Mar 9, 2014

Sundaze 1410

Hello, with the eyes of the world on Ukraine, i thought why not add our ears aswell. With the means to create and distribute music having been 'democratized' this last decade a guy from Kiev made his move to break free from anonimity. 3 years of activity saw the release of 9 hi quality glich, ambient, modern classical albums by what only can be called an inspired young artist , a prodigy who deserves much more exposure. Treat yourselves.....

Todays artist's Images enshroud with vague and seem to recall something. In certain occasions, in this organic life, in exhibits presented for the blind there are together serenity and anxiety, craving for shattered and for holistic, attraction to warm and avoiding of cold. In all of this, there is something in common, something throbbing, something that comes from the ultimate understanding of stunned mind..... N'Joy

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Andriy Symonovych (aka Ruga Roo) is a 21 years young musician from Kyiv, Ukraine. Eight years of musical classes made him totally devoted to piano melodies and ignited a desire to show this beauty to all the hearing ones. In his early teens he was in a local symphony-metal band, where he improved his playing skills and also he was also sampling by that time. Later on, he started his first solo project “Lie Collectors” – a reflection of his own thoughts about the world and the human’s place in it. This project is aimed more to live shows although there’s one album released with this project.

As Ruga Roo‘s interest in electronic music kept growing he couldn’t escape from the reality that he needed a new project so in May 2010 he started producing IDM/Ambient with his friend Sitreus under the name of “Sound Wave Pressure” where he takes part in writing melodies and sampling drums. This project is quite popular in Ukraine and there are many parties & places where they do live-performances.

In Fall of 2010 the r.roo project started to breathe as it was about time for Rugaroo to experiment with new sounds within this very deep atmospheric world of IDM. His first album First Row was released on Subwise netlabel late 2010. This emerging young talent has proved his skills for combining beauty and beats with clever sound experimentation through his 5 releases in less than two years. With eight years of formal musical training, r.roo became completely devoted to composing intricate piano melodies and ultimately ignited his desire to share his gift with listeners. His first project Lie Collectors was a reflection of his own thoughts about the world and human being’s place in it.

While first co-founding the netlabel Someone Records in 2011, r.roo showed his abundant consistency for hatching engaging electronic music by unleashing 4 releases on 4 seperate labels throughout the year. While quickly gaining recognition and momentum in the dark IDM scene, r.roo released his fourth full-length album on Abstrakt Reflections in early 2012.

In 2012 the prolific r.roo finally crossed the Tympanik threshold with his new work titled ‘mgnovenie‘. With equal focus on atmosphere and beats, r.roo creates a definitive sound that grips and pulls on the unsuspecting listener. Shadowed in soulful piano movements, twitches of violin, random static and strange radio voices, accented perfectly by crushing beats and a meticulous stitching of glitchy misfires, ‘mgnovenie’ (translated as “The Moment”) proves itself as the ideal soundtrack for intentional mental defections.

His latest album ‘innerheaven‘ was released on Tympanik Audio October 16th, 2013. 14 new tracks on 4-panel digipak CD and digital formats featuring artwork by Salt. And if that wasn't enough it came with a brilliant digital bonus album Hydref. Meanwhile he managed to remix others evidence of this was released earlier this year, Otherwhere. Three years of activity saw the release of 9 hi quality glich, ambient, modern classical albums by what only can be called an inspired young artist , a prodigy who deserves much more exposure. Treat yourselves.....


Первая Строка (First Row) (Digital - Subwise 2010)
Into A Cloud  (Digital - Abstrakt Reflections 2011)
Ache (Digital - Someone Records 2011)
Broken Time (CD - Raumklang Music 2011)
with Papillons de la guerre - Winter People (Digital - Someone Records 2011)
There Is No Yesterday And No Tomorrow (Digital - Abstrakt Reflections 2012)
Mgnovenie (CD - Tympanik Audio feb 2013)
Exist (Digital - Abstrakt Reflections sept 2013)
Innerheaven (CD - Tympanik Audio oct 2013)
Hydref ( Digital - Tympanik Audio oct 2013)
Otherwhere (remixes) jan 14

But wait there's more he has another moniker, Na Hag under which Andriy shows his dark ambient, rhythmic noise, tribal, industrial side

Lost Cities (Synthematik 2011)
Dreams Of A Sick Man  ‎(X-Line  2011)
Fragments Of Human ‎(X-Line  2012)
Obscurant  ‎ ‎(X-Line  2012)

and with Ivan Gomzikov as
Strangled Voice - Beauty Of Decay (Genetic Trance 2011)

He must be some kind of a robot, android, cyborg or I don’t know what, who doesn’t sleep but make music all the time.

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R.Roo - First Row (flac  205mb)

01 I 6:20
02 Melted 5:42
03 In The Sky 3:52
04 Leaving 4:17
05 His 6:10
06 Body 5:58
07 On Asphalt 3:43
08 The Other I (Bonus) 5:24

R.Roo - First Row (ogg 108mb)

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r.roo music is all about northern wind gusts, hopeless sky, gloomy clouds and despairing drops raining. Clouds all below, the swarms fall down, heavy, pressing, rain binds and thunder makes deaf. Your body is dipped in cold flow, your motions slow down, you can no longer control yourself.High keynotes interfere with drops, lacerated sounds and grinding. Everything mixes; and now you are integral with music. You are a huge royal wave. Sometimes it seems that the creator of this groaning world just makes fun of it. It seems unusual and strange to hear hopeful faint notes in this slough delirium, as if sky is hesitantly pierced by the rays of a sun. Eventually, sun rises and clashes with a stream you drown in. You are blinded but the flow retreats in dread. But can you hold on, choking and waiting for the dawn? you never know how the battle ends. Anyway this sullen world will push you out at the most interesting moment to leave you ignorant.

My world transformed into a cloud to scatter dreams and thoughts to drops at dawn of autumn sun

R Roo - Into A Cloud (flac 317mb)

01 My 5:03
02 World 5:27
03 Transformed 5:47
04 Into A Cloud 8:14
05 To Scatter 4:13
06 Dreams 6:00
07 And Thoughts 4:33
08 To Drops 4:22
09 At Dawn 4:46
10 Of Autumn 3:50
11 Sun 3:50

R Roo - Into A Cloud (ogg 136mb)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

R Roo - Broken Time (flac  350mb)

01 Intr.Roo 1:38
02 Drain Myself 6:02
03 A Broken Clock 4:56
04 He Swallowed Rays Of The Sun 5:21
05 Her Movie 5:47
06 My Rue 5:27
07 Sagte Er, Es War, Als Sollte Die Scham Ihn Uberleben 4:54
08 Laugh In Her Broken Eyes 5:00
09 B-Movie (Instrumental) 4:55
10 My Bridge Is Too Small 6:14
11 I Think, Therefore I Am 4:35
12 Fireflies 4:35
13 Laugh In Her Broken Eyes (Tapage Remix) 4:04
14 We Play The Search. You Understand Me 3:3
15 Her Movie (Cloud Roots Remix) 7:11
16 Outr.Roo 1:25

R Roo - Broken Time  (ogg 167mb)

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Peter Tron said...

that first album is very good.
very bleak, but beautiful andf well produced.