Aug 23, 2016

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Hello,  time to reset the body clock after these night olympics.

The music of Brazil encompasses various regional music styles influenced by African, European and Amerindian forms. After 500 years of history, Brazilian music developed some unique and original styles such as samba, bossa nova, MPB, sertanejo, pagode, tropicalia, choro, maracatu, embolada (coco de repente), mangue bit, funk carioca (in Brazil simply known as Funk), frevo, forró, axé, brega, lambada, and Brazilian versions of foreign musical genres, such as Brazilian rock and rap.

Today as the energy of the Olympics subsides, something to keep up your dancing feet .......N'Joy

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Latin music specialists Mr Bongo have assembled an overwhelming compilation in BRAZILIAN BEATS. Though it's probably targeted at the advanced listener, these discs are so diverse and consistently surprising that it's just as likely to ensnare the curious Brazilian music novice too. From the Batucada, funk and Masters at Work treatment on BB1 to the classic samba sould on BB2, BB3 offers up a selection of house gems. BB4 is crammed with Brazilian legends such as Ive Mendes, Marky and Juca Chaves, while BB5 brings in the hip hop of Marcelo D2 and BB6 features some amazing remixes of cream of Brazil s tracks. BB Brooklyn focuses on 70s Brazilian funk, while BBn Pieces brings the whole series together in an impressive yet sympathetic turntablised, cut-up mix. From spaced-out percussion jams and old-school piano sambas to bossa-flavoured house and heated baile funk, this eight-volume odyssey through Brazil's many styles offers a master class in the country's dance culture.

These 8 albums i'm posting this and next week can be bought in a box set for the gimme price of just 16 pounds! (19 Euros or 22 dollars) Brazilian Beats Boxset

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Good introduction for those of you new to or curious about the world of the brazucas brasileiros. Recommend to all who are fascinated with this latino world (NB the only portuguese speaking nation in the latino americano world). The music reflects the rich mixture of brasileiros culture of afro, portuguese, latin, native indios, italian, japanese, arabic!! The love for life (sad times, party times, hot sex times, family times in short all the times) are reflected here.

Brazilian Beats Vol 5  (flac  424mb)

01 Tejo, Black Alien & Speed - Follow Me, Follow Me (Sao Benitez Radio Edit) 3:10
02 Stereo Maracana - Freestyle Love 5:20
03 Jorge Ben - Take It Easy My Brother Charles 2:37
04 Edson Frederico - Bobeira 3:09
05 Marku Ribas - Zamba Ben 4:11
06 Marcelo D2 - A Maldicao Do Samba 3:59
07 Marcelo D2 - Pilotando O Bonde Da Excursao 3:51
08 Jackson Do Pandeiro - Eu Balanco (Beatfanatic Rework) 5:27
09 O Riheta - Pra Mateuz Poder Dancar 2:29
10 Barbatuques - Barbappapa's Groove 3:16
11 Bossa Tres - Imprevisto 3:23
12 Mario Castro Neves & Samba S.A. - Candomble 2:09
13 Elis Regina - Ye Mele 2:15
14 Fafa De Belem - Emorio 2:42
15 Jorge Ben - Xica Da Silva 4:04
16 Vanessa De Mata - Nao Me Deixe So 3:09
17 Sasso - Tudo Bem 5:15
18 Mamelo Sound System - Inudub 4:14

 Brazilian Beats Vol 5    (ogg  159mb)

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From spaced-out percussion jams and old-school piano sambas to bossa-flavoured house and heated baile funk, this odyssey through Brazil's many styles offers a master class in the country's dance culture. The sultry growl of Seu jorge and the basso profundo of the veteran Trio Mocoto are among the featured voices, but this is a series that belongs to the dancefloor rather than to individual stars.

Brazilian Beats Vol 6     (flac  441mb)

01 Siri - No Tranco 2:18
02 Arakatuba - Riva (Gringo Jo Casa De Samba Mix) 6:11
03 Marcelinho Da Lua & Seu Jorge - Cotidiano (Buzzino Remix) 6:43
04 Heavy Joker - Leaving for Cala Bassa 3:08
05 Juca Chaves - Take Me Back To Piaui (Dubben Mix) 4:27
06 Electrosamba - Um Dia Inteiro 4:10
07 Bebeto - Flamengao 3:56
08 Trio Mocoto - O Xamega De Ina 2:55
09 Golden Boys - Se Voce Quiser Mas Sem Bronquear 2:54
10 Clara Nunes - Morena De Angola 3:24
11 Som Tres - Take It Easy My Brother Charles 2:26
12 Oliveira & Sus Black Boys - Dang Dang 2:25
13 Orquestra America Romantica - Tequila 2:12
14 Super Som T.A. - Agora Chega 3:15
15 Black Alien - Babylon By Gus 4:19
16 Black Alien - Como Eu Te Quero 3:32
17 Marcelo D2 - Ladeando (Remix David Corcus And DJ Primo) 2:58
18 Barbatuques - Num Deu Pro Credita 4:41
19 Tuze De Abreu - Orientacao (European Version) 2:59
  Brazilian Beats Vol 6    (ogg  174mb)

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Volume 7 collects 20 tracks, spanning a range of styles and scenes from the more obvious to the weirder and lesser-known gems to be found throughout Brazil. There’s cutting-edge, bass-heavy new school hip hop with Karol Conka and her trailblazing producer Nave; sunshine laden soul from Djavan; a Jorge Ben cover courtesy of Junip that does the maestro’s legacy proud; funky Forro accordions from little-known Odair who used to play with Tom Ze; samba rock from SamJazz, a bonafide Sao Paulo classic, and Abilio Manuel; disco fusion from Coaty de Oliveira, taken from an album made for a restaurant no less; hard-edged bossa from the Jorge Autouri Trio; and last but not least Brazil-meets-LA funk in the shape of Jackson Conti, the unforgettable collaboration between Madlib and Azymuth’s drummer Ivan Conti.

