Jan 22, 2012

Sundaze 1204 Inside Out

Hello, our world is still in shock after the lawless seizure of Megaupload by the US corporate fascists and their FBI goons, I've re upped the seized links pre-Rhotation the remainder will be done next week, that is to say , I can't get thru to multiupload today, could be because handling the increase in clients after the biggest hoster got killed. Besides my connection looks substandard today aswell, therefore i improvise with smashupload and rapidshare today.

It's been 7 months since my last Inside Out..sorry about that.. so today a spacious binaural recording of a cave jam of a trio of top musicians, and something to don't loose any sleep over Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s Delta Sleep System.

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These days a lot of people loose sleep over their future; economically , socially, the environment and what will happen december 2012 ? But losing sleep is making live miserable and certainly doesn't solve anything, in fact chances are you 'll get more answers from a good night sleep. Yet many of you seem to have trouble with that, you should take the opportunity to grab the Delta Sleep System files..for yourself or others you know to have sleeping trouble...it's all about sharing.


There are several stages of sleep which people pass through in the course of a good restful night. In each stage our sleep gets deeper, our bodies gets more relaxed and our brainwave patterns slow down. The deepest and most rejuvenating levels of sleep are associated with Delta brainwave patterns. Delta sleep is the most physically relaxed stage of sleep and is the time when the body recuperates and rebalances itself for the new day. Getting enough sleep, but more specifically enough Delta Sleep, is essential for healthy, productive living.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s breakthrough audio techniques, developed over 20 years of clinical research, are proven to increase levels of Delta brainwave activity. He has helped thousands of people to achieve regular, restful, revitalizing sleep. How This Program Can Work For You Play Delta Sleep System on any ordinary stereo or through headphones. Pulses of sound embedded into an ambient musical soundtrack, combining rich orchestration and "3-dimensional" sounds of nature will coax your own brainwaves toward their natural pattern of deep Delta Sleep.

In the enclosed notes you will learn: About the natural cycles of sleep and how they effect you How to use Delta Sleep System to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up rejuvenated Special relaxation techniques which you can use to enhance your experience

Dr.Thompson - Delta Sleep System 2-1 (flac 182mb)

01 Delta Sleep System 2 Part 1 30:20
02 Delta Sleep System 2 Part 2 30:19
inc. info/instruction booklet
Dr.Thompson - Delta Sleep System 2-1 gg (ogg 120mb)

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Dr.Thompson - Delta Sleep System 2-2 (flac 179mb)

01 Dreamtime 30:21
02 Peaceful Slumber 30:11

Dr.Thompson - Delta Sleep System 2-2 (ogg 121mb)

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From the Caves of the Iron Mountain is an album recorded inside the Widow Jane Mine in the Catskill Mountains. The artists featured on the album are Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, The Indigo Girls), and Steve Gorn (Glen Velez and Jerome Robbins' New York City Ballet). The recording is binaural, which means that when you hear it over the headphones, you will be listening to exactly what was heard in the caves.

Pure atmosphere throughout, this one was recorded in an underground lake, in a cave in the Woodstock area of NY where the three musicians live. Simple musical ideas, played on custom-made instruments, develop naturally and tap into a primal feel, yet never overstay their welcome. Engineer Tchad Blake acts like a fourth band member, transporting the listener to the recording session and the ambience of the surroundings.

The music was recorded using a unique technique of puttin microphones in the ear of the Recording Engineer, which maskes it the PERFECT record to listen to with headphones.

Steve Gorn, Tony Levin & Jerry Marotta - From The Caves Of The Iron Mountain - (flac 218mb)

01 Approaching The Cavern 1:25
02 Man Walking From A To B 3:39
03 In The Caves Of The Iron Mountain 3:37
04 Drumming On Water 3:29
05 Devil's Kitchen 3:42
06 Shakers In Five 3:53
07 Glass Beads 3:32
08 Joyous Lake 2:41
09 Catskill Gallery: The Abandoned IBM Plant/Woodstock, The Indian Burial 1:52
10 Catskill Gallery: Woodstock,The Indian Burial Ground 1:39
11 Catskill Gallery: Swimming The Shokan Rooftops 1:26
12 Catskill Gallery: Overlook Mountain 3:21
13 Shepherd's Song 3:46
14 Catacombs 4:18
15 Magic Meadow 3:40
16 The Widow Jane Mine 3:14
17 Squeeze Box 1:11

Steve Gorn, Tony Levin & Jerry Marotta - From The Caves Of The Iron Mountain - (ogg 114mb)

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