Mar 23, 2013

RhoDeo 1311 Beats

Hello, some trouble again uploading to my regular host, Netkups,  oh well nothing compared to some of the problems the weather has been causing. Last week i reintroduced Rapidshare but apparently something didn't compute so I re-upped "Thinking About Myself" si in case you tried in vain last week you should try again..

Meanwhile the beats go on....  with more from the Wagner of Techno-trance, this time I have some of his EP's lined up for you, expect more then just trance. . .... NJoy

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Blüchel was born (February 19, 1963) in Nuremberg, Germany. At the age of 6, Blüchel started taking classes in classical piano. He began studying at the Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg one year later. His favourite composers soon were, amongst others, Béla Bartók and Igor Stravinsky. In 1976 he would discover electronic music and take an interest in playing the synthesizer. At the time he was listening to bands such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Blüchel continued his studies in music. In 1986 he moved to West Berlin and entered into the Berlin Institute of Technology to study audio engineering, and also entered into the Berlin University of the Arts to study composition. While living in Berlin, he would soon meet producer Kid Paul. In 1988 he started to compose and take side in techno music and house music.

In 1991, Blüchel first appeared as "Cosmic Baby" in live acts. That year he signed with trance label MFS, where he released his first album Stellar Supreme in 1992. In 1992 he also paired up with Paul van Dyk for the project "The Visions of Shiva" under which name two EPs came out, Perfect Day (1992) and How Much Can You Take? (1993). The two then later went their separate ways. In late 1993, Blüchel left MFS and signed onto Logic Records, a record label owned by BMG.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Blüchel formed Energy 52 with Kid Paul. In 1993, Energy 52 released "Café del Mar", which is considered to be a trance classic and one of the most remixed songs in electronic music. In 1994, Blüchel released his single "Loops of Infinity" which stayed in the top 30 of the German charts for three months. In April 1994 he released his second album Thinking About Myself. He later also created a soundtrack for Futura, a musical dance act. This soundtrack features some material from Thinking About Myself and was released under the name Cosmic Inc. in 1995. Another soundtrack, Musik zu Andorra, for the stageplay Andorra by Max Frisch, appeared in 1997. Blüchel decided to become a music publisher and founded Cosmic Enterprises in 1994; he then created his own label Time Out of Mind Records in 1995. The third full-length album Fourteen Pieces was released in 1996, the fourth album Heaven followed in 1999. Throughout the late 1990s, Blüchel would perform as a DJ in the United States, Mexico and other places around the world.

Blüchel later started collaborating with Christopher von Deylen. Together they released two albums as Blüchel & Von Deylen in 2004: Bi Polar and Mare Stellaris. After this, Blüchel began releasing works under his real name, more ambient-like, minimalistic and experimental than his works as Cosmic Baby. The albums that appeared in the following years were part of the "Zauberberg" ("Magic Mountain") trilogy. Meanwhile, Blüchel also made a come-back as Cosmic Baby with the release of the album Industrie und Melodie at the end of 2006..

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From the beginning,  Loops Of Infinity was a balancing act between excessive romantic, excessive speed, excessive piano and excessive arpeggios. With a wink at my favorites from the 19th century, a play on the term "virtuoso" thoughts from the book, "Gödel, Escher, Bach" and the tongue for a hefty debate starting up between techno fundamentalists, I found my own path. "Heaven's Tears" documents two archetypical Cosmic Baby styles.  Strong piano motives in combination with sequencer arpeggios a la Tangerine Dream or Giorgio Moroder, with techno beats added, make for emotionally laden, directly accessible music, both in the club or at home.

Cosmic Baby - Loops Of Infinity/Heaven's Tears ( flac 400mb)

01 Loops Of Infinity (Axiomatic) 3:45
02 Loops Of Infinity (Expressionistic) 7:34
03 Loops Of Infinity (Impressionistic) 7:56
04 Loops Of Infinity (Arpeggiators Remix) 5:55
05 Loops Of Infinity (Triptomatic Fairytales Remix) 6:27

01 Heaven's Tears (Jam El Mar Visual Mix) 3:57
02 Heaven's Tears (DJ Kid Paul's Mix) 5:59
03 Heaven's Tears (Cosmic Baby's Remix) 7:53
04 Heaven's Tears (Jam El Mar Funny How The Time Flies Mix) 8:37

