Jan 20, 2012

RhoDeo 1203 Grooves

Hello, Bad news for the people at Megaupload, several have been arrested by the FBI in New Zealand no less, apparently that country falls under American jurisdiction, 20 more are currently rounded up around the world. These guys not only get stripped of all their possessions, but will get lengthy jail sentences as well. Meanwhile to true criminals on Wallstreet get away with defrauding on billions scale ....class justice US style.. Well no more megaupload then, this means a loss of 150 -200 links here, already started re-upping beginning at the oldest onwards.

Today's artists have been up to the downslope and carved out their own niche in the globalmusic mind..PPP FFFunk from the start of the seventies onwards they laid their grooves on us, and even, as you can see at the bottom, if i posted several vinylrips 4 years ago (Rhotation Grooves 10 & 20), I think a further and deeper look into their discography is essential. So the coming weeks Fridaynght Grooves will be...

"A Parliafunkadelicment Thang"

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As Parliament began achieving significant mainstream success in the 1975-1978 period, Funkadelic recorded and released its most successful and influential album, One Nation Under a Groove in 1978, adding former Ohio Players keyboardist Walter "Junie" Morrison and reflecting a more melodic dance-based sound. The title track spent six weeks at #1 on the R&B charts, around the time that Parliament was enjoying the #1 R&B singles "Flash Light" and "Aqua Boogie". Uncle Jam Wants You in 1979 continued Funkadelic's new more electronic sound production. The album contains the fifteen-minute "(Not Just) Knee Deep" featuring former Spinners lead singer Philippé Wynne, an edited version of which topped the R&B charts. The final official Funkadelic album, The Electric Spanking of War Babies, was released in 1981. The release was originally a double-album project, but it was reduced to a single disc under pressure from Warner Brothers. Some of the deleted tracks would appear on future P-Funk releases, most notably the 1982 hit single "Atomic Dog" which appeared on the first George Clinton solo album.

Meanwhile, the album Connections & Disconnections (re-issued on CD as Who's a Funkadelic) was released under the name Funkadelic in 1981. The album was recorded by former Funkadelic members and original Parliaments Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, and Grady Thomas, who had left P-Funk in 1977 after disagreements with George Clinton's management practices. . Another rebellious former band member, drummer Jerome Brailey, released the album Mutiny on the Mamaship, by his new band Mutiny. Even Clinton himself found this to be a good album despite containing lyrics that mocked him and his management of the P-Funk enterprise.

In the early 1980s, with legal difficulties arising from the multiple names used by multiple groups, as well as a shakeup at Parliament's record label, George Clinton dissolved Parliament and Funkadelic as recording and touring entities. However, many of the musicians in later versions of the two groups remained employed by Clinton. Clinton continued to release new albums regularly, sometimes under his own name and sometimes under the name George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars.

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Great collection of leftover jams, songs, and funk pieces from the Funkadelic era. George Clinton was in the midst of moving Funkadelic to another label, and the Westbound folk released a bunch of vault material to get another Funkadelic album on the market. There were still some fine cuts that didn't fit the concept, resulting in a random element which prevented it from being a great album because it lacked the thematic organization and vision Clinton provided for the concept LPs.

Funkadelic – Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic (254mb)

01 Butt-To-Butt Resuscitation 3:51
02 Let's Take It To The People 1:48
03 Undisco Kidd 6:34
04 Take Your Dead Ass Home! (Say Som'n Nasty) 7:16
05 I'm Never Gonna Tell It 3:39
06 Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic (Opusdelite Years) 12:52
07 How Do Yeaw View You? 3:40

Funkadelic – Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic (101mb)

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One Nation Under a Groove was not only Funkadelic's greatest moment, it was their most popular album, bringing them an unprecedented commercial breakthrough by going platinum and spawning a number one R&B smash in the title track. It was a landmark LP for the so-called "black rock" movement, best-typified in the statement of purpose "Who Says a Funk Band Can't Play Rock?!"; more than that, though, the whole album is full of fuzzed-out, Hendrix-style guitar licks, even when the music is clearly meant for the dancefloor. This may not have been a new concept for Funkadelic, but it's executed here with the greatest clarity and accessibility in their catalog. Furthermore, out of George Clinton's many conceptual albums (serious and otherwise), One Nation Under a Groove is the pinnacle of his political consciousness. It's unified by a refusal to acknowledge boundaries -- social, sexual, or musical -- and, by extension, the uptight society that created them. The tone is positive, not militant -- this funk is about community, freedom, and independence, and you can hear it in every cut (even the bizarre, outrageously scatological "P.E. Squad"). The title cut is one of funk's greatest anthems, and "Groovallegiance" and the terrific "Cholly" both dovetail nicely with its concerns. The aforementioned "Who Says a Funk Band Can't Play Rock?!" is a seamless hybrid that perfectly encapsulates the band's musical agenda, while "Into You" is one of their few truly successful slow numbers. The original LP included a three-song bonus EP featuring the heavy riff rock of "Lunchmeataphobia," an unnecessary instrumental version of "P.E. Squad," and a live "Maggot Brain"; these tracks were appended to the CD reissue. In any form, One Nation Under a Groove is the best realization of Funkadelic's ambitions, and one of the best funk albums ever released.

Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove (369mb)

01 One Nation Under A Groove 7:28
02 Groovallegiance 7:00
03 Who Says A Funk Band Can't Play Rock? 6:18
04 Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad (The Doo Doo Chasers) 10:45
05 Into You 5:41
06 Cholly (Funk Getting Ready To Roll!) 4:27
07 Lunchmeataphobia ('Think, It Ain't Illegal Yet!) 4:12
08 P.E. Squad/Doo Doo Chasers ("Going All-The-Way Off" Instrumental Version) 4:18
09 Maggot Brain 8:28

Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove (ogg 138mb)

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Almost as if Clinton and company wanted to atone for parts of One Nation Under a Groove, Uncle Jam Wants You takes not merely a more daring musical approach but a more forthright political stance. The cover art alone is brilliant, front and back showing Clinton in Huey P. Newton's famous Black Panther pose. The main goal is the cover subtitle's stated claim to "rescue dance music 'from the blahs,'" and "Uncle Jam" itself does a pretty funny job at doing that, starting out like a parody of patriotic recruitment ads before hitting its full, funky stride. It's still very much a disco effort, but one overtly spiking the brew even more than before with P-Funk's own particular recipe, mock drill instructors calling out dance commands and so forth. The absolute winner and most famous track, without question, is the 15-minute deep groove of "(Not Just) Knee Deep." It'd be legend alone for being the musical basis for De La Soul's astonishing breakthrough a decade later with "Me, Myself and I," but on its own it predates the mutation of disco into electro thanks to the stiff beat and Worrell's crazy keyboards.

Funkadelic - Uncle Jam Wants You ( 278mb)

01 Freak Of The Week 5:33
02 (Not Just) Knee Deep 15:21
03 Uncle Jam 10:25
04 Field Maneuvers 2:26
05 Holly Wants To Go To California 4:25
06 Foot Soldiers (Star Spangled Funky) 3:32

Funkadelic - Uncle Jam Wants You ( 105mb)

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