Aug 15, 2016

RhoDeo 1633 Young 1's 3rd

Hello,  another day at the Olympics and tonight the most predictable win of the championships took place, Bolt won the 100 meter sprint again, be it in the slowest of his previous wins, time 9.81 seconds. The Brits are having a golden sunday, trackcycling, sailing, gymnastics, golf and tennis added to their tally, up to second behind the US. Saw some Boer power smash the 400 meter worldrecord 43.03 Van Niekerk left the competition far in his wake.

Today the 3rd episode of an 'historical' 12-episode dramatization of student life in early eighties UK, hooliganism had not made the headlights yet, but dare i say it quickly followed after this series was broadcast. Inspiring clueless chaos ..N'Joy

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The Young Ones is a British "variety" show, broadcast in the United Kingdom from 1982 to 1984 in two six-part series. Shown on BBC2, it featured anarchic, offbeat humour which helped bring alternative comedy to television in the 1980s and made household names of its writers and performers. In 1985, it was shown on MTV, one of the first non-music television shows on the fledgling channel. In a 2004 poll, it ranked at number 31 in the BBC's list of Britain's Best Sitcoms.

The main characters were four undergraduate students who were sharing a house: aggressive punk Vyvyan (Adrian Edmondson), conceited wannabe anarchist Rick (Rik Mayall), oppressed paranoid hippie Neil (Nigel Planer), and the suave, charming Mike (Christopher Ryan). It also featured Alexei Sayle, who played various members of the Balowski family—most often Jerzei Balowski, the quartet's landlord—and occasional independent characters, such as the train driver in "Bambi" and the Mussolini-lookalike Police Chief in "Cash".
Stories were set in a squalid house where the students lived during their time at Scumbag College.

The show combined traditional sitcom style with violent slapstick, non-sequitur plot turns, and surrealism. Every episode except one featured a live performance by a band, including Madness, Motörhead, and The Damned. This was a device used to qualify the series for a larger budget, as "variety" shows attracted higher fees than "comedy"

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Adrian Edmondson - Vyvyan...
Rik Mayall - Rick...
Nigel Planer - Neil
Christopher Ryan - Mike
Alexei Sayle - The Balowski Family...
Mark Arden - Boy in Comic Strip... (7 episodes)
Stephen Frost - Bank Vault Manager... (7 episodes)
Ben Elton - Baz ... (5 episodes)

The Young Ones 03 Bored (mp4  284mb)

03 Bored 35:08

Mike, Neil, Vyvan and Rick are having a very boring day. altough strange exciting things go unnoticed around them, then they decided to go down to the pub and meet 'surprise'. . also Madness
performing House of Fun.

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The Young Ones 01 Demolition (mp4  266mb)
The Young Ones 02 Oil (mp4  264mb)

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Anonymous said...

Just to set the record straight re the use of the term "Boer" literal translation in Afrikaans meaning farmer. Wayde is South African but no Boer & would probably not consider himself as such. In the old apartheid era RSA when there was strict race classification he would have been classified as coloured ie of mixed race (probably with some some European settler blood, possibly Dutch from way back, on one side of his family tree, his surname Van Niekerk though is reasonably common and mostly in use by caucasian South Africans. The term Boer or Boers was mostly used as a derogatory term by blacks to describe conservative white South Africans or right-wing South Africans, it was also used to describe The Police during apartheid South Africa, and it is still in use today when tempers flare up. Way back White South African settlers of Dutch origin called themselves Boers meaning farmers, many of them became farmers. Not all white South Africans or Afrikaners call themselves Boers, some do especially the more conservatives and are proud of it, others call themselves Boere by their job description meaning farmer

Rho said...

Hello Anon I know what boer means and van Niekerk is a very dutch name, furtermore i was mentioned he was coached by his grandma Els Botha another wellknown name in boer circles. not that i want to go to deeply into South African history. Although the brits have mostly played a nasty role in that. The first dutch/german settlers found a largely empty country where they staked their claim 400 years ago. Their offspring are Afrikaners and i would think Wayde being of mixed race but living inside an Afrikaner family will be a great example of the best of both worlds beating everyone else. South Africa can do with a new hero after Oscar Pistorius turned out to be a priviliged psychopath.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rho i'm from South-Africa and happen to be white. The country's history is extremely complex. Van Niekerk's coach is not family of his at all, she's a white Afrikaner lady and Van Niekerk and his family are so-called coloured (or mixed race) Under the old Apartheid regime they would have been oppressed in the same way as black people, but not considered as black, but as a race group of their own. Culturally they would have more in common with white people than indigenous black people, meaning that many speak Afrikaans the language of the so-called Boers, but sometimes with a different feel or dialect, and they don't share the same cultural practices as indigenous black people.There are also many "coloured" Muslims that also speak Afrikaans which is mostly derived from Dutch, and yes his surname certainly suggests some Dutch forefather somewhere in the distant past. Many Dutch settlers and also some France and Germany too, cavorted with slaves brought over from Indonesia via the Dutch-East India company, as well as some of the early indigenous San people related to the Bushmen, woman at first was in short supply LOL. Just another strange fact that during Apartheid one of the seemingly rudimentary ways to determine somebody's race was a pencil test, if the pencil stuck due to very curly hair and you also happened to be of a slighty darker complexion you could be determined as non-white and usually as Coloured in the old I.D book, in some minor cases leading to family's split up, some going through as white, and others as "Coloured" You're right about the nasty role The Brits played, and about The Settlers finding a seemingly mostly "empty" country, it was only the more Northwards the early "Boers" trekked (to get away from the British yoke)that they came into contact with the indigenous black tribes. Off course having watched the race, and recently again on YouTube, the odd nasty comments are starting to fly around in the comments section, many seemingly coming from the "incredibly well-informed, and good losers" we call The Americans LOL, they seem to think that that Van Niekerk came from nowhere, fell from the sky, others say his reaction after winning looks like the reaction of a doper, or someone who looks guilty. Just the fact that he doesn't prance around like a Gangsta rapper like some of the US guys makes him a doper? Anyway he is an introvert by nature and apparently still calls his mum to ask if he can stay out later. But they seem to forget, or don't know, or don't wanna know that he is the current World Champion having beaten both other medalists before at the 2015 IAAF World Championships as well as the being the first to run sub 10 sec in the 100 metres (9.98), sub 20 in the 200 metres (19.94) & sub 44 in the 400. Sour grapes about that icon of there's Michael Johnson's record smashed by a non-American. I'm sure the time Van Niekerk recently spent training with the Bolt camp in Jamaica had a lot to do with that performance. The less said about Pistorius the better, who recently was taken up in hospital for an "attempted suicide", supposed cuts or marks on his wrists, his camp says he fell from the bed or something (He's trying to get them to move him to a "nicer" prison, ha ha)Sorry for the long ramble. I digress, now let's get back to the music shall we