Apr 20, 2018

RhoDeo 1815 Grooves


Today a very well picked & stylish collection of acid jazz/ jazzdance/ hip hop at first, expanding into trip hop, latin grooves, trip hop & jungle on later releases. Most tracks compiled by dj Patrick Forge of Da Lata fame. The combination of funk and jazz with hip hop beats and Latin rhythms, originated in the late 1980s from the club revival of old jazz and funk records (weird grooves). The sampling of jazz and funk, with the aim of finding a hook or groove for a new song, is also called acid jazz. The genre was especially popular in England, where groups such as Incognito, Jamiroquai and Brand New Heavies made good decorations in the nineties with a smooth jazz funk sound. Jazzdance shares many style characteristics with fusion and jazz rock, although jazz dance (through the use of danceable drum loops) is more focused on the dance floor. ..... 'N Joy

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The Rebirth of Cool series was one of Patrick Forge's projects that would last through-out the 90's. He was involved in quite a bit at the time of this one and the time represented a pivotal juncture in musical paths and careers. Several genres were on the verge of taking off; from underground to electronic to nu-bossa and break-beats, Patrick was in the middle of it all - and then some. Also spinning with Gilles Peterson and the radio shows, to various other projects that existed and would soon exist like Batu and Da Lata, these were truly exciting times. And meshing with a general musical sentiment, you had this series in a time when acid-jazz and music from all over the world was kind of coming together.

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The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 5   (flac 478mb)

01 Jhelisa - Friendly Pressure 6:07
02 Coldcut - Eine Kleine Hed Musick 4:09
03 Massive Attack - Karmakoma (Portishead Experience) 3:58
04 Leena Conquest And Hip Hop Finger - Boundaries 4:45
05 Ben Harper - Whipping Boy (Remix) 5:15
06 Kruder & Dorfmeister - Deep Shit Parts 1 & 2 5:28
07 Tricky - Hell Is Round The Corner 3:47
08 Freakpower - Turn On, Tune In, Find Joy 5:04
09 Portishead - Revenge Of The Number 3:22
10 Bomb The Bass Feat. Justin Warfield - Bug Powder Dust (La Funk Mob Remix) 5:36
11 UFO - United Future Airlines (Astral Hi-Jack Mix) 5:30
12 D*Note - Iniquity Worker 5:40
13 Method Man - Release Yo'Delf (Prodigy Mix) 5:55
14 Paul Weller - Kosmos (Lynch Mob Bonus Beats) 4:35
15 MC Solaar - Nouveau Western 3:39
16 Beastie Boys - Get It Together 4:07

.The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 5  (ogg  171mb)

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The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 6    (flac 468mb)

01 Smoke City - Underwater Love 6:00
02 iO - Claire 5:53
03 Outside - To Forgive But Not To Forget 5:53
04 Nicolette - You Are Heaven Sent 4:09
05 Lamb - Cotton Wool (Fila Brazillia Mix) 5:59
06 L.T.J. Bukem - Horizons 6:01
07 Nitin Sawhney - Migration 5:45
08 Da Lata - Ponteio 5:15
09 Akasha - Jazz Garage 5:09
10 Alex Reece - Feel The Sunshine 3:51
11 Ernest Ranglin - Surfin' 4:08
12 Luciano Meets The Jungle Brothers - Who Could It Be (Jungle Brothers Mix - Radio Edit) 4:00
13 Lewis Taylor - Bittersweet 5:34
14 D.J. Pulse & Jazz Cartel - Street Player 4:25
15 Dave Angel - Rudiments 5:10

The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 6  (ogg  173mb )

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 The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 7    (flac  424mb)

01 Abstract Truth - Get Another Plan (Extended Mix) 6:21
02 Ian O'Brien - Monkey Jazz 7:03
03 Blaze - My Beat 5:21
04 Universal Being - Size Of An Elephant 6:37
05 Spacer - Contrazoom 5:57
06 Underwolves - The Redeemer 6:47
07 DJ Skitz* Alongside Roots Manuva - Where My Mind Is At 4:42
08 New Sector Movements - My History/Feel The Spirit (Afro History Part 11) 8:55
09 Kerri* & Joe Escravos - De Jo 7:24
10 Dean Fraser - African Elation 8:51

The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 7  (ogg  164mb)


The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 7-2   (flac 430mb)

01 The Amalgamation Of Soundz - Tears For The Yazd 6:37
02 Karime Kendra - Chemical Imbalance (DJ Die Mix) 6:00
03 State Of Bengal - Elephant Ride 6:23
04 Luciano - Life (Da Lata Mix) 5:42
05 Faze Action - Plans & Designs 7:32
06 Tala Quintet Feat. The Vocals Of Manorama Prasad - Na-Da 6:28
07 Bill Riley - In At The Deep End 6:31
08 Roni Size - Ballet Dance 6:41
09 Fused Up - Impressions 8:39
10 The Mighty Strinth - What Is It? 10:11

. The Rebirth Of Cool Vol. 7-2  (ogg  154mb)

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ted mills said...

Excellent post. I've never ever seen RoC 7 at all.

Francois Villaret said...

Excellent indeed! But ogg links for 7 and 7-2 are dead (www.maxmirror.com/ can't be reached, after many attemps). Any direct zippyshare links, please?

Rho said...

Hello Francois, i'm sorry about that Maxmirror is gone-Iknow but if you really want Rebirth 7 why not download the flac version and transcode it to ogg using your player (most players have that function.

Francois Villaret said...

Thanks Rho, I will do that. But it takes much longer with my third world Internet connection.
Note that you have uploaded twice the same album in two different Groove posts: The Rebirth of Cool 5 and The Rebirth of Cool Phive.
And The Rebirth of Cool 1 (one) is absent.
Thanks for this, and for all the good work and patience