Apr 1, 2018

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Today one of the many projects of Daniel Myer, there are not many who have so many different projects with such variety and yet a surprisingly high quality.  Fans of Haujobb's ambient-side should have no problem finding their way here, as well as fanatics of the so-called clicks'n'-cut genre.   .... N'joy

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Haujobb are part of the newest wave of electronic dance acts to come storming out of Europe. Along with such other notables as :wumpscut: and VNV Nation, Haujobb are bringing, if possible, an even newer surge of adrenaline to a genre that already seems expanding to burst.

Haujobb formed as a trio in 1993 in Germany, with B. Junemann being the third member to the current duo of Dejan Samardzic and Daniel Myer. Their first release was on cassette only, the now hopelessly out of print Drift Wheeler. This embryonic issue brought them to the attention of Off Beat records, who released their first CD, Homes and Gardens, later that same year. Haujobb's first German tour occurred in 1994, along with the American release of Homes and Gardens and their first single, Eye Over You.

In 1995, Haujobb attained its current configuration with the departure of B. Junemann. The duo went on to release their second CD, Freeze Frame Reality, and began doing remixes for other bands, including Front Line Assembly and Download. The Frames CD was released, which featured both new material and a number of remixes done by such luminaries as cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy/Download, Adi Newton of Clock DVA, and Mentallo and the Fixer. In the midst of all this activity, a second tour of Germany was successfully launched.

During 1996 the band took part in The Remix Wars Part 1 - :wumpscut: vs. Haujobb, in which each band remixed several tracks from each other's repertoire. It also saw their first full European tour, as well as their debut on America's Metropolis Records, with the highly successful Cleaned Visions single and their drum and bass influenced full length CD, Solutions for a Small Planet. In 1997 came the release of their double EP, Matrix, with one disc of new and remixed electronica material and one disc of samples, while 1998 saw the release of two side projects, Newt and Cleen; as well as the release of the single Less. The second Cleen product, Second Path, with the Haujobb electronica CD, Ninety-nine, both hit the street in early 1999. The remixes from that album, Ninety-nine Remixes, was released in late 1999.

The long awaited return of the architects of sound, Haujobb has finally occurred. Polarity marks the end of a two year hiatus for Haujobb, who take this release to the edge of electronic extremes and beyond. Quite possibly their best album ever, Polarity is packed with electro break beats, ambient structures, and tweaked intricacies that deliver a wide spectrum of sound to fill the quietest void or largest chasm. Embark on a kaleidoscopic journey as Haujobb lead you between extremes of Polarity.

After releasing the highly anticipated Polarity album in 2001, Haujobb returned eight months later with yet another new single, "Penetration". The single gave great incite into what to expect from the new album, Vertical Theory. As Daniel Myer, mastermind behind Haujobb, described the album "a little trance, a little EBM, a little industrial, a little ambient, and a little bit dance, but with that Haujobb 'feel'."

Almost two years after the release of the album Vertical Theory, Haujobb returned with an album of remixed and reinvented tracks. Highly sought after for their legendary remixes, Haujobb now has the favor returned to them by their friends including well known acts such as Glis, Seabound, and This Morn’ Omina. In addition, Vertical Mixes contained two new tracks and mixes from Haujobb themselves.

Haujobb stated that they were ending their musical career with a final concert at Amphi Festival (Cologne) 19/07/2008, although a recent blog post (dated May 22 2009) suggests that this is no longer the case and that the band is simply taking a break from music. In February 2009, Metropolis Records released the out of print Freeze Frame Reality as a digital only release. Frames-The Remix Album was digitally released the following May.

In 2011 Haujobb released a new album with the title "New World March" which according to the band uses more hardware, guitars, drums, and sound recordings compared to software based Vertical Theory of 2003. In 2013 Haujobb created their own production label, Basic Unit Productions, and began releasing other artists such as Div|ider, Blush Response, and Black Nail Cabaret. Basic Unit Productions also released two compilations under the title, "Frost". In September 2015, Haujobb released the minimal-wave influenced, "Blendwerk" on Basic Unit Productions in Germany and on Negative Gain Productions in the United States.

