May 14, 2017

Sundaze 1720

Hello, you might have read about the latest ransomwhere shite that is going on at the moment, well Microsoft has deemed us non paying XP users the patch they made for the paying ones, they considered it too serious a threat to let the ransomware ravege more computers. XP Security Update download and paste it into Windows and let it run, you will have to restart.

On a side note Portugal won Eurovision with a sentimental tune dear oh dear... The F1 boys are in Barcelona the place where Max Verstappen wrote history last year when becoming the youngest winner ever of a grand prix, he's 19 now and who knows he might do it again, the 2 upfront Hamilton and Vettel might take eachother out and Bottas and Raikonen will need a very good start to keep Verstappen behind after that not much excitement is foreseen. Alonso could provide such if his car reaches the finish, he starts as the best of the rest...

Today's Artist was an enigmatic multi-instrumentalist draws from the diverse culture and history of his Mexican homeland, Reyes combines flute, pre-Columbian instruments, and percussion with synthesizers and voice to cast a spell of ritualistic intensity. Like shadows from Mexico's sultry and savage past, his music has a dark quality to it that sometimes scares off the unprepared, but adventurous listeners will find plenty to admire in his evocation of jungles, jaguars, and Aztec rites. ....N'Joy

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Reyes was born on September 24, 1952, in Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico with the name Jorge Valencia. He was not a Native Mexican, but played many Prehispanic instruments to which he was exposed from an early age in his village. Reyes attended the National School of Music, Mexico (Escuela Nacional de Musica de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, or UNAM) 1970–1975, studying the flute. During this time, he formed two seminal Mexican rock bands, Al Universo and Nuevo México, influenced by Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd but incorporating native musical instruments. In 1976, his growing interest in jazz led to spending a year in Hamburg, Germany, where he studied improvisation with Herb Geller. As part of this training, he traveled through Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. In 1978, he attended a Hindu music course in the Himalayas, in which he studied traditional Indian flute and percussion techniques. On these overseas trips, he began collecting many native instruments.

After returning to Mexico, Reyes founded the band Chac Mool with drummer Armando Suárez and keyboardist Carlos Alvarado, which was one of the first Mexican progressive rock bands. The band recorded four well-received albums, on which Reyes played flute and guitar, before disbanding.

In 1985, Reyes began a prolific solo career. He collaborated with several other new-age and electronic musicians, including American synthesist Steve Roach, Mexican singer and multi-instrumentalist Arturo Meza (of the band Decibel), Spanish guitarist Suso Saiz, Mexican percussionist Juan Carlos López, German synthesist Elmar Schulte (of the band Solitaire), Deep Forest, and others.

His music was used frequently in Mexican radio and television programs. He performed many concerts at famous Mexican archeological sites such as Malinalco, Teotihuacan, Templo Mayor, Chichen Itza, and Tenango del Valle. His annual Día de los Muertos concerts at UNAM were popular events. He also gave many concerts at the Espacio Escultórico de Ciudad Universitaria, where he collaborated with dancer and choreographer Regina Quintero.

Reyes died from a heart attack at his recording studio in Mexico City on Saturday February 7, 2009. He was 56 years old. He had three children—Citlalli, Ridwan (with Ursula Kipp), and Erendira (with Ariane Pellicer). The largest ethnic and experimental Country musician died, Jorge Reyes Valencia died in his sleep in his study, cardiac arrest not let him wake up again, the biggest driver of national ethnic music went, he went a musician who never was and maybe never be sufficiently valued, a considerable number of people have had contact with his work mostly unknowingly, few people know and fewer has closely followed his career.

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It is easy to grasp the concept that Suspended Memories is one of the greatest e-music trios ever. Each member -- Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes, and Suso Saiz -- had a brilliant solo career before forging ahead as a trio. Earth Island, the group's second album, explores the concept of this planet as an island in the sea called the galaxy. The composition titles make references to the dawn of man and hide isolation and desolation. The music is deep, inspirational, and distant. Roach, Reyes, and Saiz bring their own spiritualities to the table along with their own sound worlds. When they emerge, they emerge as one. This work is an amalgamation of three distinct entities that intertwine and interact seamlessly. They do not just bring out the best in each other; they bring the totality of each other. The dark atmospheres are full of ethnic spirituality and cultural richness. There are no holes. This is a great album from a trio of great artists.

Suspended Memories - Earth Island  (flac 264mb)

01 The Sky Opens 4:16
02 Earth Island 13:33
03 Curandera 7:52
04 Melting World 8:10
05 First Man (Watakame) 4:33
06 Places Inbetween 11:42
07 First Blessing 7:35
08 El Mitote 3:35

Suspended Memories - Earth Island   (ogg 128mb)

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Jorge Reyes tenth album, Mexican artist whose greatest accomplishment has been to rescue part of American pre-Columbian music, recovering ancient instruments and creating with them and with a mixture of old synthesizers and electronic music, with an enigmatic result.

Jorge Reyes - The Flayed God (flac  195mb)

01 Agua Celeste 3:33
02 Al Filo De Obsidiana 3:14
03 Xipe Totec - The Flayed One (part 1) 3:40
04 Xipe Totec - The Flayed One (part 2) 2:36
05 Danza Del Tambor 3:01
06 Macehual 3:13
07 Arbol Sagrado 1:30
08 Nahual Negro (part 1) 1:17
09 Nahual Negro (part 2) 3:09
10 Luna Caracol 4:25
11 El Senor De La Aurora 4:25
12 Rio De Nueve Corrientes 3:42

 (ogg  mb)

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"Mort vaches aux" (or "Death to the cows") , is the title of a radio program in Holland with live broadcasts of various artists, especially electronic music. Jorge Reyes was invited to participate in 1996, then a disc with the music of the issue in a limited edition was published.

Jorge Reyes - Mort Aux Vaches (flac 220mb)

01 Ritual Mask Prayer 6:45
02 Plight 9:26
03 Premonition 5:38
04 Cocijo 7:11
05 Teyolia Sky Of The Sun 3:44
06 Improviżation - Long Piece For Live Radio Show 19:41

Jorge Reyes - Mort Aux Vaches  (ogg 116mb)

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There is a mysterious, earthy intensity to Jorge Reyes' work that's an exception to the light, semi-commercial fare that usually sits under the world music banner. This quality is often at its most visceral when he sings and chants amid the percussion, flutes, synths and sundry other native instruments that make up his exotic sound.

Jorge Reyes - Rituales Prehispanicos   (flac 242mb)

01 Ojo De Reptil 4:25
02 Los Señores Del Tiempo 3:50
03 Nahui Atl (Cuartro Agua) 9:19
04 Vines Of The Serpent 4:30
05 Danza Del Chapareke 2:16
06 Oración A Los Espiritus Del Viento Nocturno 12:01
07 Tlazolteotl 3:35
08 El Agua Y Los Sueños 4:50
09 Little Flowers Of The Gods 4:31

Jorge Reyes - Rituales Prehispanicos  (ogg  122mb)

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