Jan 27, 2012

RhoDeo 1204 Grooves

Hello, today's artists have been up to the downslope and carved out their own niche in the globalmusic mind..PPP FFFunk from the start of the seventies onwards they laid their grooves on us, and even, as you can see at the bottom, if i posted several vinylrips 4 years ago (Rhotation Grooves 10 & 20), I think a further and deeper look into their discography is essential. So the coming weeks Fridaynght Grooves will be...

"A Parliafunkadelicment Thang"

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Allready the 7th post in the Parliament Funkadelic saga that in name came to an end in 1981, but then main man george Cklinton soldiered on and several members of the Pfunk family made a name for themselves we'll see some of that in the next few weeks..

The rapidly expanding ensemble of musicians and singers in the Parliament-Funkadelic enterprise, as well as Clinton's problematic management practices, began to take their toll by the late 1970s. Original Parliaments members Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, and Grady Thomas, who had been with Clinton since the barbershop days in the late 1950s, felt marginalized by the continuous influx of new members and departed acrimoniously in 1977. Other important group members like singer/guitarist Glenn Goins and drummer Jerome Brailey left Parliament-Funkadelic in the late 1970s after disputes over Clinton's management. Two further Parliament albums, Gloryhallastoopid (1979) and Trombipulation (1980) were less successful than the albums from the group's prime 1975-1978 period.

In the early 1980s, with legal difficulties arising from the multiple names used by multiple groups, as well as a shakeup at Casablanca Records, George Clinton dissolved Parliament and Funkadelic as recording and touring entities.

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Trombipulation, the final Parliament album. "Agony of Defeet" is the highlight and "Let's Play House" is also notable, Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Trombipulation is how it finds Parliament in free fall, seemingly out of good ideas. It's hardly surprising Clinton dissolved the group after this album's it'd become apparent Parliament had run its course. Clearly the disputes earlier which saw several members of the P-Funk family leave had taken it's toll unexpectedly perhaps the vibe had been distorted.To Clinton's credit, though, his latter-day Funkadelic albums, including The Electric Spanking of War Babies (1981) remained worthwhile, and subsequent albums, namely Computer Games (1982) and Urban Dancefloor Guerillas (1983), were especially exciting. .

Parliament - Trombipulation (299mb)

01 Crush It 3:51
02 Trombipulation 4:34
03 Long Way Around 5:40
04 Agony Of Defeet 6:23
05 New Doo Review 5:55
06 Let's Play House 3:39
07 Body Language 5:57
08 Peek-A-Groove 7:48

Parliament - Trombipulation(108mb)

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Don't mistake 12" Collection & More for a best-of collection. It features some of Parliament's best moments, such as "Flashlight" and "Up for the Down Stroke," but it also includes songs such as "Ridin' High-Parlet" and "Oh I," which weren't technically even Parliament songs. In terms of what's worth seeking out on this album, look towards the 12" versions of "Flashlight" and "Aqua Boogie." these extended versions approach the ten-minute mark, making them P-funk jams on par with "(Not Just) Knee Deep" -- jams that just don't stop, jams that you don't ever want to stop! The extended versions of "Agony of Defeet" and "Theme From the Black Hole/The Big Bang Theory" are also epic jams. Elsewhere, the string-laden seven-minute version of "Oh I" is amazing, even if it was actually a Funkadelic song, not a Parliament recording. The five-minute version of "Up for the Down Stroke" also ranks up there with some of Parliament's best work ever, adding about two minutes to the original version. Unfortunately, Parliament only released a handful of 12" mixes, these songs keep the funk flowing for epic lengths, long enough for you to totally succumb to the rhythm just as you would at one of the group's jam-laden concerts.

Parliament - The 12 inch Collection and More ( 488mb)

01 Aqua Boogie (Original 12" Version) 9:22
02 Flash Light (Original 12" Version) 10:42
03 Agony Of Defeet (Original Promotion-Only 12" Version) 9:05
04 Ridin' High (Original Promotion-Only 12" Version) 9:41
05 Oh I (Original Parliament Version) 7:11
06 Up For The Down Stroke (Alternate Version) 5:39
07 Testify (Original Group Vocal Version) 4:03
08 Theme From The Black Hole / The Big Band Theory (Original 12" Disco Edit) 11:46

Parliament - The 12 inch Collection and More ( 168mb)

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First released on LP in 1981 as Connections & Disconnections and reissued on CD in 1992 as Who's a Funkadelic?, this album went down in history as the only Funkadelic project that George Clinton had nothing whatsoever to do with. Many funksters were quick to dismiss this album, questioning its authenticity and arguing that the band had no right to call itself Funkadelic without "President Clinton" on board. True, Clinton's input is missed, but in fact, this is far from a bad album. While Who's a Funkadelic? isn't in a class with One Nation Under a Groove or Uncle Jam Wants You, hard funk offerings like "Phunklords," "You'll Like It Too" and "The Witch" are fairly enjoyable. Colleagues like Fuzzy Haskins and Grady Thomas had learned from the master himself, and this very underrated offering shows that they also had some worthwhile things to say.

Who's A Funkadelic (277mb)

01 Phunklords 5:32
02 You'll Like It Too 4:27
03 The Witch 9:29
Shade I: The Proclafunktion
Shade II: The Infunktation
Shade III: The Celefunktion
04 Connections And Disconnections 5:00
05 Come Back 4:44
06 Call The Doctor 5:12
07 Who's A Funkadelic 5:47

Who's A Funkadelic (ogg 102mb)

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Hello! I think you've accidentally uploaded the FLAC version of Osmium again as The 12" Collection...

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Hello Anon, Thanks I indeed made a mistake there, sorry about that and to all that got the otherwise great debut album, Osmium, my apalogies. Meanwhile i've rectified the msitake and uploaded the correct album, Parliament - The 12 inch Collection and More.


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Just granted your wish Anon, updated both

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