Today, both Daniel Myer and Dejan Samardzic continue to record music under the name Haujobb – the duo also briefly recorded as Dots+Dashes. Myer has several other projects of his own, including Architect, Clear Vision (initially a collaboration with Thorsten Meier) as well as a number of other short-lived electronic projects. Myer, along with Claire Voyant's Victoria Lloyd, form HMB, whilst Newt is a collaboration with Andreas Meyer of Forma Tadre. The most recent of Myer's side-projects is Destroid, also featuring Rinaldo Ribi Bite and Sebastian Ullmann.

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If you pine for the glory days of industrial music when bands like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb ruled the late-night MTV airwaves, then this is the band for you. Haujobb's sound is less assaultive than Nitzer Ebb's and just a bit more melodic than Front 242's, but the basic elements of vintage industrial dance music are all there: the Teutonic band name, the Teutonic accents, the digitally astringent Teutonic synthesizer beats, the cyber-dystopian design sense (here's a sample song title: "Sect2S-W"; here 's a sample song description: "RT=00:5:12:52 BPM=134"). Despite their best efforts, this duo manages to sound pretty human, though; there are actual melodies peaking through the jackboot rhythms, and those synthesizers, sterile as they may be, are often surprisingly pretty. This is an impressive return to form for a band that really needs to get into the studio more often.
'polarity' returns to what haujobb does best - industrial dance music. but if you've ever heard a single haujobb song, you know this is top-notch industrial dance music. after the debatable failure of haujobb's last release 'ninetynine', 'polarity' regresses back to the 'solutions…' era sound that many fans consider to be the band's pinnacle point. this isn't 'solutions…' part 2, but possibly the next logical step for "industrial" haujobb (as opposed to "ambient" haujobb). every track on 'polarity' plays like a gem, with huge dancefloor potential as well as inviting headphone accessibility. songs like 'unseeing', 'boom operator', 'last hero', and 'subsonic' contain delicious myer-brand basslines, heavy, razor-sharp snares, pounding bass kicks, and clever lyrics. as with the last cleaner album 'solaris', myer's vocals are more predominant and melodic, but by no means perfect. The fourth track 'demon', suffers from the vocals, leaving the intriguing rhythms somewhat out of reach. The rest of the album contains the music everything a haujobb fan could hope for: tight, complex dance structures, memorable harmonies, and surging basslines. 'polarity' is a strong piece of work, sure to please any haujobb fan. With a reflection on their industrial roots, haujobb comes back with a brilliant combination of accessible vocals, brilliant basslines, slick ambient moments, and captivating rhythms. This is at least a few years ahead of the current slew of VNV blueprints, standing firmly unmatched after 7 years of critical acclaim. As they've consistently done throughout the band's career, haujobb again defies the boundaries of innovation and proves to their critics and fans that they are truly the kings of the industrial dance sound. One of this year's best…

Haujobb - Polarity (flac 347mb)

01 Sect1S-E 0:45
02 Subsonic 5:12
03 Sect2N-E 0:15
04 Sinus Problem 4:55
05 Sect1S-W 0:25
06 Centuries In Me 4:27
07 Sect3N-N-E 0:32
08 Demon 4:53
09 Sect2S-W 0:23
10 Boom Operator 5:51
11 Sect5E 0:22
12 Last Hero 5:24
13 Sect4S-S-W 0:57
14 Unseeing 5:54
15 Sect4W 0:24
16 Violator 4:38
17 Sect7N-E 1:02
18 Your Pilot 5:16
19 Sect7S-S-W 0:38

Haujobb - Polarity (ogg  137mb)

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Haujobb - Penetration EP (flac 382mb)

