Mar 8, 2014

RhoDeo 1409 Beats

Hello, If one in 10 Americans are to be believed, reading this web page will leave you in need of an urgent trip to the doctor. A recent study has found that many Americans are not up to speed on technical jargon, mistaking HTML the markup language used to created web pages with an STD. Some 2,392 men and women aged 18 or older were presented with both tech and non-tech terms and asked to choose from three possible definitions, with respondents not being informed that it was their tech knowledge that was specifically being tested.

Other findings include:

15% thought 'software' is comfortable clothing
18% identified 'Blu-ray' as a marine animal
23% believe an 'MP3' to be a Star Wars robot  These are not MP3s
12% thought USB is an acronym for a European country
27% imagine a 'gigabyte' to be an insect found in South America
42% identified a 'motherboard' as the 'deck of a cruise ship'

This news comes after a National Science Foundation survey found that one in four Americans don't know the Earth orbits the Sun and only half believe in evolution. In spite of the incorrect answers, 61% of the respondents in the study said they believe it is important to have a good grasp of technology in this day and age. It is, but somehow knowing about Miley Cirus and the Kardashians or whatever sportsdick is much more important to a US youth, hence by 2050 the Chinese takeover will have been completed and by 2100 most whites will have become an empoverished insignificant minority. Hmmm

These months the French rule the beats and they have plenty to offer even though not that much reaches the world as  the music scene is rather dominated by the Anglo - American industry. Meanwhile the French enjoyed themselves in their own niche so to speak, and they did rather well. Yes there's more that get lucky en France. Today's first duo looked to become stars of the electronic musical scene in the nineties but after just one well received album they seemed to turn their back on it/eachother although they recorded some more which was finally released in 2004 as an epitaph. By that time today's second duo were moving to create a career in the electronic musical scene, in 2005 they released their debut ........ N'joy

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Nova Nova originated in 1992, making the band one of the pioneers of the French electronic musical scene. They were first signed on the mythical and now defunt Rave Age imprint, the first ever French techno label, and have been one of the best known electronic live acts in France, with performances at the Rex and the Transmusicales de Rennes in 1994. Originally, Nova Nova is Marc Durif and Michel Gravil, who meet while at school in Nice in the south of France. Michel then moves to Rennes (Brittany) to study philosophy, while Marc enters the conservatory in Nice.

The title of the CD is inspired from the oldest major work known in the French literature. The text originates from a poem from a Norman poet. The "Chanson de Roland" deals with the historical Battle of Roncesvalles (Roncevaux) in 778. Though the encounter was actually an insignificant skirmish against the Basques, the poem transforms Roncesvalles into a battle against Saracens and magnifies it to the heroic stature of Thermopylae.

Nova Nova - La Chanson De Roland ( flac 375mb)

01 D.J.G.G. 10:51
02 La Chanson De Roland 5:29
03 Bewildered 4:29
04 Omnibus 1:15
05 Elisa 6:40
06 Plaid 6:19
07 Middle 5:39
08 Spleen 6:21
09 Bewildered (Maas 1982 Dub) 6:17
10 Prayer 5:03
11 Close Of Day 3:32

Nova Nova - La Chanson De Roland  (ogg 140mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

"June 1999...The month of their first album's release, NOVANOVA decide to stop their collaboration after several EP's & one album together. Since this time, people asking us more music from the band have inundated us with requests. As Marc DURIF and Michel GRAVIL have been recording separately or together on and off for some time now, we all felt it was time to select the finest of the music they have released, since their start on F Communications in 1994, as well as five previously unreleased tracks. Enjoy!" This album/compilation/best-of/whatever you want is a real object. The unreleased tracks are surprising, Eternity is one of these piano-tracks the band knows how to do, Suddenly has a nice reversed melody and Marc Durif singing on it (finally!), and Marta is like a Bossa Nova tune. There is also this track everyone had probably forgotten, Pump! (Shake It Up) Minimal Matter, a house track very different of the others.
Beautiful, like the poems of Arthur Rimbaud (Mémoire) on the booklet...

Nova Nova - Memories  (flac 369mb)

01 Eternity 6:44
02 Aleph 4:52
03 Tones Ibid 5:22
04 Pump! (Shake It Up) Minimal Matter 4:40
05 Suddenly 3:16
06 DJ.G.G. 7:47
07 Zephyrel 6:12
08 See 7:43
09 Elisa 6:37
10 Variation 4:02
11 Nova Cantica 6:00
12 Marta 2:43

Nova Nova - Memories  (ogg 147mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Principles of Geometry is an electronic music band from Lille, France, which consists of Guillaume Grosso and Jeremy Duval.
record that comes courtesy of two nostalgic bearded ones. Two blokes hailing from France’s northern city of Lille dreaming of a ductile mother nature and soft lightning. They vow a cult to seventies aesthetics and middle class American chic. Be it E.T. or Virgin Suicides.

"A French electronic duo," someone might say, and the immediate impression is that the next Daft Punk has come into town, or perhaps the next Air. The feeling with Principles of Geometry is more the latter than the former, though -- and they aren't trying to be much like Air, either. Instead, the two-piece seems to be interested in combining the meditative, uplifting drive of a group like Mogwai (consider how the opening tones of "Arp Center" suggest the way the Scottish band similarly starts off many of its numbers with the calmest of introductions) with the glitch-laden bursts and twinkling melodies of countless numbers of laptop acts. It's a slightly unexpected but still effective combination, and if Principles of Geometry are as yet working on finding their own individual way, this self-titled debut has much going for it, with brooding, dark backgrounds looming behind more hyperactive, up-front rhythms and melodies. Generally alternating between shorter and longer songs -- at nearly eight minutes "Kopob Ingo" is something of a prog epic of sorts, probably by intent -- the album is still ultimately more an initial calling card, and after a bit starts to feel a bit of a piece throughout. The unexpected serves them well, as the sudden samples of hip-hop MCs cutting through the mix of "Wendy Forest" demonstrate, adding dynamics and tension to their work. The chopped-up and reused piano on "Omagh" has a similar effect, becoming both a centerpiece to the song and a regularly revamped extra twinge of chaos. Elsewhere, the hints of older synth sounds suggest murkier electronic artwork waters of three decades past, and while often charming, the musicians at points hit a groove only to do little with it, as on "Black Barn." Still, the seeds are potentially in place for something more down the way.

Principles of Geometry - Principles of Geometry ( flac 202mb)

01 Arp Center 5:02
02 Kopöb Ingo 7:50
03 Black Barn 2:16
04 Wendy Forest 6:16
05 Hcm6a 2:41
06 Omagh 5:17
07 901 4:03
08 Eliot's Sketchbook 3:23

Principles of Geometry - Principles of Geometry  (ogg 084mb)

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Anonymous said...

Don't be too proud. A greater percentage of Europeans answered the question about the Earth revolving around the sun incorrectly. (At least I have been able to verify this was true as recently as 2004-2005 on the National Science Foundation website.)I guess public education in many places is shameful...

Rho said...

Hello Anon not sure about the ignorance level of Europeans, the thing is i see this as a media driven problem and US media have proven to be relentless in going for the lowest common denominator in order to maximize profits. These companies want their publics to be as stupid and gullible as possible. Unfortunately there's a limit to the credit even if it has been extended to ridiculous levels. The day will come the public won't be able to buy what they have been made to believe they want and then the whole cardhouse will come crashing down.