Aug 16, 2016

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Hello,  a sensational end to the pole vaulting tonight favourite LaVillenie cruised up to 5.98 but then a local boy Thiago Da Silva bettered his personal best with 11 cm and managed himself up to 6.03, Gold for Brazil.  Falling smartly over the finish got Shauna Miller the gold, Felix had to make do with silver. David Lekuta Rudisha proved his previous gold win was no fluke as once again he proved no one beats him at the 800 meter.

The music of Brazil encompasses various regional music styles influenced by African, European and Amerindian forms. After 500 years of history, Brazilian music developed some unique and original styles such as samba, bossa nova, MPB, sertanejo, pagode, tropicalia, choro, maracatu, embolada (coco de repente), mangue bit, funk carioca (in Brazil simply known as Funk), frevo, forró, axé, brega, lambada, and Brazilian versions of foreign musical genres, such as Brazilian rock and rap.

Today as the energy of the Olympics has been fully released, something to get up to speed .......N'Joy

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Latin music specialists Mr Bongo have assembled an overwhelming compilation in BRAZILIAN BEATS. Though it's probably targeted at the advanced listener, these discs are so diverse and consistently surprising that it's just as likely to ensnare the curious Brazilian music novice too. From the Batucada, funk and Masters at Work treatment on BB1 to the classic samba sould on BB2, BB3 offers up a selection of house gems. BB4 is crammed with Brazilian legends such as Ive Mendes, Marky and Juca Chaves, while BB5 brings in the hip hop of Marcelo D2 and BB6 features some amazing remixes of cream of Brazil s tracks. BB Brooklyn focuses on 70s Brazilian funk, while BBn Pieces brings the whole series together in an impressive yet sympathetic turntablised, cut-up mix. From spaced-out percussion jams and old-school piano sambas to bossa-flavoured house and heated baile funk, this eight-volume odyssey through Brazil's many styles offers a master class in the country's dance culture.

These 8 albums i'm posting this and next week can be bought in a box set for the gimme price of just 16 pounds! (19 Euros or 22 dollars) Brazilian Beats Boxset

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This album is quite simply the best collection of Brazilian beats music you'll ever come accross! If you love funky Latin numbers then I recommend you buy this immediately, and anything else you come across on Mr. Bongo!

Brazilian Beats Vol 1  (flac  402mb)

01 Ney De Castro - Ba-Tu-Ca-Da (Peter Heller Big Love From Rio Mix) 7:42
02 Airto Moreira - Celebration Suite 4:08
03 Masters At Work And Lilliana - Brazilian Beat (Dope Mix) 8:49
04 Tenorio Jr. - Nebulosa 1:56
05 Sambalanca Trio - Sam Blues 2:13
06 Dom Salvador - Barumba 2:03
07 Boogaloo Combo - Hot Pants Road 2:07
08 Anna Mazzotti - Eu Sou Mais Eu 3:15
09 Skowa & Mafia - Deus Me Faca Funky 6:46
10 Orlandivo - Ondo Anda A Meu Amor 3:42
11 Jorge Ben & Toquinho - Carolina Carol Beta 3:08
12 Luis Carlos Vinhas - Ye Mele 2:37
13 Milton Banana - Cidade Vazia 2:51
14 Trio Macoto - Swinga Sambaby 1:35
15 Nico Gomez - La Lupita 3:42
16 Ed Lincoln - Cochise 2:27
17 Joao Donato - Cola Boca Menino 2:24
18 Otto - Bob 4:33

 Brazilian Beats Vol 1    (ogg  154mb)

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Following the great success, Brazilian Beats, Brazilian Beats 2 give listeners yet another rollarcoaster ride through Brazilian Music. This haunting and tasteful compilation of samba, house, jazz and other brazilian inspired genres does not cease to amaze. It takes you to Brazil and demands you to experience every part of it. This is a great experience to own that you will never get bored of because of it's variety. The artists include, River Ocean, Wando, Som Tres and many other great original artists. So let Brazil move you with great speed...again.