Being that Sean Marquand and Greg Caz have been spinning Brazilian records at the Black Betty club in Brooklyn since 2001, and are well-respected in the field, it makes sense that the album they compiled and released with Mr. Bongo Records, Brazilian Beats Brooklyn (also the name of their weekly show) has a pretty fantastic selection of good, fun music that most people in the U.S. have perhaps never heard of before. Of course, artists like Tim Maia, Rita Lee, João Bosco, and even ones like Erasmo Carlos, Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti, Silvio Cesar, and Trio Esperança will probably be familiar to fans of MPB and Brazilian pop, but others, while equally talented (Miguel DeDeus, Os Novos Crioulos, and Noreil Vilela), haven't received the same amount of name recognition this side of the Equator. The music on Brazilian Beats Brooklyn spans from the fresh sounds of '60s MPB and funk to the electronica-influenced pop of the '80s and '90s. But all of what's here is excellent and makes for a great compilation; it's good for someone looking to explore Brazilian music for the first time (though there are other collections that act as better introductions), but it's even better for those want to add more obscure tracks to their collections and learn about new artists but can't make it out to Brooklyn for the party.

Brazilian Beats Vol 7 Beats Brooklyn (flac 417mb)

01 Nonato & Seu Conjunto - Cafua 2:22
02 Os Novos Crioulos - Mar Afunda 2:34
03 Jose Roberto - Crioula Multicolorida 3:12
04 Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Agora e Moda 4:17
05 Trio Esperanca - Nao Aguento Voce 2:05
06 Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas (Sixteen Tons) 2:11
07 Chocolate Da Behia - Ele Guenta 2:09
08 Tim Maia - E Necessario 2:32
09 Joao Bosco - Cobra Criada 2:27
10 Som Tres - Tanga 2:05
11 Os Incriveis - Uma Rosa Pra Dita 2:27
12 Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti - Aleluia 3:52
13 Erasmo Carlos - Jeep 2:51
14 Chalo Eduardo - Beija-Flor Suite 4:08
15 Ely Camargo - Taieiras 2:20
16 Silvio Cesar - A Festa 3:34
17 Edson Frederico - Tava Mas Nao Tava 2:53
18 Helio Matheus - Mais Kriola 4:16
19 Toni Tornado - O Jornaleiro 1:58
20 Miguel De Deus - Black Soul Brothers 3:03
21 Ana Rosely - Skim Dum Dum Dum 2:23
22 Quarteto Uai - Marcas 2:07

Brazilian Beats Vol 7 Beats Brooklyn      (ogg  167mb)

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Brazilian Beats 'n' Pieces is an essential introduction / review of the Mr Bongo Brazilian catalogue turntablised and cut-up in a mixtape format by Kev Luckhurst (formerly Phat Kev). Kev has selected, mixed, scratched and juggled his way through 30 of his favourite tracks from the previous Brazilian Beats compilations. In addition to the main 50 minute mix the release also includes a bonus remix and a bonus re-edit from Kev. This album an essential purchase for both new and old Brazilian beats fans and turntablists alike.

Brazilian Beats Vol 8 Beats 'N Pieces (flac 378mb)

01 Intro Skit (0:40)
02 Skowa & Mafia - Deus Me Faca Funky 1:54
03 Helio Matheus - Mais Kriola 1:07
04 Juca Chaves - Take Me Back To Piaui (Dubben Mix) 1:20
05 Seu Jorge - Carolina 1:56
06 Super Som T.A. - Agora Chega 1:12
07 Rosinha De Valencia - Summertime 1:59
08 Djavan - Serrado 1:08
09 Jackson Do Pandeiro - Eu Balanco (Beatfanatic Rework) 1:32
10 Mandrake - Berimbau (Bongo Re-Edit) 1:52
11 Milton Banana - Cidade Vazia 1:00
12 Boogaloo Combo - Hot Pants Road 1:36
13 Quarteto Uai - Marcas 1:13
14 Trio Esperanca - Nao Aguento Voce 2:08
15 Silvio Cesar - A Festa 1:46
16 Nino Gomez - La Lupita 3:43
17 Toni Tornado - O Jornaleiro 1:16
18 Drum Juggle Skit 1:18
19 Anaa Mazzotti - Eu Sou Mais Eu 1:41
20 Beatfanatic - Jogando Capoeira 1:47
21 Dom Salvador - Barumba 0:57
22 O Riheta - Pra Mateuz Pader Dancar 1:25
23 Miguel De Deus - Black Soul Brothers 1:40
24 Heavy Joker - Take Me Back To Cala Bassa 1:10
25 Sambalanca Trio - Sam Blues 2:19
26 Jorge Ben & Toquinho - Carolina Carol Bela 1:52
27 Jorge Ben - Take It Easy My Brother Charles 2:17
28 Ivo Meirelles & Funk 'N Lata - Baile Funk Medley 3:42
29 Som Tres - Take It Easy My Brother Charles 2:35
30 Outro Skit 0:28
31 Tenorio - Nebulosa (Phat Kev Remix) 2:03
32 Boogaloo Combo - Hot Pants Road (Phat Kev Re-Edit) 4:11

Brazilian Beats Vol 8 Beats 'N Pieces  (ogg  164mb)

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