May 6, 2017

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Today's artists are a New York City octet, one of three funk and/or disco bands in which producer/keyboardist Randy Muller was involved. Muller organized the group and they recorded for Salsoul from the late '70s until 1984. Their biggest hit was "Call Me" in 1981, an R&B chart-topper. They could do sweeping funk tracks, dance-oriented cuts, or light ballads..... N'joy

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Skyy was formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1973, when sisters Denise, Delores, and Bonnie Dunning first met musician Solomon Roberts, Jr. The record producer/keyboardist Randy Muller (who was also a member Brass Construction and an arranger for B.T. Express) soon became involved with the project. By 1976, the Skyy lineup of the three Dunning sisters as vocalists, Roberts as the male vocalist/guitarist, Anibal Anthony Sierra on guitars and keyboards, Larry Greenberg on keyboards, Gerald Lebon on bass, and Tommy McConnell on drums had solidified.

In the late 1970s, Skyy signed to Salsoul Records. After several albums that saw moderate success in the R&B market, the group crossed over to the mainstream in a big way with the release of the Skyy Line album in late 1981. Featured on this album was the single "Call Me", which gave the group their first (and only, to date) top 40 hit on the pop charts, peaking at number 26 in 1982. It also became the first of several number one R&B hits for Skyy. Meanwhile, the group continued to record for the Salsoul label up through the release of their 1984 Inner City album (Salsoul would fold in 1985), scoring several additional hits on the R&B chart during that time.

In the mid-1980s, the group signed with Capitol Records and released their next album, From the Left Side in 1986. Apart from the top ten R&B single, "Givin' It (to You)", the album saw limited success, and the group left Capitol soon thereafter.

Things were looking rather bleak for the band by the late 1980s. However, after signing to Atlantic Records, Skyy launched a major comeback in 1989 with the release of their successful Start of a Romance album. This release spun off two number one R&B singles, with both the title track ("Start of a Romance") and the quiet storm classic, "Real Love" claiming the top spot. "Real Love" also became the group's second and final crossover pop hit peaking at number 47 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in early 1990. The second single released from the album (between the title track and "Real Love"), "Love All the Way" also cracked the R&B top 50. By the release of the Nearer to You album in 1992, the hits had again dried up, and the band has not released a new studio album since then. Although Skyy is one of very few bands to release 12 studio albums in 12 years (two compilation albums), which turned out multiple hits, they often go unnoticed and unsung. In 2014, the French Nu-Disco act Solidisco released an updated version of Skyy's 1980 single "Here's To You", in which the group received credits due to the original version being used.

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Skyy's album 'Skyylight', released in 1983 on Salsoul Records. Soul and funk music's favorite tracks on 'Skyylight' are 'Bad Boy', 'Married Man', 'Hey Girl', 'Show Me The Way'

Skyy - Skyylight    (flac  504mb)

01 Bad Boy 5:17
02 Married Man 4:45
03 Questions No Answers 5:39
04 Now That We've Found Love 4:13
05 Hey Girl 5:01
06 Show Me The Way 5:08
07 She's Gone 5:05
08 Swing It 3:59
09 Married Man (12" Mix) 4:54
10 Show Me The Way (After Hours Club Remix) 5:54
11 Bad Boy (12" Mix) 6:17
12 Show Me The Way (Shep Pettibone 12" Mix) 6:16
13 Married Man (Long Version) 6:07
14 Show Me The Way (Shep Pettibone Mix) 5:55

Skyy - Skyylight  (ogg   180mb)

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Inner City is Skyy last Salsoul album and the last album ever released on Salsoul. Created in 1974 by The Cayre brothers in 1974, Salsoul was one of disco era most celebrated label. When disco age faded away and soul music entered in a tunnel that ended only at the end of the 90's, Salsoul stopped all operations. Inner City is probably one of Skyy's most overlooked album, as there had been no marketing support from Salsoul that was already winding down, it is clearly inspired by the freestyle sound of the time. It is one of the album of that era that aged the best. Dancin' To be Dancin', close to what Jellybean Martinez did for Madonna, is still able to full up a dance floor everytime it is played.