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Fantasia was the second single to be released from "Thinking" and it is easily my favourite piece. A fantasy on dreams, desires, hopes of a period of my life. Translating the world using the senses of a happy person. Six months later a five-piece suite from the original version was created over two nights and produced in three days. Actually, Fantasia deserved the same success as Loops of Infinity because it conveys sensual affairs more completely. Lisa Woynar's voice in Part 1 is a brilliant interpretation of the instrumental "Archityp zwei"

Cosmic Baby - Fantasia/Blade Runner ( flac 374mb)

01 Intro 4:03
02 Celestial Harmonies 9:13
03 Remix II 9:02
04 Talking Drums 9:03
05 Airplay 3:48
06 Outro 5:02

01 A Tribute To Blade Runner (Dance Title 2) 7:21
02 L.A. 2018 - Replicants Requiem 4:07
03 L.A. 2018 - Rachel And Deckard 7:59

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The back story
The destruction of the natural basis for all life on Earth is inevitable. Optimists see the separation of mind and body as the only way out. What begins with the emergence of created by computers, virtual worlds in the Phasedes of 'Cyber-Space', developed rapidly into new forms of consciousness and life opportunities. After the Earth has been poisoned and destroyed, humans have disappeared. All this is pre-history,  in "FUTURA" nature has recovered from the attack of the humans and given rise to a new, diverse flora and fauna on the planet. People have de-materialized and are disembodied as they move through the planet's sphere. However, some of these disembodied beings are now able to be reborn on Earth....
Fluorescent body and objects occupy the space and create virtual atmospheres until Futura appears. By her inner beauty and singing, she spread a harmonious, powerful aura. Cosmic Baby wrote the music, and expressed in singing in classical mezzo - soprano. 'FUTURA', by the PYRO SPACE BALLET (Conception & direction from Kerstin Rehberg) in the AKADEMIE DER KÜNSTE, Berlin. This soundtrack features some material from Thinking About Myself and was released under the name Cosmic Inc. in 1995.

Cosmic Baby - Futura mini ( flac 262mb)

01 Au Dessous Des Nuages 10:45
02 Brooklyn 5:21
03 Movements In Love 8:19
04 Futura (Voc Elisabeth Neiman) 5:03
05 Rebirth (Voc Elisabeth Neiman) 5:15
06 Transformations (Voc Elisabeth Neiman) 9:07

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Energy 52 was a project comprising Paul Schmitz-Moormann (Kid Paul) and Harald Blüchel. The 1993 track "Café del Mar" became one of the most heard trance songs in the world; its dozens of remixes have appeared on hundreds of compilation albums. In April 2011, the song was voted number one by BBC Radio 1 listeners in Pete Tong's Top 20 Dance Tracks of the last 20 years.

The background: I met Paul Schmitz-Moormann in 1989. A close friendship developed centred around non-stop music-making. From Paul I learned how to combine high-quality melodic material with rhythm sections in a way that was both transparent and effective and gave the compositions a clear structure. In return, I was a kind of contemporary "piano teacher" for Paul. In 1990 we spent some time together on Ibiza. We got some really good vibes in a white villa on the beach where we spent the evenings, the "Cafe del Mar".
 November 1992: Paul returns after an especially long summer holiday on Ibiza. At "Cafe del Mar" he had heard a solo piano composition that had made a big impression on him. I know the piece, it is from Wim Mertens, one of my favorite composers. In the coming weeks we dedicate ourselves as though inspired by a greater force to our own version of this masterpiece working minutely on every little detail until it feels right. In January we produce the two originals ("Kid Paul Mix" and "Cosmic Baby's Impression") in the studio in cooperation with Jens.

Energy 52 - Café Del Mar ( flac 352mb)

01 Café Del Mar (Marco V Remix Radio Edit) 3:04
02 Café Del Mar (Three N One Radio Mix) 3:51
03 Café Del Mar (Nalin & Kane Remix) 9:43
04 Café Del Mar (Marco V Remix) 8:31
05 Café Del Mar (Three N One Remix) 8:43
06 Café Del Mar (John 00 Fleming Remix) 10:03
07 Café Del Mar (Hybrid's Time Traveller Remix) 6:38
08 Café Del Mar (Humate Remix) 6:33

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