Mar 18, 2013

RhoDeo 1311 Rings 7

Hello, so the F1 season began this weekend with a promising start no less, after a dominant qualifying from Vettel and co it turned out that his Red Bull displayed an unhealthy appetite of rubber forcing the champ to take it somewhat slower, the Iceman however had no such problems and took his Lotus to victory, despite Alonso's at times fanatical driving, in the end he had the satisfaction of fininshing in front of Vettel...more next week. Meanwhile the roadcycling classic called spring (Primavera) had to be partly abandoned because of atrocious weather, snow and ice. In the end a German won in front of a Slovakian and that Swiss superman Cancellara. I Caught some figureskating as well and really enjoyed watching the current Olympic and new world champion Yu-Na Kim very good looking South Korean and in a league of her own, to think that that idiot Kim Jong-un wants to destroy all that defies belief, but then this cold war relic nation lacks any common sense.

The coming months a tale with a proven trackrecord in the cinema , yet there's radioplays too and having listened to the first episode it strikes me that stories like these where the imagery is left to the listener and not prepared by others can have a bigger impact and dare I say deliver a much more satisfying experience as after all it's all in the mind ... NJoy

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In 1981 BBC Radio 4 broadcast a dramatisation of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings in 26 half-hour stereo instalments. Like the novel on which it is based, The Lord of the Rings is the story of an epic struggle against the Dark Lord Sauron of Mordor, the primary villain of the work, who created a Ruling Ring to control the nineteen Rings of Power, and an alliance of heroes who join forces to save the world from falling under his shadow.

The 26-part series was subsequently edited into 13 hour-long episodes broadcast from 17 July to 9 October 1982, restoring some dialogue originally cut for timing (since each hour-long episode is actually around 57 minutes, as opposed to 54 minutes for two half-hour episodes with overlaps and extra credits removed), rearranging some scenes for dramatic impact and adding linking narration and music cues. Interestingly Ian Holm, who played Frodo Baggins in the radio serial, went on to play Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson's movie trilogy.

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The Breaking Of The Fellowship ( 64mb)

701 Opening Titles
702 The Marshes of the Dead
703 The Winged Terror
704 The Gate of Helm
705 Gandalf Comes to Isengard
706 The Battle of Helm's Deep

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The Shadow Of The Past (64mb)
The Black Riders (64mb)
The Knife In The Dark (65mb)
The Ring Goes South (63mb)
The Mirror Of Gadladriel ( 64mb)
The Breaking Of The Fellowship ( 65mb)

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