Jul 10, 2016

Sundaze 1628


Today's artist is the main project of Christopher von Deylen, a German electronic music composer who produces music which can be considered trance and ambient. Since he himself does not sing on his tracks, he often collaborates with other famous singers in the electronic genre.  Hours of music to ........N'Joy

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Schiller started as a duo, formed by Christopher von Deylen and Mirko von Schlieffen in 1998. The first single of the band was "Glockenspiel", with great success in Germany.

On 19 August 1999, their first full album, Zeitgeist, was launched, focusing in club and dance music. It was followed by Weltreise, which was released on 30 July 2001. This album featured the single "Dream of You" (with Peter Heppner), which won the ECHO award in 2002 for the Best Dance Single of the Year.

Since Schlieffen wanted to focus mostly in trance music, while Deylen wanted a more eclectic electronica, the duo split after their second album Weltreise.

The third studio album, Leben, was issued on 13 October 2003. It included the popular single "Leben... I Feel You", featuring Peter Heppner. Artists like Peter Heppner (from Wolfsheim), Maya Saban, Sarah Brightman, Alexander Veljanov (from Deine Lakaien), Kim Sanders, and Mila Mar performed vocals on this album.

Leben was followed by Tag und Nacht, released on 28 October 2005. Mike Oldfield, Moya Brennan, Kim Sanders, Jette van Roth, and Thomas D. collaborated on Tag und Night.

Schiller's fifth album, Sehnsucht (Desire) was announced in December 2007 and later released on 22 February 2008. Sehnsucht was simultaneously released in two formats and in three editions. Over 100,000 copies of Sehnsucht have been sold since the release of the album. It has received a golden certification.[3] Sehnsucht was internationally released under the name Desire on 26 May 2008.

Schiller also collaborated with Colbie Caillat on "You" which was released in 2008, both of them appear in the accompanying video. Same year Schiller produced another successful single called "Time For Dreams" with the Chinese pianist Lang Lang. The song was used by the German TV channel ZDF during the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing.

Schiller's sixth studio album, Atemlos (Breathless), was released in 12 of March 2010. It debuted on second position on German Charts and was the highest entry for a domestic album for the week.[6] The English edition of the album Atemlos reached until number 3 in the chart of IFPI in Greece. The single "Try" featured Nadia Ali. On 5 October 2012, the seventh studio album, Sonne (Sun), was released. The next album was Opus, issued on 30 August 2013.

Christopher von Deylen does not provide any vocals for Schiller productions himself. Vocals are sung by guest artists including Samu Haber of Sunrise Avenue, Sarah Brightman, Moya Brennan of Clannad, Adam Young of Owl City, Andrea Corr of The Corrs, Colbie Caillat, Sarah Howells of Welsh emotional folk / indie band Paper Aeroplanes, Ben Becker, Peter Heppner of synthpop band Wolfsheim, MiLù - also known as Mila Mar, Xavier Naidoo, Arlissa, Maya Saban, Kim Sanders formerly of Culture Beat, Ana Torroja of the Spanish pop group Mecano, Tarja Turunen formerly of power metal group Nightwish, Despina Vandi, Alexander Veljanov of Darkwave group Deine Lakaien, Swedish singer September, French voice artist Pierre Maubouché.

Other musicians that have collaborated with Schiller include Anggun, Lang Lang, Klaus Schulze, Mike Oldfield, Helen Boulding, Kate Havnevik, Damae of Fragma, Jaël of Swiss band Lunik, Stephenie Coker and German actress Anna Maria Mühe. Many of Schiller's albums take over a year to receive a North American release. Until 2008 several of Schiller's tracks were re-recorded with English replacing German lyrics.

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Here today a collection of 'Einlassmusik' music specially composed to warm-up/chill the public during Schillers tours..

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Die Einlassmusik 4 was exclusively composed for the Schiller Sehnsucht Live 2008 Tour

Schiller - Einlassmusik 4  (flac  179mb)

01 Teil I 7:27
02 Teil II 4:48
03 Teil III 6:39
04 Teil IV 8:46
05 Teil V 6:10
06 Teil VI 4:52
07 Teil VII 3:26
08 Teil VIII 3:06

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Die Einlassmusik 5 was exclusively composed for the Schiller Sehnsucht Live 2008 Tour

Schiller - Einlassmusik 5  (flac  173mb)

01 Teil I 7:46
02 Teil II 7:22
03 Teil III 5:21
04 Teil IV 4:34
05 Teil V 2:49
06 Teil VI 12:23
07 Teil VII 6:27

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Die Einlassmusik 6 was exclusively composed for the Schiller Atemlos Live 2008 Tour

Quotes from inside the booklet:
"I never see what has been done. I only see what remains to be done."
"The reverse side also has a reverse side."
"All conditioned things are impermanent. Work out your own salvation with diligence."
"It's better to travel well than to arrive."
"The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart."

Schiller - Einlassmusik 6  (flac  194mb)

01 Teil I 4:43
02 Teil II 7:34
03 Teil III 6:49
04 Teil IV 6:09
05 Teil V 4:14
06 Teil VI 5:03
07 Teil VII 9:33
08 Teil VIII 7:41

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Klangwelten was exclusively composed as Einlassmusik [pre-show music] for the Schiller Live-Tour 2011.

Schiller - Einlassmusik 7 Klangwelten  (flac  184mb)

01 Teil I 7:25
02 Teil II 3:38
03 Teil III 8:14
04 Teil IV 3:26
05 Teil V 8:22
06 Teil VI 5:36
07 Teil VII 5:43
08 Teil VIII 3:41

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Schiller Live-Tour 2012

Quote from digipak: "Die Reise geht weiter." ["The journey continues."]

Einlassmusik 8 (flac 200mb)

01 Teil I 6:04
02 Teil II 5:44
03 Teil III 5:07
04 Teil IV 3:50
05 Teil V 7:24
06 Teil VI 5:59
07 Teil VII 6:08
08 Teil VIII 7:03

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ted mills said...

Schiller - Einlassmusik 5 link is giving me a 404

Thanks for all your uploads in the last couple of days.

Gianni Zhivago said...

Ted has it correct the flac link to Einlassmusik 5 is 404 dead.
Keep up the great work. Cheers

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular here.
I like the diversity of this music blogg.
I discovered a lot.
I like the re-ups.
I hope there will be not more Schiller Kitsch.
I'm looking forward.

Thank you for this blogg!

Rho said...

Hello, If you checked the link you'd noticed a blank space xxxxx that means i forgot to enter the link, it's there now. To the anon who considers Schiller's music kitsch what can I say he's German and targets a certain public, clearly you are not one of them. That said i post a lot of music can't make everybody happy all of the time. Rho

Emblem said...

Well... I knew Schiller produced, spinned and remixed Trance tracks, but I had no idea he also composed chill out music. It makes sense now that I think about it, as sometimes Trance music would also have chill out edits that then would be published in Cafe Del Mar and Balearic compilations...

I would enjoy finding out what these albums sound like, Rho. Any chance of reupping these records?

Thank you.

Emblem said...

Thank you again for your work, Rho! Apparently, Schiller is still producing albums for the Die Einlassmusik series.