Mar 23, 2014

Sundaze 1412

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With the means to create and distribute music having been 'democratized' this last decade a guy from Moscow made his move to break free from anonymity. 3 years of activity saw the release of more than a dozen hi quality glitch, ambient, modern classical albums by what only can be called an inspired young artist. He deserves much more exposure.  Treat yourselves and .......... N'Joy

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Well I have to make note of the fact that like last weeks artist today's composer is lacking the same ego drive, clearly these eastern European previously communist societies spawn quiet a different mindset, compared to our ego driven west world, and its not so much about making money as it is about creating art. These eastern european artists are virtually anonymous and although they have fine websites, there's not a beep about themselves, no context about how and where they create, who's inspiring them. One could say they are naieve or maybe ignorant, fact it they are not helping themselves if they wanted to breakthrough into the west. The quality of their work is outstanding alas that can't be said of their management/marketing.

Fellirium is the moniker of Andrey Vasilyev - russian musician from Moscow, Russian Federation. Fellirium is an ambient / Experimental music project, focusing on various music in the field of ambient music, ranging from the ambient space Light to Dark Experimental Forms with Neo-Classical Influences.  Andrey supports free music and releases his works under Creative Commons License.

This is all the info i could find on todays artist despite releasing more than a dozen albums, then i came across a chat discussion at relaxmachinery where he answers a number of questions. Posted on November 13, 2010 at 2:23am

I) Why do you create music/art?

 To be honest - I don't know. I just like it, and I even NEED it. When I was a little kid, I liked to draw and imagine lots of strange things and stories. When I grew up, I tried to write something. Short ысш-аш stories, novels, etc. I liked it. I like this feeling I get everytime when I create something, when I made something you can feel, but can not touch... Well, I don't know how to describe it anyway. Now I write music, and I think that it's mine. Music is the way I can express myself, go away from reality, clear my mind, get lots of good feeling and emotions. And - who knows - maybe my music can make some other person feel and see something similar to what I feel and see.

 II) What moods, perspectives, and/or messages are you usually trying to convey when you create music/art?

 Well, actually, I don't try to convey moods or meessages. I'd say I try to convey images, feelings and atmospheres of some certain places out of this reality. My music, as I conceive it, is a little bit escapist.

 III) How do you see your music in comparison to the mainstream genre?

 My music isn't mainstream. Although it is also not the deepest uderground. I will never be popular and I don't need it anyway.

 IV) What is more important to you when you create? a) Getting your own point across or b) Leaving room for interpretation?

 If you take ambient genre for example, it is music for imagination and interpretation, so, my music is certainly leaving room for it. But it also shows my own point through tracks' titles and albums' titles.

 V) Who/what moves or inspires you?

 I take my inspiration from the nature and almost everything around me. Trees, skies, ponds and rivers, houses, distant lights in the night city and so on... Everything created by nature (and by human sometimes) in this world is very beautiful and inspiring, and when I admire it, I hear the music.
 But also some music from my favourite artist is also inspires me, but not as much as nature.

 VI) Would you consider your work to be sincere? If so, why?

 I don't know. But some of mine friends that my work is very sincere, because they reveal my soul, feelings and thoughts (I'm kinda introvert and usually you're don't see all of this). I don't know it is really or not. May the listeners decide.

 VII) What defines as being "good music/art" to you?

 Good music and art for me are music and art that I like or, if I don't like, I respect. It could be very powerful, beautiful and touching, but it couldn't touch my heart or my soul, and because of it I don't like it. But I see it's power, it's beauty, and I acknowledge it.

 VIII) Would you say that musicians/artists become or are good more due to gifts & talents or practice & dedication to hone their craft?

 You can say anything, but I think talent is nothing without practice, so I think both verions together will make artists and musucian good. Of course, there are exceptions when talent or in the other way, practice takes lead. But I think it happens rather seldom

 IX) What do you hope to achieve from what you create?

