Jun 29, 2013

RhoDeo 1325 Beats

Hello,  as Glastonbury blasted off fridayafternoon amidst happy expectations even the rain gave way and isn't expected to come back this weekend. Pity I like a good mudbath, it does away with all previously held vanities. Don't mind I'm not there. I don't like large crowds. Meanwhile Wimbledon has been robbed of most of its top ten seeds male and female, the Tour De France favourites better watch out this first week.

Meanwhile we're here for some beats, we've been getting serious and clinical and it should hardly be a surprise we turned to Germans for that, the coming Beats we remain in Berlin as it is such a cosmopolitan city where creativity /art is highly regarded, it's evident that there's much more to be explored and we just follow the beats. When she returned from a year (89) London, her Berlin was no more, it was no longer an island, surrounded by intimidating Vopo's. The fall of the wall, the unification and liberation of Berlin inspired her to build on her London experiences, the time of techno was dawning  and she became a successful electronic musician, music producer and music label owner. She lives in Berlin, that is between DJ globetrotting. ....... N'joy

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Ellen Fraatz was born 1969 in Berlin. Her father played guitar and piano. During 1989, she lived in London where she first came into contact with electronic music, at the height of the acid house phenomenon. When she later returned to Berlin, electronic music had become increasingly popular in Germany. Shortly after she got into DJing and Allien was 'born', and by 1993 she had spun at Fischlabor, Tresor, and a number of other significant clubs. Throughout the remainder of the '90s, she hosted programs on Berlin's Kiss FM, worked at the Delirium record shop, operated a label called Braincandy, and threw a number of parties called BPitch Control, which led to her label of the same name.

Due to discrepancies with disk sales, she gave Braincandy up in 1997 and instead, organized parties with the name, "B Pitch". Allien created the label BPitch Control in 1999. The label's releases from Sascha Funke and Tok Tok were particularly successful. Allien released her first album, Stadtkind ("city child"), in 2001, and Berlinette in 2003, After releasing Thrills, Allien created a BPitch sub-label for minimal tech and minimal house, called "Memo Musik", in 2005. Orchestra of Bubbles, in collaboration with Apparat, featurings songs like "Way Out" and "Jet", was released in 2006. During the same year, Ellen Allien launched her own fashion line, which can be seen as "an extension of her philosophy of life“. After the minimalistic Sool in 2008, she released her fifth solo album Dust (BPC217) in May 2010.

During her career she released a number (8) of mix albums; Flieg Mit Ellen Allien (2001), Weiss Mix (2002), My Parade and Remix Collection (2004) , Fabric 34 and The Other Side - Berlin (2007), Boogybytes, Vol. 4 (2008), and Watergate 05 (2010).

After the release of Dust RMX in 2011, Allien expanded the music she'd been commissioned to write for a dance production staged at Paris' Pompidou Centre into 2013's free-flowing album LISm. Throughout the years, the sound of Allien's productions took on subtle changes, ingested new inspirations, and gravitated toward full-blown songs while remaining pared down all along. Allien’s romantic views and undiluted enthusiasm about techno and electro are major reasons why she is such a captivating and popular figure inside and outside her Bpitch Control community.

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Released on her own label, the increasingly high-profile Bpitch Control, Ellen Allien's second full-length album is more than just an abandoned fairground of Teutonic rhythms, elastic snares, icy synths, and digital sculpture. Demonstrating her mastery of subtle twitch and unconventional nuance, Allien differentiates herself from the rest of the crystalline microhouse mob with playful, humanist touches and on-a-dime midsong reappraisals. Lead track "Alles Sehen" begins with a throbbing electro beat and a gush of warm house swirls before folding into a twinkling vocal pop coda worthy of Lali Puna; "Push" shifts without notice from a grubby, scampering rhythm to a throbbing industrial lockstep; and "Augenblick" wrings form out of a ball of crinkled textures, machine-spat beats, and tremulous Factory Records guitars. But it's the conceptual overlap and idea overflow of the bittersweet "Wish" that resonate strongest -- over a mournful synth line, a quadruple-timed beatbox, and heavily processed acoustic guitar chugs, Allien daydreams herself out of postwar Berlin: "Need a planet without cars and wars...I wish it could be true." Bitingly fierce, technologically adroit, and curiously poppy, Berlinette marks yet another high point in an already superb year for Germanic techno.

