Aug 8, 2016

RhoDeo 1632 Young 1's 2nd

Hello,  another day at the Olympics and another big crash for the leader in the roadrace it looked very nasty her front wheel had a mind of its own and took its rider over the top and into the street barriere ending her race and as the later winner said she looked lifeless at the side of the road. It shocked the 3 riders that passed there 1 minute later, inbetween a lightweight american who'd lost 30 seconds when starting the final descent together with Annemiek, all of a sudden a goldmedal dawned, she would have gotten it, if not for the fact that the three followers all of a sudden they themselves became hunted and 200 meters from the finish they caught the unfortunate American who was totally spent and ended up 4th. A deserved win for the Dutch girl van de Breggen as it was their rider that crashed way in front...dramatic stuff there. Oh and some more surprises The Williams sisters and the Murray brothers both medal contenders are out in the first round as is world #1 Djokovic...I guess Olympic tennis just doesn't pay... Meanwhile a Brit just swam a new worldrecord, unbelieveably far ahead, on 100 meter breast stroke 1,5 sec faster as # 2, this guy must be doped , but Britain don't mind as mr Peaty delivered them a gold medal..yeeh Latest news, US win the men's 100m relay very noticable are their starts and turns that infact make much if not all of the difference, 19th gold for Phelps then.

Today the 2nd episode of an 'historical' 12-episode dramatization of student life in early eighties UK, hooliganism had not made the headlights yet, but dare i say it quickly followed after this series was broadcast. Inspiring clueless chaos ..N'Joy

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The Young Ones is a British "variety" show, broadcast in the United Kingdom from 1982 to 1984 in two six-part series. Shown on BBC2, it featured anarchic, offbeat humour which helped bring alternative comedy to television in the 1980s and made household names of its writers and performers. In 1985, it was shown on MTV, one of the first non-music television shows on the fledgling channel. In a 2004 poll, it ranked at number 31 in the BBC's list of Britain's Best Sitcoms.

The main characters were four undergraduate students who were sharing a house: aggressive punk Vyvyan (Adrian Edmondson), conceited wannabe anarchist Rick (Rik Mayall), oppressed paranoid hippie Neil (Nigel Planer), and the suave, charming Mike (Christopher Ryan). It also featured Alexei Sayle, who played various members of the Balowski family—most often Jerzei Balowski, the quartet's landlord—and occasional independent characters, such as the train driver in "Bambi" and the Mussolini-lookalike Police Chief in "Cash".
Stories were set in a squalid house where the students lived during their time at Scumbag College.

The show combined traditional sitcom style with violent slapstick, non-sequitur plot turns, and surrealism. Every episode except one featured a live performance by a band, including Madness, Motörhead, and The Damned. This was a device used to qualify the series for a larger budget, as "variety" shows attracted higher fees than "comedy"

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Adrian Edmondson - Vyvyan...
Rik Mayall - Rick...
Nigel Planer - Neil
Christopher Ryan - Mike
Alexei Sayle - The Balowski Family...
Mark Arden - Boy in Comic Strip... (7 episodes)
Stephen Frost - Bank Vault Manager... (7 episodes)
Ben Elton - Baz ... (5 episodes)

The Young Ones 02 Oil (mp4  264mb)

01 Oil 32:37

Upon moving into a new house (their old one was hit by a plane in "Demolition"), Vyvyan announces that he has struck oil in the cellar. Mike forces Rick and Neil to do the mining, but Rick retaliates by holding a benefit concert for himself and Neil in the living room.

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The Young Ones 01 Demolition (mp4  266mb)

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Anonymous said...

Man, it is so great that you are sharing this series. I watched it when it was on MTV back in the day!