01 Penetration 4:17
02 Penetration (Floormix) 6:43
03 Course (Instrumental) 6:29
04 Penetration (Forma Tadre Rmx) 5:19
05 Penetration (Assemblage 23 Rmx) 6:11
06 Unseeing (Edit By Guido Le Frick) 4:46
07 Penetration (Future Fuck Rmx) 7:56
08 Penetration (Converter Rmx) 4:59
09 Dream Aid (Filtered Thru Assemblage 23) 5:58
10 Penetration (Amalgamous Rmx) 3:24

Haujobb - Penetration EP (ogg 141mb)

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The best industrial bands, if they're commercially successful enough to stay in business long enough, eventually learn how to relax a bit and let themselves expand beyond the stylistic strictures of industrial's four-on-the-floor jackboot beats and Teutonic yelling. Vertical Theory marks Haujobb's tenth anniversary as a band and demonstrates that they have achieved that kind of maturity, a level of skill and self-confidence that allows them to explore everything from dubbed-out EBM to trancy dance music and a strange sort of ambient industrial. There is a nice variety of beats, sometimes within a single tune -- thudding house rhythms will suddenly give way to a funky breakbeat, and then back again. "Renegades of Noize" is an auspicious opener, combining a digital but warm and complex rhythmic texture with an almost melodic vocal line. "Noise Institute" starts off with a subtly jungly beat before lapsing into something a bit more gruff and housy; the dub-inflected "Slide" starts off in a cool industrial mode but eventually gets monotonous over the course of its six-minute length. What these songs are all missing, as usual, is anything approaching a real melody. That doesn't have to be a fatal flaw, if the beats and textures are interesting enough, and most of the time they are on this album.

Haujobb - Vertical Theory (flac 368mb)

01 Renegades Of Noize 5:04
02 S.adow 4:30
03 The Noise Institute 3:43
04 A Terrifying Truth 5:28
05 Metric 5:05
06 Concrete 5:03
07 Slide 5:59
08 Platform 5:10
09 Claim The Planet 4:12
10 Faith In Chaos 5:54
11 Penetration (Fuck The Floor) 4:50

Haujobb - Vertical Theory (ogg   141mb)

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Industrial and EBM bands almost always benefit from the remix treatment, because the problem these kinds of bands run into isn't usually a lack of good raw material -- rather, their problem is usually that they all take the same, cookie-cutter approach to their raw material. Nicely crafted synthesizer textures, sturdy beats, and even the occasional interesting chord progression all get jammed into the same by-the-numbers death-disco rhythmic framework, and too often the musical results are completely interchangeable from one band to another. But if you set a gaggle of talented cut-and-paste artists on the master tapes, things can start to get interesting. That's what happens on this collection of remixes based on tracks from 2003's Vertical Theory album, which also includes a handful of what seem to be outtakes from the same sessions. (And actually, Haujobb had a head start anyway since their original material is unusually rhythmically and texturally varied to begin with.) The featured remix artists include Asche (whose surprisingly subtle, almost gentle treatment of Renegades of Noize is an album highlight), Glis (who brings a cool rhythmic sophistication to "Slide"), and Haujobb themselves, whose dark and minimalist mix of "Metric" is another highlight track.

Haujobb - Vertical Mixes  (flac 436mb)

01 Mind Crush 4:51
02 Renegades Of Noize (Remix) 6:18
03 Perpetual Motion 4:59
04 Metric (Remix) 5:20
05 Platform (Remix) 5:09
06 Vs. This Morn' Omina - We Are The Renegades Of Noize 4:23
07 Slide (Glis Remix) 4:59
08 Platform (Seabound Remix) 4:53
09 Metric (Hecq Reemiqs) 4:21
10 Renegades Of Noize (Asche Remix) 5:09
11 S_adow (Backlash Remix) 4:53
12 S_adow (Shok's Scrambled Egg Mix) 5:05
13 The Noise Institute (1994 Mix By Iszoloscope) 5:34

Haujobb - Vertical Mixes  (ogg 170mb)

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