Indios De Cuzco)
 11 Servania (Los Indios De Cuzco)
 12 Rogativa Del Loncomeo (Los Indios De Cuzco)
 13 La Marcha (Los Indios De Cuzco)
 14 Canto Del Cuculi (Los Indios De Cuzco)
 15 Tutalla Manta (Los Indios De Cuzco)
 16 Charaumita (Los Indios De Cuzco)
 17 El Inca (Los Craneos)
 18 Moyobamba (Los Craneos)
 19 Cuando El Sol Sale (Los Craneos)
 20 Las Flores De Mi Pais (Los Craneos)

Various - Tresors des Andes 2 (ogg  128mb)


Various - Tresors des Andes 3   (flac  357mb)

 01 Llorando Se Fue (Los Glochos)
 02 Cosas Del Amor (Los Glochos)
 03 Machaskito (Los Glochos)
 04 Chapare (Los Glochos)
 05 Arkaira (Los Glochos)
 06 La Yungena (Los Glochos)
 07 Amor Perdido (Los Glochos)
 08 Coplas De La Sequilla (Los Glochos)
 09 Regreso a Chile (Quintin Gutierrez)
 10 Dulce Cana (Quintin Gutierrez)
 11 Melodia Triste (Quintin Gutierrez)
 12 Linda Rosa (Quintin Gutierrez)
 13 Adelina (Viracocha)
 14 Anata (Viracocha)
 15 Vicunitas (Viracocha)
 16 Senora Chichera (Viracocha)
 17 Illampu (Viracocha)
 18 Pito Pito (Viracocha)
 19 Marcha India (Viracocha)
 20 La Desdenosa (Viracocha)

Various - Tresors des Andes 3 (ogg  152 mb)


 Various - Tresors des Andes 4 ( flac  242mb)

01 Sikureada (Los Indios De Cuzco)
02 La Llamada (Los Indios De Cuzco)
03 El Poncho Rojo (Los Craneos)
04 El Indio Del Altiplano (Los Craneos)
05 La Llamada De Los Buitres (Los Craneos)
06 Carnavalito (Los Craneos)
07 Las Chullpas (Los Craneos)
08 La Feria De Puno (Los Craneos)
09 Titicaca (Los Craneos)
10 Rosita (Los Craneos)
11 Hacia El Carnaval (Santiago)
12 La Bruja (Los Craneos)
13 Cuzco (Los Craneos)
14 Bailecito De La Abeja (Los Craneos)
15 La Chicha De Punata (Los Craneos)
16 Maria Luisa (Los Craneos)
17 La Muerte Del Inca (Los Craneos)
18 Poncho Color Del Viento (Santiago)
19 Chasquinanes (Conjunto Canones)
20 Pa' Ti Cholita (Conjunto Canones)

Various - Tresors des Andes 4   (ogg   106mb)


 Various - Tresors des Andes 5 ( flac  300mb)

01 La Piojosa (Conjunto Canones)
02 Kena Misky (Conjunto Canones)
03 Mi Juana (Viracocha)
04 Mambo De Machaguay (Viracocha)
05 Quiaquenita (Viracocha)
06 Huayno De La Roca (Viracocha)
07 Nace El Carnaval (Viracocha)
08 El Puma (Viracocha)
09 Soncoiman (Viracocha)
10 Carro Podrido (Viracocha)
11 El Pobrecito (Viracocha)
12 Chinchasuyu (Viracocha)
13 Cuequita De Los Coyas (Viracocha)
14 Yaravi Weracocha (Viracocha)
15 Cantando En Mi Valle (Viracocha)
16 Attia (Los Craneos)
17 Paisaje Argentino (Los Craneos)
18 La Gaviota Borracha (Los Craneos)
19 Venezuela (Los Craneos)
20 Taquirari (Los Craneos)

Various - Tresors des Andes 5   (ogg   130mb)

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Anonymous said...

I've tended to avoid a lot of your South American posts, not for lack of interest, but simply because of lack of time and having other priorities lined up in front of them. But this looks like a great, must own, introductory set to have (and the fact that you would choose to post them is basically a recommendation in itself.) So I shall be getting these and squirreling them away for the (hopefully not too distant) future. Many thanks as always!