Mar 2, 2014

Sundaze 1409

Hello, as parts of the world enjoy their carnival other parts decided to play a dangerous macho game. Personally i find the attitude of the west insane, the Crimea has been Russian for hundreds of years it was seceded by that drunk Jeltsin to Oekraine and now the west is supposed to go to war over a piece of land who's inhabitants are mainly Russian and who want to belong to Russia, all this on account of a government of amateurs installed last week. It's insane and meanwhile the banks keep on robbing us blind.

Today's artist's started in 1994 based on the idea to do some productions on his own in contrast to the club tracks he did with the djs. His skills of music production are based on styles like electronic Soundtracks, Downbeat, Ambient, Chill Out, Deep House, Future Jazz, Lounge, or Easy Listening..... N'Joy

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It all started in 1994 based on the idea to do some productions on my own in contrast to the club tracks I did with the djs. The only instance of quality should be me, no label, publisher or artist. In '96 the first track was released on german television br3 -Space Night Earthviews ...

Peter Haubfleisch's aka 'Fresh Moods' pleasantly understated electronic music has cropped up on labels such as Ultils, Planet Vision, Hoerspielmusik, Suburban Nightz, and most commonly, Elektrolux. Mazarine and Ultratubes are his dance floor aliases, while he reserves his Fresh Moods moniker for the alternative ambient he is most famous for. As Fresh Moods, Haubfleisch followed up his 1997 debut with 2000's Swerve and 2002's Love. Death. Angels, from which Alfa Romeo chose 'Decisions I Made' for their German TV advertising campaign. With its broad range of style and tempo from minimal 2-step and house to squelchy ambient acid to sexy downtempo electro, it's no surprise that Haubfleisch's harmonic electronic has become the soundtrack for Balearic mornings chilling on the beach.

In 2006 Fresh Moods produced with Exhale a superb album. Amazing downtempo beats, perfect early moring or late night grooves. Beautiful vocals and superb melodies it all moved along nicely. Excellent chill out but there wasn't a breaktrough in fact there was a break with Elektrolux where his 4 albums had been released. in fact Peter decided to re assess his life and have a creative break from music.  In order to do something useful with his time he was looking for a 'normal' job and started to work as a photo technician in a prestigious atelier for nearly four years. In time he considered returning to the music scene this was started with the re-evalution of his previous work and re releasing these in an audiofile fine master Edition these got new cover art, photographs of Rainer W. Schlegelmilch an artist he admired and worked for in his photo technician days. These luxuriously repackaged albums and were re-released in 2011 and 2012.

It reignited Peter's music drive and last year he released his 5th album 'Carbon Islands'  a concept album, a coherent whole, whose tracks complement each other but are also meaningful on their own. Full of details and diverse, yet efficient and not lost in exaggerated playfulness, the eleven tracks move within their own musical cosmos between ambient and chillout.

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The debut album from Peter Haubfleisch as Fresh Moods and of the three releases under this guise on Elektrolux this is certainly the hardest to find, but it is well worth tracking down. Some truly great tracks (Rhythmbreeze, ...To Jazz). As with his other releases on the label an overall optimistic feel, some superb melodies especially on 'Do it alright' (both versions) which takes off like a rocket into the stratosphere.
How could you call a musical flavour which is both relaxing and funky, kickass elegant ? Call it what you want, it«s the music of Fresh Moods that counts. Peter Haubfleisch, the man behind Fresh Moods has skills all over the place. Float between Jazzy and Funky vibes and enjoy this perfect Soundtrack on uplifting listening occasions. With Fresh Moods he presents quality all the way.

Fresh Moods - Fresh Moods (flac  383mb)

01 ...To Jazz 8:50
02 Rhythmbreeze 7:33
03 Martine 7:19
04 Le Jazz 7:27
05 Do It Alright 9:07
06 S.T.O.S. 5:37
07 The Cool 6:33
08 Do It Alright (Dub-Delay-Mix) 7:03
09 Sky Never Die 7:44
Fresh Moods - Fresh Moods (ogg 156mb)

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Swerve marks the long awaited second Elektrolux album of german project Fresh Moods. The debut of producer Peter Haubfleisch has already achieved fame among friends of deep, spheric electronic music, especially convincing through it’s constant easy flow. Love Parade veteran and DJ Dr. Motte named it as one of his personal favorites for 1998 (Max Magazine 1/99). Swerve fully matches the quality of it’s predecessor, delivering ten organic tracks between Ambient, Electronic, Downbeat and Listening. Included are two tracks already released as a part of the much acclaimed Space Night compilation series, Rhythmbreeze (alternate unreleased mix) and I Feel.

Standing apart from public fuss, Swerve is a downtempo thing in itself. Clearly shaped and compositionally logical, the music aims to deliver pleasant food for an individual's eardrums while carrying some captured traces of emotion to let listener add his own mood to the tracks. Some may call it lack of soul, but more correct would be to say that this is very personal and unique music to be discovered by a like-minded connoisseur without having possibility of unriddling it up to the end. Maybe this is the meaning of Fresh Moods name - these compositions always sound fresh, because they do not accept a well-defined attitude to them.

Fresh Moods - Swerve (flac  469mb)

01 Rhythmbreeze (Spy Mix) 7:10
02 Delite Electronic 8:37
03 I Feel 7:50
04 Jenny 6:58
05 Big On 8:32
06 Mescalinas 6:19
07 The Brush 8:06
08 Nuklear Good 4:47
09 Stuck Off 7:15
10 Mother 8:11

Fresh Moods - Swerve  (ogg 171mb)

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German Label Elektrolux is one of those rare labels that manages to bring continuously high quality electronica. Some of the releases on the label are simply excellent and Love Death Angels from  Fresh Moods is one of these albums released in 2002. With the third album under his Fresh Moods guise he once again proves his unique skills as a real freestyle-afficionado. „Love. Death. Angels“ is what we call innovative as it utilizes the producer’s widespread musical roots to create something totally new. Haubfleisch knows how to deliver the goods and leaves no exception here with this collection of breathtaking gems. A wide range of ingredients such as tough dopebeats, soul, electrofunk and soundtrack-like moments are fused with his unique sample treatment, throwing in lots of little soundbits and vocal fragments. „Love. Death. Angels“ is more than just another downbeat album. With superb tracks like „Find My Home“ and „Got To Be“ it also includes some 2step- and offbeat house-aesthetics without losing its overall relaxed vibe. It’s this atmospheric density what makes this album very special, and on top of that it is extremely original. A must have for all fans of new freestyle grooves!

Fresh Moods - Love. Death. Angels. (flac 388mb)

01 Decisions I Made 7:36
02 Shiny Cage 7:39
03 Find My Home 4:50
04 Got To Be 6:07
05 What Do I Say 7:30
06 Parasol 6:20
07 One Two 6:02
08 Fever 5:06
09 Behind Mirnoc 4:56
10 Stand 6:33

Fresh Moods - Love. Death. Angels. (ogg 147mb)

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