Ellen Allien - Berlinette ( flac 306mb)

01 Alles Sehen 3:50
02 Sehnsucht 6:18
03 Trash Scapes Voc 0:58
04 Push 4:17
05 Trash Scapes 4:40
06 Augenblick 4:39
07 Wish 4:47
08 Abstract Pictures 4:55
09 Erdbeermund 4:13
10 Secret 4:07
11 Open 6:10

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On 2003's Berlinette, Ellen Allien reveled in the stops and starts, in pinching her already-precision percussion stabs into tetchy bunches of sharp black commas and apostrophes. It made for music that was futuristic, excitingly tense, and, well, totally German. Allien's back after an EP and a remix album with the sleeker but no less fun Thrills. It's more concise than Berlinette, beginning with the insistent layering and chopped reverb guitar of "Come," a track that's Berlin's ultimate answer to Achtung Baby if there ever was one. And it continues. The churning "Your Body Is My Body," "Ghost Train"'s gentle clockwise cascade, and "Naked Rain"'s brittle, almost synth pop feel -- these are songs that move feet and stroke chins. Allien is a world-class DJ, so the dancing part is no surprise. But blending those consistent beats with synthetic detachment and left-field moments? Thrills puts "experimental" and "techno" on balance.

Ellen Allien - Thrills ( flac 291mb)

01 Come 6:36
02 The Brain Is Lost 5:17
03 Your Body Is My Body 5:19
04 Naked Rain 4:53
05 Washing Machine Is Speaking 5:24
06 Down 4:35
07 Ghost Train 3:05
08 Cloudy City 6:19
09 She Is With Me 4:59
10 Magma 5:55

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The collaboration between DJs Ellen Allien (of the BPitch Control label) and Apparat (Sascha Ring of the Shitkatapult imprint) is far from a natural match. Both are iconoclastic with different approaches to electronic music in general and dance music in particular, though it should be noted from the outset that Orchestra of Bubbles is not their first collaboration. They've worked on remix projects together, and done one another's remixes for a few years now. Allien has worked tirelessly to engage the club dancefloor with her albums and 12"s, whereas Ring has taken a more aesthetic and strategic approach. Allien and Ring both share a sense of humor, though the latter's is a bit more wry, and both are applied here. To call this is a 50/50 split between the two would be unfair and inaccurate. Individual identities don't play that much a role, though Allien's trademark vocals and floor-central modality anchor the project clearly. Ring, as Apparat, adds dimensionality, off-kilter beats, and dynamic ambient spaces to offer the technocratic solidity some room to breathe and open out onto different vistas. For anyone sincerely interested in the open territory of electronic music and its possible futures, this is not only a microscope to examine the new bacteria with, it's the pulsing life form beneath it.

Ellen Allien and Apparat - Orchestra of Bubbles ( flac 344mb)

01 Turbo Dreams 4:11
02 Way Out 3:43
03 Retina 4:03
04 Rotary 4:24
05 Jet 6:34
06 Sleepless 3:36
07 Metric 3:31
08 Floating Points 5:13
09 Under 4:54
10 Do Not Break 5:13
11 Leave Me Alone 3:17
12 Edison 3:48
13 Bubbles 4:57

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Great Blog. Great music.

Would there be any chance of re-uploading "Berlinette" and "Orchestra of Bubbles".

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This is a great and exciting treasure trove of fantastic tunes.
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Na ja zum wiederholten mal...Viel Spass mit Ellen Fraatz... N'Joy

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Could you please reup 'Orchestra of Bubbles' once more? Thank you very much in advance :-)