Sep 23, 2012

Sundaze 1239

Hello, as announced yesterday, the more ambient side to Rod Modell, surround headphone space. Njoy

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The birth of his path dates back to the vibrant cultural paroxysm that was Detroit in the mid to late 80′s which choreographed a timeless blueprint thats true soul is easily recognisable in any performance or release that’s made its way from his world.

Now even though he’s confessed that much of that segment in his life has been pseudo-erased, unintentionally or otherwise, it delivered the infrastructure that supported the exposure for ‘The Autonomous Music Project’, sub explorations with Echospace/CV31

I think that viewing my sound outside of a musical context was profound and liberating.  I don’t consider what I do music.  Maybe more sound design.  I really never wanted to create music.  In fact… I always pondered if I was a music hater, or a music lover.  Probably a music hater.  I view what I do as creating soundscapes for stimulating higher thinking.

20 years ago, I was involved with the Hare Krishna’s.  I would chant at the temple everyday.  I loved this and looked forward to it.  It’s all I wanted to do.  I would go into the temple, and start chanting the mantra, and about 10-15 minutes into it, something would snap in my brain.  Chanting this loop over and over caused a profound positive change in my head.  My system was flooded with endorphins, and I had a euphoric sensation like floating in space.

The looks on peoples faces in a crowded club at 4am is extremely similar to the faces at 4pm in the Krishna temple
Later, I moved away from the Krishna’s and wanted to recreate this sensation.  I found I could do it by making these loops in my studio.  A similar effect was obtained.  The looks on peoples faces in a crowded club at 4am is extremely similar to the faces at 4pm in the Krishna temple.  The Krishna’s mantra is causing the same psychological effect as a club’s sound system.  My job is to make new software to run on the club’s hardware.  This is how I view it.  I think understanding this loop-aesthetic via my association with the Krishna’s was profound for me. 

Honestly, right now I’m most into field recordings.  It’s almost all I play in my home.  I carry a small wav recorder with me everywhere, and record whenever I can.  I like playing these all day around the house while doing other things.  Like the Tokyo recordings in Liumin and the Amsterdam recordings in Hash Bar Loops.  It’s better than photos for recalling a place.  But it’s an acquired taste.

So, with all this in mind, Modell’s interest in a wider world of audio and inclination towards analogue processes can be seen as properly “organic,” sprung not from passing fad but from enduring love of sound in itself, miles from the abstracted template fetishism of minimal.

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Channel Modell: in the 80s/90s there was electro-acoustic experimentation – musique concrète, 4-track adventures in lo-fi and field recordings, dabblings in industrial soundscapes and installation work. This issued in the likes of v1.0-1.9 (Silent, 1996), which explored the impact of sound on the human psyche using earth frequencies from NASA, microwave, paranormal recordings, field recordings and both analogue and digital synths to create an esoteric dark ambient opus.

Transmission 1.1 through 1.9 are recorded live. They were assembled in a small, dark room in the basement of WSGR FM 91.3, Port Huron, Michigan, while on the air 10/29/95 11pm-1am.

Chris Troy  [Analog Tone Engineering And Realization, Location Recording, Para-normal Research, Recordings Of The Dead]
Rod Modell [Digital Audio Graphs, Granular Synthesis, Microwave Communications, Psycho-acoustics]

Waveform Transmission (Rod Modell and Chris Troy) ‎- V 1.0-1.9 (flac  230mb)

1 V 1.0 6:47
2 V 1.1 9:11
3 V 1.2 5:51
4 V 1.3 9:22
5 V 1.4 5:01
6 V 1.5 4:18
7 V 1.6 13:56
8 V 1.7 4:58
9 V 1.8 11:00
10 V 1.9 5:53

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Sonic Continuum is a set of deep, lush minimalism from Rod Modell and Michael Mantra. The CD has two long-form compositions, each over 35 minutes. This is a different kind of organic ambience. Modell and Mantra build dense atmospheres from walls of sound. The walls consist of drones and samples interwoven with atmospheres. It is an exponential sound design; Modell and Mantra are using the atmospheres to build the atmospheres. This somewhat enigmatic soundworld is hypnotic and psychoactive. The disc is "an auditory gradient for changing states (and) is dedicated to the spiritual liberation of all sentient beings." This is best when experienced in solitude with headphones.

Rod Modell and Michael Mantra - Sonic Continuum flac (flac  333mb)

01 Vitamin M 35:54
02 Vitamin K 35:16

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The Autonomous Music Project (Soleilmoon sub-label, Lunar, 1998), which harboured a batch of fabulously suggestive dark-light soundscapes incorporating “electro-organic, virtual reality audio textures” into a recording which, in the current climate of texturally abraded digital-denying ambient, sounds freshly contemporary.

Rod Modell - The Autonomous Music Project (flac  271mb)

01 Inside The Rain Maker 6:10
02 The Solar World 4:50
03 Cool Watery Depths 11:04
04 Air Flow (Between High And Low Pressure Zones) 15:33
05 Tribal Air-Spirit Tracking 9:04
06 Equator 10:32
07 Conger Beach Late Night (Under The Blue Water Bridge) 5:40

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Waveform Transmission (Rod Modell & Chris Troy) ‎- V 1.0-1.9
Rod Modell & Michael Mantra - Sonic Continuum

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