 Nothing. I just do what I like. That's all. Fame? I don't need it. If I'll be famous then it will be side effect of my activity, not my goal.
 Money? Well, I'm in need of money right now, but I don't want to take money for my music. Music must be free. Even if my music will be on CD some day, I think all money from sales will go to some fund.
 So, I create music because I like to and I don't try to achieve anything.

 X) What effects have you seen your work have on others?

 Well, I don't meet with my listeners, and I don't get much response. I receive e-mail's and comments on the Internet sometimes, where people say that they like my music, but I can't tell what effects exactly my work has on them. But I knew one guy who loved one of my tracks so much, that he listened it over and over again, and again, and again... One day when I visited his profile page I saw that he listened those track about two thousand times in a row! Oh my god, I've never thought that somebody will love my music so much. But, unfortunatelly, he doesn't liked my other stuff that much. :)

 XI) Where do you think you would be in life if music/art was non-existent? Why?

 Well, I would be in the same spot where I am now, except I wouldn't write music (and listen to it, if it was non-existent). I am not a famous musician whose life consists only of music. Music is some sort of hobby for me (but, to be honest, it is actually something more than just a hobby). And if it was non-existent, well, okay - I would find a new one.

 XII) It has been said many times that musicians are the most creative when they are drug addicts, or as the old saying goes, "No junk, no soul.". In your opinion, do you think that certain drugs aid in the creative process? If so, why?

 Drugs are bad! I've never tried them and I've never will. And I don't like when someone says that ambient music is music for the drug-addicts and it could be listened only when you high. Damn, where does these thoughts comes from?!
 I think ambient music is better than any drug. When I listen to Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, Alio Die and other good musicians, it takes me to other world and push me into some sort of trance. It also happen when I create music, thus I don't need any drugs for stimulating creative process. If you need them - bad for you.

 XIII) It used to be every band's dream to get signed onto a record label & now it seems as though bands prefer the freedom of working independently. Why do you think that is?

 Because major labels steal your soul. :)
 Well, when there was no Internet, bands and musicians had no chance to be heard without labels. They could hardly survive by only self-releases and labels was the only way to made a good record, promote yourself and find some fans.
 Now, when everyone can listen what they want and freely get it, labels lose their weight. Why bother searching for label, tuning to its rules and demands, when you can do what you want and like to do, and distribute and promote it by yourself through the Internet?

 XIV) What impact has the record industry had on music throughout the years?

 I don't know what to answer. :)

 XV) Would you consider it to be a fair statement that mainstream music is made more for the sake of acquiring money than for the genuine desire to create, and that underground musicians are the opposite?

 Again, there are lots of exceptions, but I think I agree with it, although there are mainstream artist who make music for deaire to create, and underground musicians who make music only for mone (in last years it's escpecially visible).

 XVI) The internet has, without question, changed how we look at music. It makes it much easier for underground musicians to spread the word about their work. On the other hand, it also makes it possible to download music for free from torrent websites. Overall, do you think that the internet has, and will, hinder or aid underground musicians?

 It depends on what purpose you have. If you want to make money, then it will certainly hinder you. But for musicians like me it is aid, without doubt.

This message recently appeared on his website

I’m glad to announce that my project is still alive. Like a phoenix it rising from the ashes to bring you new music and ambient worlds. New album called ‘Remembrance’ is almost done and will be available for free download in a two or three weeks, so stay tuned.

For me ‘Remembrance’ is very important release. Not only because it’s been almost three years since I released ‘Nightfall’. All these years I haven’t written any music at all, and didn’t listen to any ambient music. I learned to play guitar and tried to create a new music project, tried to play rock, jazz, post-rock music - all because I didn’t feel connection with ambient music and world of sound. But I found out that none of these genres can bring me sweet feeling of harmony and joy of creating, like ambient music did. Lots of good and lots of very bad things happened to me in these three years. For some time I thought I will never be able to make music again, but something inside me always wanted to bring me back in business, and, finally, here I am.