Skyy - Inner City    (flac 264mb)

01 Because Of You 4:29
02 Two Hearts 5:02
03 Dancin' To Be Dancin' 4:07
04 Pay-Up 4:33
05 Passion In The Night 3:59
06 I Got Your Number 4:27
07 Love Is Blind 3:38
08 Slow Motion 3:25
09 It's My Life 3:53

Skyy - Inner City  (ogg     120mb)

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From The Left Side was the first & only Capitol album by the Brooklyn NY-based funk/dance outfit Skyy. Released in 1986, two years after the band left Salsoul Records, From The Left Side found Skyy & their longtime producer Randy Muller forging their trademark dance funk sound with 80s techno-pop/soul (drum machines & synthesizers). The result was an album that pleased Skyy's longtime fans as well as young listeners whose musical palate craved a more modern flavor. The first single, "Givin' It (To You)," peaked at #8 R&B which was a milestone for the band who followed their last triumph ("Skyyline") with no less than three more albums that barely made a dent with the American record-buying public or on the charts.

Minus one ballad, this entire outing is chiefly an uptempo and funky affair; it's great! It chugs along with deep staccato beats and is characteristic of that Jam & Lewis-ish sound a la Thelma Houston's "You Used to Hold Me So Tight." If you're a Skyy fan, you'll find this release refreshing where the three that preceded it lacked musical direction and/or clarity. If you've never heard Skyy at all, next to "Skyyline," this is a good place to start, where they emerged out of Disco and Post-Disco formats and started to lose their steam. "From the Left Side" gives them a much needed groove lift and puts them back in the Top Ten where they belong.

Skyy - From The Left Side   (flac  508mb)

01 Givin' It (To You) 5:39
02 Love Attack 4:38
03 Non-Stop 4:24
04 Song Song 4:56
05 Big Fun 5:19
06 Love Illogical 4:37
07 Tell Her You Care 4:25
08 Jealousitis 3:55
09 Rock It 4:38
10 Givin' It (To You) (Special Mix) 6:05
11 Love Illogical (Dance Edit) 5:16
12 Non-Stop (Remix) 5:35
13 Givin' It (To You) (Dub Version) 7:42
14 Non-Stop (Dub Version) 5:48

. Skyy - From The Left Side  (ogg   182mb)

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Following in the footsteps of both Brass Construction and B.T. Express, latter-day funk band Skyy spent the better part of the 1980s honing its sound, keeping the funk-fueled ethics and infusing the beat with catchy disco. Start of a Romance, released in 1989, found the band now on Atlantic and clawing its way back into America's psyche after a three-year silence, hitting the streets with an album of light funk and dance ballads. The title track abounds with a big beat technique, while the slightly skewed tempo behind the lush vocal harmonies sets the pace for what unfolds as slick and sophisticated dance-pop. It's a technique that the band would employ to its advantage across the entire set -- while it can be argued that "Start of a Romance" is just another late-'80s dance song, there's enough push and pull within the bars to create an interesting rhythm. Elsewhere, Skyy brought the marginally soppy "Real Love," with its emphatic spoken word break, into the charts as easily as it employed the mainstream's burgeoning love of scratching within "Sending a Message." Although the album enjoyed more than moderate success, by this time the members of Skyy found themselves supplanted by the similar strains of the likes of both Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul. The band would drop from sight shortly after, not to reappear until 1992.

Skyy - Start Of A Romance    (flac 289mb)

01 Start Of A Romance 4:48
02 Love All The Way 4:36
03 Sendin' A Message 5:00
04 Sexy Minded 5:25
05 Feelin' It Now 4:33
06 Real Love 5:11
07 Let's Touch 5:25
08 Groove Me 4:16
09 Sunshine 4:29

  Skyy - Start Of A Romance (ogg  104mb)

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