Brazilian Beats Vol 2     (flac  378mb)

01 River Ocean - Latin Love And Happiness (Sunset Mix) 8:20
02 Masters at Work Feat Liliana Chachian - Brazilian Beat (Romatt Dub) 6:52
03 Djavan - Serrado 3:35
04 Ronie & O Central Do Brasil - Atoa Atoa 2:28
05 Wanda - Nega De Obaluae 3:50
06 Toquinho - Zana 3:13
07 Mandrake - Berimbau (Bongo Re-Edit) 4:36
08 Chico Science - Coco Dub (Afrociberdelia) 6:45
09 Wanda - Na Biaxa Do Sapateiro 4:41
10 Orlandivo - E Samba 2:26
11 Som Tres - Jungle 3:26
12 Os Ritmistas Brasileiros - Samba No 2 Andamento 1:34
13 Rosinha De Valencia - Summertime 3:01
14 Lius Carlos Vinhas - Tanganica 3:33
  Brazilian Beats Vol 2      (ogg  144mb)

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Brazilian Beats, Volume 3 is a survey of what was popular in Brazil around the turn of the century, at least in clubs Brazilian Beats, Vol. 3 songs. BB3 was the first in the series to feature cutting edge, new music sourced from Brazil, which we went on to champion on the label. This included the likes of Ive Mendes, Paula Lima, Clube do Balanco, Mr Hermano and the most successful Brazilian musician in recent times, Seu Jorge. Primarily put together for the dancefloor, there are a few tracks that look back to more traditional Brazilian sounds, but most often the emphasis is on dance.

Brazilian Beats Vol 3 (flac 448mb)

01 Ive Mendes - A Beira Mar (Sao Benitez Lush Mix) 6:25
02 Malena - Para Ti (Criancas Mix) 7:19
03 Bazeado - Maria (One Rascal Main Mix) 7:16
04 Trio Mocoto - Nao Adianta 4:05
05 Jairzinho Oliveira - Distrimia 3:56
06 Seu Jorge - Chega No Suingue 3:44
07 Guem - Riacho 8:33
08 Candeia - Saudacao A Toco Preto 2:45
09 Jackson Do Pandeiro - Sebastiana 2:06
10 Clube Do Balanco - Krioula 3:27
11 Paulo Lima - E Isso Ai 3:23
12 Mr. Hermano - Como Um Sol (Brazilian Beat Mix) 8:25
13 Jairzinho Oliveira - Musica E 3:15
14 Otto - Bob (Edu K Mix) 4:59

Brazilian Beats Vol 3      (ogg  175mb)

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Volume 4 focussed more heavily on Rio based artists, particularly the Manguiera favela with Ivo Meirelles, Banda Black Rio and Juca Chaves, another record that I picked up from the legendary Tony Hits in Sao Paulo.

Brazilian Beats Vol 4 (flac 365mb)

01 Ivo Meirelles & Funk N' Lata - Baile Funk Medley 4:47
02 Ive Mendes - Nao Vou Fugir (DJ Marky And XRS Mainline Mix) 6:12
03 Gil Felix Vs Infrared - Capoeira 7:21
04 Banda Black Rio - Magia (Faze Action Horny mix) 7:47
05 Beatfanatic - Jogando Capoeira 6:46
06 Seu Jorge - Carolina 5:53
07 Clube Balanco - Pax E Arroz (Dona Negra Rubdown) 5:03
08 Juca Chaves - Take Me Back To Piaui 3:19
09 Gil Felix - Que Alegria (Sao Benitez Somdagente Mix) 8:35
10 Sonia Rosa & Yuji Ohno - Casa Forte 8:43

Brazilian Beats Vol 4    (ogg  175mb)

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Anonymous said...

Hi - damn - just can't get Vol.1 link working! I'm usually good at this sort of thing but this one is defeating me! Any advice? Thanks for the share anyway... :-)

Rho said...

Hello Anon, what can i say gives me no trouble capchas can be rather invisisble but just click thru these until one appears you can read, it's my modus operandi i dont waste time trying to read it, juat click thru until one appears that is easily readable.

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many thanks

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Thanks for these terrific albums.
Do you plan to publish the next ones (vol. 5,6 and 7) ?