'Remembrance' is the turning point. From the outside it may sound and feel like another ordinary release from Fellirium, but for me it's a control of skills (I didn't record for a long time and I also have a new DAW=Digital audio workstation), quest for new ideas, effort to remember something important and to forget something bad.

P.S.  My English is still bad, but it doesn’t matter as long as you can understand what I’m trying to say. :)

After all, the most important thing is music, not words.

Thank you,

Andrey Vasilyev.

[Moscow, Russia / January 2014]

Insomnia (07)
Concrete Purgatory ‎(07)
Cellular Structure (07)
Unreleased Tracks (08)
Emerald (08)
Sapphire (08)
The Long Winter  (08)
Monochrome World (08)
Temple Of The Moon (08)
Untitled I (09)
Untitled II (09)
Beyond The Dream (09)
Ruby (09)
Fleurs D'Hiver (09)
Joint Universe (10)
Amethyst ‎(10)
Nightfall ‎(11)
Remembrance ‎(14)

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This album is 1st part of the 'gem series'.
 'Gem series' is series of 5 albums (Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, Amber), created to be like some sort of training ground for author, where he can search and find new ideas, sounds and techniques.  'Sapphire' is the collection of various experimental tracks. Ambient, dark ambient industrial, neo-classical, noise, downtempo - these are styles you can hear on this album.

Sapphire does not have any specific Theme like Molecular Structures, Environment or winter Abandoned factories. Eryshev time the purpose is more abstract - to express authors soul and feelings at the moment.

Fellirium - Sapphire (flac 197mb)

1 Twilight 6:00
2 Fading 15:15
3 Under The Shadow Of Willow 5:16
4 Shimmer 7:02
5 Collapse 3:25
6 Blue Background 8:00
7 Eternal Loneliness 8:19

Fellirium - Sapphire (ogg 106mb)

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This here are the 2nd and 3rd part of the 'gem series'.
 'Emerald' contains two long-form pieces. Slow ever-changing electronic ambient.  'Ruby' is a soothing meditative ambient work with oriental scent. Deep electronic sound textures with electric string instruments. A journey to the mystical garden of the beautiful red flowers.
A Mystical journey through the depths of imagination. Connect with the abstract organic structure and listen to the breath of it's life. Ruby is dedicated to a fantastic journey to some imaginary garden of red flowers.

Fellirium - Emerald + Ruby (flac  364mb)

1 Spore 33:43
2 Organic Chamber 39:30
3 Radiant Circle 10:33
4 Sacred Roots 8:41
5 Red Flowers 7:30
6 Ruby Petals 11:44

Fellirium - Emerald + Ruby (ogg 216mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

This album is the 4th part of the 'gem series'.
 'Gem series' is series of 5 albums (Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, Amber), created to be like some sort of training ground for author, where he can search and find new ideas, sounds and techniques.

Renounce all vain things, mentally relax and open all channels of your perception - this will be the perfect preparation for the ritual of listening to the new album with the magic name Amethyst  it is an atmospheric space ambient work with tribal grooves and rhythms. Deep electronic sound textures with electronic and real drums and percussion. 5 sound canvas woven rolling, undulating atmospheres, from the first seconds are deeply immersed in a space devoid of any unnecessary movements. It all seemed stuck in weightlessness and timelessness, only occasionally moving smoothly from side to side, keeping serene inertia website.  'Amethyst' is a journey through time and space to the unexplored and mystical land of ancient tribes and gods. Smooth electronic atmospheres with some dark influences and tribal rhythmic textures.

Fellirium - Amethyst (flac 190mb)

1 Violet tribe 08:00
2 Spirits gather 11:12
3 Offerings for the stars 08:40
4 Moonlight's daughter 11:28
5 Healer's dream 09:00

Fellirium - Amethyst (ogg 101mb)

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